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Recent reports of bad driving

The following drivers have recently been named and shamed for their bad driving. Add your own bad driving report anonymously and it will appear at the top of the list. If your road rage incident is serious make sure you REPORT IT TO THE POLICE. No Foul Language in your posts Please.

V994 JGX
Dangerous driving - report by Paul updated 07/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Unknown vehicle -, Black driven by Male
Seen at 05:45 pm on 07-Aug-2013 on A417 Cirencester Gloucestershire
Very aggressive driving 100mph plus flashing cars behind and in front to move out of way. Undertook me causing me to slam breaks on as he swerved back out missing me by inches. Complete disregard for everyone and continued further ahead driving in the same manner. The bloke is a fatality waiting to happen. One of the most irresponsible drivers I have witnessed in 20 years driving.

Agressive behaviour - report by Lumpty updated 07/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Ford Mondeo, Black driven by Male
Seen at 05:45 pm on 07-Aug-2013 on Chase Side Southgate London
Chickenshed Roundabout in Southgate, cut up car by cutting across and then slamming on brakes. Then drove off only to slam brakes on again.

Agressive behaviour - report by Ianto full pelt updated 07/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Mercedes Convertable, Red driven by Male
Seen at 04:30 pm on 07-Aug-2013 on M4 East Swansea west service Wales
This yuppy was being very agressive to lady in a vw touran & towards me in my car,all because we was doing the speedlimt. Shaking his fist at us both,flashing his lights

Driving too close - report by regular guy updated 07/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Ford transit, White driven by Male
Seen at 07:15 am on 07-Aug-2013 on woolwich road woolwich London
i came out of warspite road turning right on the roundabout, the white van decided he didnt want to give way as i cleared the roundabout he was quite literally inches from my back end and continued to stay there up to the next roundabout making it impossible for me to brake for the roundabout, eventually i managed to pull to the left and let him go he then screeched his way round the right hand turn into anchor and hope lane

Other - report by Raul updated 06/Aug/2013 United States
Chevrolet Chevy 3500, White driven by Male
Seen at 05:30 pm on 04-Aug-2013 on 400 Block of East Balboa Blvd. Balboa Peninsula
As I was backing up to parallel park, drive followed too close and began honking at me preventing me from parking. He yelled obscenities and specifically shouted "if you don't move I am gonna push you out of the way". He then exited his vehicle and walked up to my window and continued to yell until I pulled out my camera phone. He then ran back to his vehicle and continued to curse at me but then opted to use the open lane to his left to go around. He sped around me dangerou.........

Dangerous driving - report by Mystery Millionaire updated 06/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Vauxhall 2012 CORSA S ECOFLEX, Red driven by Unknown
Seen at 09:00 pm on 06-Aug-2013 on Tesco Car Park Mereside Blackpool Lancashire
As I was walking from my car into Tesco, a car was cutting across the parking areas and lanes. Okay if nothing is coming but another car was already going along a lane when this car went with a large van obstructing its view from the right. Instead of waiting to see if anything was coming or at least edging out gently, this car pulled out in front of the other car already in the lane. This could have been an accident if the other car was a bit further up. I noticed that this driver was rather.........

Dangerous driving - report by honeybun updated 06/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Mercedes Sprinter, White driven by Unknown
Seen at 03:30 pm on 30-Jul-2013 on A14 Kettering Northamptonshire
I would like to bring to attention the terrible driving of a white Mercedes Sprinter van. I was a passenger in a vehicle today and we were driving eastbound on the A14 between Kettering and Thrapston at precisely 15.27pm. The driver of the vehicle I was in accelerated to 70mph to pass a string of lorries, but before we actually arrived level with the end of the first lorry, this Sprinter van cut up from the inside- it was originally in the outside lane and missed us literally by about 2 inche.........

Dangerous overtaking - report by honeybun updated 06/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Mercedes Sprinter, Silver driven by Unknown
Seen at 02:15 pm on 06-Aug-2013 on A14 Huntingdon Cambridgeshire
Yet another lunatic on our roads. at 14.20pm today this sprinter van was tailgating me along the A14 between Thrapston and Huntingdon, he pulled up on the inside lane ferociously I might add, as if to knock me off the road, he pulled up and cut up in front of me within inches, yet again, I had to brake hard.I was travelling at 70 mph when he flew in front of me- and accelerated more towards the car in front of him, then continued to tailgate everyone.

Agressive behaviour - report by Badger updated 06/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Lorry/Wagon Fragile Distribution, White driven by Unknown
Seen at 03:30 pm on 06-Aug-2013 on A423/A426/B4429 Southam - Rugby Warwickshire
Lorry belonging to Fragile Distribution of Rugby, ignoring 50 mph, 40 mph and 30 mph speed limits, including one passing a school and a hospital, tailgating every vehicle he caught up with, causing one driver to veer off the road into a layby in Southam to get out of his way.

Agressive behaviour - report by bert updated 06/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Vauxhall astra, Red driven by Male
Seen at 02:30 pm on 04-Aug-2013 on middle road shoreham by sea East Sussex
driving like he stole it ,and tax is out of date 2/13

Cutting me up - report by safedriver updated 06/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
HGV Asda Lorry, White driven by Male
Seen at 04:30 pm on 05-Aug-2013 on M6 Keele Services area Staffordshire
Driving in lane 2 along the M6 around Keele Services when this lorry pulled from lane one into lane 2 right into my path at the last second without looking into his mirrors, indicated only after he had already committed this manoeuvre. By luck lane 3 was clear at the time for me to safely take evasive action

Dangerous driving - report by RoadAngel updated 06/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Vauxhall Corsa, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 08:00 pm on 05-Aug-2013 on Bakers Street Potters Bar Hertfordshire
Driving round Potters Bar and speeding up and down various roads including Bakers Street and Mutton Lane, overtaking other cars and driving very fast. Has had this car modified and turbo charged.

Dangerous driving - report by super updated 06/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Audi A1, Black driven by Male
Seen at 07:30 am on 06-Aug-2013 on A4 Hounslow London
Multiple offences. Signaling left and pulling out to the right. Failure to look in wing mirrors.   Exceeding 40mph speed limit. Using wrong lane at roundabout. Late use of indicators and late lane change causing other drivers to brake. Misunderstanding of correct use of horn to warn other drivers of presence or danger. Causing an obstruction on the highway by stopping his vehicle in lane 2 of 4 in rush hour.   Abuse and offensive  language used to other drivers. Threatening behaviour. Suspect.........

Using phone while driving - report by Sam updated 05/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Van Unknown, White driven by Male
Seen at 05:30 pm on 05-Aug-2012 on Fordwater Road Chertsey Surrey
There are too many things he did wrong, but the most dangerous is perhaps being on his phone. I turned onto Fordwater Road from Eastworth Road when I noticed the white van next to me was not moving despite a considerable gap, and that's when I noticed the driver was on his phone. Driving from Fordwater to Weir Road, he stopped his call at some point, but he was texting no less than three times, driving unnecessarily slowly (it was the rush hour, but when the traffic lights were green .........

Dangerous overtaking - report by Irritation updated 05/Aug/2013 United States
Ford Freestar, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 11:00 am on 05-Aug-2013 on 41/U.S. 2 Escanaba
This took place a two lane part of highway 41/U.S. 2 outside of Escanaba. Just past menards, when the speed limit changes from 45 to 55, this moron in a blue van was bumbling along around 40. I passed him in the left lane, at the speed limit. That made him realize how slow he was going, and he took off, racing ahead of me in his right lane. Except that the two lane road becomes a one lane. There was a line of cars already in the left lane, anticipating the end of the right lane. The moron pas.........

Ignoring traffic signals - report by Mystery Millionaire updated 05/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Ford TRANSIT 280 MWB TD, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 11:00 am on 05-Aug-2013 on A584 Lytham Road Mill Lane Warton, Preston Lancashire
This business van with Johnson's Roofing went through a red light long after the lights had turned green other ways.

Dangerous driving - report by Banana updated 04/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Honda Civic, White driven by Female
Seen at 03:30 pm on 04-Aug-2013 on Stanley Avenue Wembley Middlesex
When reversing the woman was unaware of her surroundings very nearly resulting in a crash with another car. When her mistake was pointed out to her, she and her male friend became very aggressive towards the passengers in the other car. This took place on a very busy road and caused the rest of the traffic to come to a standstill.

Driving too close - report by Graydon updated 04/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Toyota Avensis 2.2, Silver driven by Female
Seen at 03:15 pm on 04-Aug-2013 on A4538 / A8 Worcester /Droitwich Worcestershire
This taxi followed my daughter, (a learner driver on a lesson) along the A4538 from the M5 J6 to the A 38 and then along the A38 toward Droitwich. Although we were doint the speed limit, the female taxi driver drove extremely close behind us at 60 MPH. She ignored my hand signals requesting that she allow more space between our vehicles. This was clearly agressive and foolish behaviour and very intimidating for my daughter.

Erratic lane changing - report by r updated 04/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Kia Sedona , Blue driven by Male
Seen at 01:00 pm on 04-Aug-2013 on A2 Rochester turn off Kent
I had just changed into the second lane from the left on a four lane motorway and he was driving in the far left lane no more than two metres from the back of the car in front; he then decided without looking or indicating to change into my lane forcing me onto the lines between the lanes and between his and another car causing me to swerve and loose control.. He then pulled up and apologised further down the road admitting to me that he didn't look before changing lanes.. (Is a br.........

Agressive behaviour - report by McJim updated 04/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Unknown vehicle Unknown estate car, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 06:30 pm on 03-Aug-2013 on A58 Leeds West Yorkshire
Guy was constantly and aggressively weaving through traffic, tailgating, cut up a good dozen other drivers during the couple of miles I saw him. Zero regard for anything to the side of or behind him.

Agressive behaviour - report by rackasan updated 03/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Volkswagen Passat, Black driven by Male
Seen at 04:15 pm on 03-Aug-2013 on A48 Port Talbot Wales
Followed me and pulled over . Accused me of driving too close....at least 2 car lengths between us.....using bad language and trying to provoke physical confrontation. Wife and children in car with me. When told to calm down shouted "or what"? numerous times then left with saying "If I see u behind me I'll run you off the road". Silly person!

Agressive behaviour - report by Wilf updated 03/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Volkswagen Passat, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 10:45 am on 03-Aug-2013 on A827 Aberfeldy Perthshire
I drove home from Aberfeldy on 3rd August 2013. After overtaking 2 cars safely I noticed the Passat too close behind me . I had to get away from him on a straight stretch of uphill road and overtake a slow Transit. If i hadn't done that , he would have overtaken me and the van and had a collision with a vehicle coming downhill.I am writing this as he has overtaken me at great speed on other occasions and he honestly terrifies me and I am not a timid driver.

Dangerous driving - report by Tempo updated 03/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Renault TRUCK, White driven by Male
Seen at 05:45 pm on 26-Jul-2013 on Grange Way Beverley Humberside
The idiot driving this truck was wearing a Bateman ales uniform and should be banned from driving. For no apparent reason he was continually sounding his horn and flashing his headlights dangerously close behind me on the A1035 in Beverly (no more than a yard)and this continued until I indicated and pulled over to let him pass. As he passed, he deliberately cut me up still sounding his horn and he was so close in cutting me up that I feared he was going to wipe out the car. I then drove off behi.........

X612 DRP
Driving too close - report by zambak updated 03/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Vauxhall Zafira, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 08:00 am on 02-Aug-2013 on Spiers Lane Alresford Hampshire
Tailgated at 55-60 MPH for over 2 miles on this minor unclassified road with national speed limit. Later when following through Preston Candover on B3046 objected to the fact that I was observing the 30 MPH speed limit

Dangerous driving - report by Ranger777 updated 02/Aug/2013 United States
Honda Civic, Black driven by Male
Seen at 05:30 pm on 05-Jul-2013 on RT 44 Avon
Male individual driving violently and erractically towards people that would not move out of his way. Dangerous behavior as accident was almost caused.

Agressive behaviour - report by Liamd updated 02/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Vauxhall Astra , Silver driven by Male
Seen at 03:15 pm on 02-Aug-2013 on Capital Hill Barrhead / Paisley Renfrewshire
Car close passed me endangered on coming driver and passenger tried to swing and scare me

Speeding - report by Roger updated 02/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Alfa Romeo 159 LUSSO 16V JTDM 1, Green driven by Male
Seen at 08:00 pm on 02-Aug-2013 on Rural Somerset Somerset
Speeding offence

Speeding - report by Rog updated 02/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
Unknown vehicle Unknown, Green driven by Male
Seen at 08:00 pm on 02-Aug-2013 on Rural Somerset Somerset

Cutting me up - report by Justgoingtoworkyall updated 02/Aug/2013 United States
Honda Accord, Black driven by Female
Seen at 09:30 am on 02-Aug-2013 on Embarcadero San Francisco
Driver attempted to cut me off getting out of a left hand turn lane on Embarcadero, didn't leave herself enough room to make the lane change. The passenger started aggressively yelling obscenities at me and flipping me off with both of our windows open, (stating I didn't "let them in") even though there was no way his driver could have made the lane change.

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  • M18 CTR
    Ignoring traffic signals - report by Dave updated 02/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Honda Civic Type-R, Black driven by Male
    Seen at 04:45 pm on 02-Aug-2013 on Meadowhall Road Roundabout Sheffield South Yorkshire
    I was waiting at the traffic lights and saw the car approaching from the left on the roundabout and as the lights went green for me and I had set of he went through his set of lights and then on the next set on the island visibly went straight through another set on red.

    LT10 ZGB
    Erratic lane changing - report by Sunnysan updated 02/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Audi Not sure, Orange driven by Unknown
    Seen at 01:00 am on 02-Aug-2013 on A13 Barking London
    Extremely scary journey home on the A13 at 1.00am - this car came speeding up behind me in the fast lane, started flashing his lights A LOT so I pulled back into the middle lane. He continued to flash me, came right up the back of my car then suddenly undertook and swung off at the Lodge Avenue exit slipway.

    Dangerous driving - report by Jez updated 02/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Vauxhall Mariva, Red driven by Male
    Seen at 03:30 pm on 02-Aug-2013 on Ditchford Lane Irthlingborough Northamptonshire
    Ditchford Lane 2 August 2013 15:30. Elderly male drive. Overtook in very dangerous place approaching bridge towards rushden and knocked cyclist off bike as well. Very elderly man oblivious to his stupidity. Cyclist didn't want any action but this silly old sod shouldn't be driving

    YC61 HVF
    Speeding - report by Bubba updated 02/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Unknown vehicle delivery lorry, Unknown driven by Unknown
    Seen at 08:30 pm on 01-Aug-2013 on M25 roadworks Surrey
    ASDA lorry that overtook us on the inside, pulled straight infront of us and was menacing the car in front trying to get it to go faster. Breaking speed limit through road works by Clacket lane services.

    MD55 ZGX
    Agressive behaviour - report by n/a updated 02/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Audi a6, Black driven by Male
    Seen at 07:00 pm on 01-Aug-2013 on Tesco Barkingside Essex
    In the car park in Tesco Barkingside he over took me and nearly knocked someone down at the zebra crossing, he then started being aggressive following me around the car park and doing rude hand signs out the window.

    SF04 DFD
    Dangerous driving - report by annoyedfiesta updated 02/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Unknown vehicle Lorry, Red driven by Male
    Seen at 07:30 am on 02-Aug-2013 on a14 Just outside BSE Suffolk
    The lorry driver decided that he would over take the lorry infront, in morning rush hour. So instead of waiting for a suitable spave to pull out, he cut through and i had to slam on the breaks, thankfully the driver behind was a suitable distance behind that we didnt collide.

    MM02 AHD
    Dangerous driving - report by 00000000000001 updated 02/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Peugeot 206, Blue driven by Male
    Seen at 05:00 pm on 01-Aug-2013 on A167 Newton Aycliffe Durham
    Inches off rear bumpers of mine and other vehicles. Dangerous overtaking. Very close to causing a high speed collision. This person WILL eventually kill someone or himself.

    Other - report by Mikey Hindle updated 01/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Vauxhall Astra or Vectra, Blue driven by Male
    Seen at 07:45 pm on 31-Jul-2013 on Bellhouse Road Sheffield South Yorkshire
    Whilst attempting to cross zebra crossing with my partner and child in pram, driver accelerated causing us to have to jump back and pull pram to avoid accident. He then proceeded to laugh at us as he passed.

    X942 CAG
    Dangerous driving - report by L04940 updated 01/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Citroen Saxo Forte, Maroon driven by Male
    Seen at 10:15 pm on 01-Aug-2013 on Cheltenham avenue, Bude road Hull / Bransholme Humberside
    Doing well over 50 mph in a 20 not stopping at 'T' junctions, no indicators at any junctions or roundabouts. No consideration for any other road users what so ever.

    RV10 YAY
    Erratic lane changing - report by dragon2 updated 01/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Volkswagen Golf, Black driven by Male
    Seen at 06:00 pm on 26-Jul-2013 on M6 South of Sandbach se Cheshire
    Tailgating, lane weaving, general prattishness, all to gain the odd car length on a jammed up M6 North bound. When I got to see him properly his appearance ideally matched his stupid behaviour.

    T769 JNA
    Other - report by EJ updated 01/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Volkswagen Polo, Green driven by Female
    Seen at 08:30 pm on -Aug-2013 on Aigburth Drive Liverpool Merseyside
    Cut me up driving on the wrong side of the road. Nearly knocking me off my bike. Then male passenger shouted abuse.

    Rx55 ovl
    Agressive behaviour - report by D updated 01/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Vauxhall Don't know, White driven by Male
    Seen at 03:00 pm on 01-Aug-2013 on Bull ring Around Birmingham West Midlands
    Some utter brain dead meat head moron of a van driver reg Rx55 ovl, with a silver car on the back as his load not letting me pull in out of the bus lane, then pulling up besides me and threatening to smash my face in, I was ready to break every single finger of his.

    FT62 WCL
    Speeding - report by davy42 updated 01/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Volkswagen golf, Grey driven by Male
    Seen at 05:00 pm on 02-Aug-2013 on leigh road atherton Lancashire
    on two occasions they overtook causing oncoming vehicles to take evasive action , one was a bus. and they must have been doing near60 on a 30 zone where children play. 3 passengers .ALL UNDER 25ISH .

    X166 CMB
    Agressive behaviour - report by Jenkins updated 01/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Seat Don't know, Blue driven by Male
    Seen at 02:30 pm on 01-Aug-2013 on Ormsley Close Little Stoke Avon
    Same as previous report which had the wrong reg. Driver threatened me with knifing and swore. He was parked across a junction, forcing exiting vehicles to use the wrong side of the road.

    X199 CMB
    Agressive behaviour - report by Jenkins updated 01/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Seat Don't know, Blue driven by Male
    Seen at 02:30 pm on 01-Aug-2013 on Ormsley Close Little Stoke Avon
    Not sure about the make and model. I reported this vehicle a couple of days ago as it was dangerously parked at a junction. Today, it was parked across the junction, so that anyone exiting would have to go on to the wrong side of the road to get past. I waited for a couple of seconds behind it but when it didn't move, I pulled alongside to point out that it was dangerously parked, but I didn't get the chance: I was called various names and threatened with knifing. I called the police.........

    MW51 VDE
    Agressive behaviour - report by Megamouse updated 01/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Rover MG, Yellow driven by Female
    Seen at 07:15 pm on 25-Jul-2013 on Masefield Drive Tamworth Staffordshire
    Agressive bullying driver. Comes into grove where her parents live, honks horn 10+ times, sits in car revving engine, shouts abuse at ALL neighbours in that grove, now teaches son aged about 4 years old to repeat the profanities, if walking on path at the time car goes past she swerves to scare you like you're going to get hit, drives way over the speed limit when coming into grove. Does this as early as 8.30 am and the latest so far has been 10.30. Horrible bullying family the lot of them..........

    WV57 HXN (?)
    Cutting me up - report by Fedupofbaddriverson updated 01/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    White Van Man van, White driven by Male
    Seen at 05:30 pm on 31-Jun-2013 on M5 Gloucester - Bristol Gloucestershire
    Altro Whiterock Specialits Guy driving his white van (labelled) in a very dangerously...tail gating vehicles and if they didn't move then going round them & cutting them up... Saw him doing it numerous times and he's literally inches from hitting the cars. Also speeding. On M5 between Gloucester and Bristol. Worse driver I've seen on motorway! Doesn't he realise he's advertising his company in a van labelled up?!

    Speeding - report by MOWAT COURT updated 01/Aug/2013 United Kingdom
    Land Rover ENVOGUE, Silver driven by Male
    Seen at 08:00 pm on 31-Jul-2013 on THE AVENUE Worcester Park Surrey

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  • ATA 6S
    Agressive behaviour - report by dragon2 updated 31/Jul/2013 United Kingdom
    BMW Convertible, Blue driven by Male
    Seen at 03:00 pm on 31-Jul-2013 on Cranbrook Road Redland/Bristol Bristol
    Cranbrook Road, approaching Zetland Road traffic lights - all over the back of me like the irritating rash this twat is, constantly dodging out looking for a non existant overtaking opportunity. Then when we are all queued nicely at red lights he tears down the opposite side of the road and does an illegal right turn at the lights. So there you have it, your typical arrogant BMW driver.

    T821 LGB
    Speeding - report by Mrs updated 31/Jul/2013 United Kingdom
    Unknown vehicle Yamha neoes , Black driven by Male
    Seen at 02:00 pm on 30-Jul-2013 on Central Hayes Middlesex
    Yamha neos. A fat man ridding it I live down central 39! I fout out the boys name on the blue and silver bike his name is Derek Houchin The boy on the white typhoon has nuffing to do with it so I a, sorry for putting the white typhoon on here

    GK10 ABN
    Dangerous driving - report by Amanda Kent updated 31/Jul/2013 United Kingdom
    Volvo V40/V70, Blue driven by Unknown
    Seen at 10:30 am on 26-Jul-2013 on M6 Birmingham West Midlands
    The driver cut between lanes on the M6 motorway and then applied breaks heavily in the fast lane in front of me, causing me to and the cars in the vacinity to swerve dangerously.

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