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X349 GAB
Agressive behaviour - report by updated 06/Apr/select
Mercedes M Class, Silver driven by Unknown
Seen at 11:15 pm on 06-Apr-select on A3079 Castle Cross Devon
Came up behind this thing on the way home from work. It was doing 50 in a 60 zone and there was a black audi between me and this. As we were on a straight i changed down and got past the audi but as soon as i started passing this he accelerated and prevented me from overtaking forcing me to pull back. After we got through a complex of corners and crests and onto another straight (approx 1 mile long) i went to overtake again and once again he accelerated to try and prevent me. This time i persisted but he was determined that i was going to stay behind him. This time he accerated up to 80 in an effort to prevent me overtaking. Even with my new zetec s i wasn't prepared to risk my life in order to prove a point. So i backed off and he slowed down to 50 again. At this point the audi driver accelerated past me and the Mercedes once again accelerated when he got alongside him. However the audi (being more powerful than my fiesta eventually succeeded but he had accelerate to 90 (i stayed behind them and matched the mercedes speed) in order to get past him. Once he was past him the Mercedes blared his horn and flashd his lights at the audi and then slowed to 50 again but at this point i'd had enough of his games so turned off and took the back roads home. If you see this car steer well clear of it because the driver clearly has some issues if they cant stand being overtaken.

Agressive behaviour - report by Neville Residents updated 29/Sep/2007
Mercedes Van, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 11:00am on 29-Sep-2007 on Neville Street Norwich Norfolk
This guy thinks he owns the whole stretch of the street at the back of his house which he does not even live on (He is a very small man). Whenever anyone parks on his side of the street he deliberately gets as close as he can to the back of their car, often giving the car a bump with his van as a 'warning' not to park there again. We are monitoring him on a web cam for further evidence...

Dangerous driving - report by Mercenary updated 09/May/2011
Mercedes SLK, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 06:00pm on 09-May-2011 on M62 Jct 25 Bradford/Huddsfield North Yorkshire
Saw this guy on the M62 undertake a white van in front of him, and slam his breaks on 4 or 5 times. I was behind the van, he nearly killed us both. I got his reg and am considering reporting it to the police, unfortunately I didn't get the van reg for a witness. I did notice that the van driver had a camera on the dash, I hope he reports it. I mentioned it to a friend of ours, he thinks he knows who it is, I hope so....

53 reg
Agressive behaviour - report by updated 06/Jun/2001
Mercedes e class, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 03:45 pm on 06-Jun-2001 on westferry road east london London
this mercedes vehicle was speeding 50 mph in a 30 mph , and when he turn left he did not signal. two young boys. driving badly on westferry road , london e14. i suspect they dont even have a licence. their ages are about 17 to 19 years old.

Dangerous overtaking - report by Assif updated 08/Oct/2010
Mercedes e class, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 06:30pm on 08-Oct-2010 on Hudersfield Herefordshire
he was over taking in the left lane when i hourn @ him he put two finger up & keep on overtaking on the left.

Dangerous driving - report by Angry Man updated 29/Nov/2010
Mercedes E Class, Black driven by Male
Seen at 03:30pm on 29-Nov-2010 on M6 Northbound Knutsford Cheshire
I was cut up by this person on the M6 in lane 3 as he forced his way in front of me. He had done this to several other people behind me causing several other near misses. He did think this was funny however I found it more amusing that he looked like the Pengiun out of Batman!!!

Agressive behaviour - report by George updated 03/Jun/2011
Mercedes , Silver driven by Male
Seen at 05:30pm on 03-Jun-2011 on A130 Chelmsford Essex
bloke in mercedes in the wrong lane to get onto A130 from the A12. I was in middle lane of roundabout which takes me into the righthand lane when joining the A130, cars to my left on roundabout go into lefthand lane. Mercedes on my right trys cutting into my lane i have no where to go so cant let him in even if i wanted to. He then cuts in behind me and undertakes me and car in front of me, the car in front wont let him in so he pushes me over onto the central reservation not caring if he hits me then gives me some hand signals and proceeds to push everyone else out the way. Whats the rush you idiot!

Dangerous driving - report by Chamois updated 09/Jun/2011
Mercedes sprinter VAN, Green driven by Male
Seen at 09:45am on 09-Jun-2011 on Newdigate Road Leigh, Reigate Surrey
Van came around sharp bend on a 40mph narrow country lane in middle of road at probably 60 mph and nearly hit horse and rider on opposite side of road, causing horse to bolt!!!

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 04/Feb/2001
Mercedes Don't know, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 09:00 pm on 04-Feb-2001 on Whitehouse road Edinburgh Midlothian
My heart rate is slowly going down again after a short trip to the supermarket down the road. Here is what happened: Cycling down the road, road from the left coming up, I started slowing down because there's a car approaching very fast from the left and it didn't look like the driver saw me. I come to almost a full stop (I had right of way btw), but hey, the car (silver mercedes) stops. I pass and continue cycling, car pulls up next to me, lowers window. "I saw you, you fucker" (and some other remarks/yelling). My initial reply "I just didn't want to get hit, you were driving very fast". More swearing from the car. My reply "you were driving very fast you ass" (OK, maybe not the smartest thing to say). This inspired the driver into a rant which involved a couple of "I'll stab you, you fucker" and a lot more swearing and pulling up very fast and cutting me off. I went cycling on the pavement, figured he wouldn't want to damage his car driving up there. Also thought of 2 scenarios:he hits me with his car (not very smart because I'll sue him and his car gets damaged) or he stops and gets out in which case I'm faster on my bike. This all happened in maybe 50 metres, he then turned right very fast and disappeared into a neighbourhood there. I kept on cycling for a bit, thinking he was going to do something. Heard a car coming up behind me, driving fast,saw it was silver so I went on the pavement again. Not sure if this was the same car. Saw him drive away and made sure he kept on going before I stopped at the supermarket (didn't want to run into him there). Cycled back after shopping and decided to check on the road he went into (sort of cul-de-sac), checking if maybe his car was there and maybe take a picture of his license plate and report him. I think I saw his car, but it was parked in the parking lot of his house and I didn't want to risk getting caught taking a picture and getting mister aggressive upset. Pfffffff. I know calling an aggressive person (which he clearly was based on his initial driving and verbal abuse) an ass isn't smart, but besides that: wtf!? OK, needed to get that of my chest, time for a beer now.

Dangerous driving - report by 4x4DriversAreBullies updated 05/Apr/2011
Mercedes E350, Black driven by Male
Seen at 11:45am on 05-Apr-2011 on A449 Wales Wales
This idiot was racing from lane to lane trying to get where he was going faster. Was sitting right up the bumpers off people that wasn't going fast enough for him. He was also using a mobile at the same time, typical business man in a company car no doubt!

Other - report by Mercy updated 15/Dec/2006
Mercedes coupe, Silver driven by Female
Seen at 08:00am on 15-Dec-2006 on Harewood Avenue Harewood, Leeds West Yorkshire
Lady dropping her children off at Harewood school parked across the road from the school opposite the lights which meant her children had to walk through the traffic waiting for the lights to change. What a fine caring parent. She then to my amazement started to make a 3 point turn to access the lights, as it was not wide enough she held up the traffic both ways until someone stopped to let her in not me, I would have left her stuck there all day. The traffic at this junction usually queues back for up to a mile in the rush hour traffic, why did she think she had the right to jump the queue.

Other - report by Stimpy updated 10/Apr/2011
Mercedes SL, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 09:45am on 10-Apr-2011 on A560 Altrincham Cheshire
Driver was frustrated at being halted in his undertaking manouver as we returned into left lane. It was all joy and hiliarity as we provided a clapping ovation and royal wave following the subsequent overtake whilst parked next to him at the lights.

Other - report by Mercy updated 15/Dec/2006
Mercedes coupe, Silver driven by Female
Seen at 08:00am on 15-Dec-2006 on Harewood Avenue Harewood, Leeds West Yorkshire
Lady dropping her children off at Harewood school parked across the road from the school opposite the lights which meant her children had to walk through the traffic waiting for the lights to change. What a fine caring parent. She then to my amazement started to make a 3 point turn to access the lights, as it was not wide enough she held up the traffic both ways until someone stopped to let her in not me, I would have left her stuck there all day. The traffic at this junction usually queues back for up to a mile in the rush hour traffic, why did she think she had the right to jump the queue.

Using phone while driving - report by Caz updated 20/Apr/2011
Mercedes , Black driven by Female
Seen at 06:00pm on 20-Apr-2011 on A630 Doncaster South Yorkshire
Woman driver on Balby Road in Doncaster whilst driving on a mobile phone with two small children in the back. No due care and attention to the road and other road users. Should be banned for a long time!

Driving too close - report by updated 10/Oct/2001
Mercedes Sprint, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 11:00 am on 10-Oct-2001 on M60 J24 Greater Manchester
The driver was tailgating me for fun for miles in the third lane of the M60. He must have been about 3ft behind me. I was leaving a reasonable amount of room for the car in front. The driver then undertook, dangerously close to a car in the middle lane and inserted itself in the gap I was leaving between me and the car in front, The gap was about 30 ft and I had to anchor on.

Driving too close - report by updated 29/Feb/2001
Mercedes Unknown, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 03:30 select on 29-Feb-2001 on M60 Worsley Greater Manchester
I was entering the M60 at junction 13 anti clockwise. In order to stay on M60 you have to move over 2 lanes in a fairly short distance, maybe half a mile tops. So I'm coming up the sliproad, quickly got my speed up to nearly 70. Quick check in the side mirror then over my shoulder, nothing in the second lane so I signal & move over. In the 2 seconds that took this ass clown came from nowhere to sit right on my bumper. He stayed there until I was able to move over into lane 3, of course I got the dirty look like I was the nob doing 100 coming up to the M62/M602 turnoff. Stupid pillock, hope you die soon!

Dangerous driving - report by John updated 28/Mar/2011
Mercedes sprinter van, White driven by Male
Seen at 07:45am on 28-Mar-2011 on Edneys Hill Wokingham Berkshire
This is a white FEDEX Van The vehicle passes through Edney's Hill every weekday between 7 and 8am, going from Barkham road to finchamstead road. The road is very narrow, there is a nursery and a school along the way too. The driver of this vehicle does not slow down, drives quite aggressively without any considerations to any other road users. Always seems to be in a lot of hurry. The vehicles drives past so fast, to date I have not been able to have a good look at the driver!

Driving too close - report by Tom Manwaring updated 28/Apr/2011
Mercedes Taxi, Black driven by Male
Seen at 08:00am on 28-Apr-2011 on Cockspur Street West London London
On my bike - he drove too close and pinned me against the kerb. When I tapped on his rear left corner as an indication to give me a bit more room (and make sure he's seen me), I got a hail of abuse and then he swerved at me as if attempting to try and knock me off.

Dangerous overtaking - report by Laura updated 21/Sep/2007
Mercedes , Blue driven by Male
Seen at 02:30pm on 21-Sep-2007 on A22 Eastbourne East Sussex
This man was frantically over taking anyone on the way out of Eastbourne at He overtook 3 cars on a roundabout and then was overtaking all the way up a hill over double white lines and then cutting people up.

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 09/Jun/select
Mercedes E Class, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 11:15 am on 09-Jun-select on South West London Wimbeldon / Roehapto Greater London
The driver of this car is a rude pheasant. Tried to overtake me on the inside without indicating. Once this couldn't happen he overtook me on the correct side but repeatedly made rude gestures to myself and the occupants of my car. The driver of this car has absolutely no manners or regard for others. Trying to overtake on the left side is dangerous. The ironic thing is that despite being in too much of a hurry to drive properly, this driver ended up only one car infront of me a few miles later....

M257 DRW
Dangerous driving - report by Sunny updated 14/Jan/2008
Mercedes , Silver driven by Female
Seen at 08:45am on 14-Jan-2008 on Oldham Road Ashton-Under-Lyne Lancashire
This person can be seen eating while driving everyday at around 8.45am near busy schools, also this driver can not see through her rear window as it has been plastered with 4 huge adverts, surely this is illegal ? This is dangerous as i she could reverse over someone especially near busy schools.

Cutting me up - report by Bigh updated 28/Mar/2011
Mercedes , Silver driven by Male
Seen at 10:00am on 28-Mar-2011 on Shotley Bridge Durham
Whilst cycling I was coming down a hill on a main road (I was wearing bright yellow!)The driver of this car looked at me then pulled out of a side road to the left. He saw me then thought that he could nip out, this he did but caused me to brake very hard and nearly run into the back of him. I shouted and he just looked in the mirror and drove off.

Dangerous overtaking - report by updated 16/Apr/2014
Mercedes SL CLASS, Silver driven by Unknown
Seen at 07:45 am on 16-Apr-2014 on A606 Empingham Leicestershire
Just watch the vid - no explanation required.

V696 KBH
Agressive behaviour - report by Kat updated 06/Sep/2010
Mercedes Sprinter, White driven by Male
Seen at 06:00pm on 06-Sep-2010 on B5256 Leyland Lancashire
This van driver was driving dangerously infront of me all the way home from work. He then changed lane, stopped his van and got out and started yelling at the van behind him. He then came up behind me and the car infront and proceeded to repetedly try ramming my car and the car infront. He also threw things out of his window at the car infront, cut infront of him nearly causing various cars to crash as he cut across two lanes. Then got out and starting trying to attack the man infront through his window. This man has been reported but the van apparently isn't his. The van also has the word joules written across the back in pink letters. He was unprovoked and had no reason to behave like this. It's just lucky he didn't manage to hit either of us.

Other - report by Scooby updated 27/Mar/2011
Mercedes CL55 AMG, Silver driven by Female
Seen at 07:15pm on 27-Mar-2011 on M4 Port Talbot Wales
Tailgating, speeding, constantly accelerating and breaking.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 21/May/2013
Mercedes Van/Sprinter 2.1/4x4, White driven by Male
Seen at 05:00 pm on 21-May-2013 on Saltley Roundabout Birmingham West Midlands
Did not check properly if he can enter the roundabout, but entered slowly anyway to block me. When I have warned him by short horn signal (that he already violated the right of way), he have slammed on the brakes to provoke an accident.

Driving too close - report by ^snoopy updated 28/Jan/2010
Mercedes Sprinter Van, White driven by Male
Seen at 04:45pm on 28-Jan-2010 on M8 Motorway, Junction 2 Newbridge Midlothian
I was doing 50 in a 50 zone. Indicated and pulled into the overtaking lane to allow traffic on the slip road to join the motorway. Bloody idiot started tailgating me and tried to bully me off the road. Complete menace!

Using phone while driving - report by Laurie updated 22/Apr/2011
Mercedes Vaneo , Black driven by Male
Seen at 11:45am on 22-Apr-2011 on M4 Newbury Berkshire
Using phone while undertaking and changing lanes erratically, cutting up drivers.

RAH 411L
Cutting me up - report by Loner updated 03/Feb/2010
Mercedes C Class, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 07:30pm on 03-Feb-2010 on M6 Manchester/Cheshire Lancashire
Terrible driver, undertaking on motorway, aggressive, pushing into gaps that were simply too small at high speeds, threatening tailgating. I was not the only one getting cut up, he was acting like he owned the road.

Driving too close - report by Careful Driver updated 30/Mar/2011
Mercedes Coach, White driven by Male
Seen at 09:45am on 30-Mar-2011 on M3 Braknell Berkshire
The driver of this coach full of passengers was driving so close behind my car on a 50mph section of the M3. He was flashing his lights and driving like an idiot, trying to do 70mph + even when speed cameras were in use. Hope he gets caught before he kills somebody.

Speeding - report by Jabber updated 05/May/2011
Mercedes AMG, Black driven by Male
Seen at 11:15am on 05-May-2011 on M3 Frimley Surrey
Seen travelling at 80mph and undertaking. It is time this behaviour is stamped out, it not only uses more fuel and increases CO2 but is above all UNSAFE. I suggest it is time for a nationwide fight-back campaign, maybe taking direct action but hogging the middle/outer lanes. Also, what is the point in a pointless pimp mobile like this Merc?

V211 HKW
Agressive behaviour - report by NR updated 13/Feb/2010
Mercedes , Silver driven by Unknown
Seen at 12:45pm on 13-Feb-2010 on Hammersmith Road Surrey
I was coming out of Blythe road about to turn left onto the Hammersmith road a couple of cyclists were traveling up Hammersmith road and I let them past. The person behind me then beeped his horn a few times he was obviously in a hurry. A number of cars then passed, going up the Hammersmith road and when there was a space I did my left turn as soon as I moved the car behind sounded his horn for about 10-12 seconds. I stopped as I thought something had happened but he beeped again. This misuse of the horn, whilst not a major offense has the potential to be dangerous and the driver in question should be cautioned.

Using phone while driving - report by Jwdw updated 06/Jan/2008
Mercedes , Black driven by Male
Seen at 12:30pm on 06-Jan-2008 on Beeston Ring Road Leeds West Yorkshire
Not watching the road, weaving almost into other lanes then coming back.Looked like he might have been texting cannot be too sure but definately was seen using the phone. Children also in the car. Eyes off your phone and watching the road we only saw you do this 3 times in a 4 mile stretch!Idiot.

Speeding - report by Rich updated 03/Aug/2010
Mercedes AMG, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 08:30am on 03-Aug-2010 on B3232 Barnstaple Devon
Driving far to fast through 30 zone in villages. Probably about 50.

Dangerous driving - report by Martin_k updated 24/Mar/2011
Mercedes , Silver driven by Male
Seen at 01:30pm on 24-Mar-2011 on A580/ Oak Tree Road St.Helens Merseyside
Driving at about 75 in a 60 zone. Cut me up so he could make a very sharp turn and so nearly hit me, which if he had he would have almost definitely spun my car out, nearly hit a car waiting at the junction, then proceeded to go 70 in 60 zone after the junction. I followed him to his house and simply asked him did he realize how close he was to hitting me and then stared swearing at me and threatening me and told me just because he has a Ferrari I can't tell him how to drive.

Speeding - report by updated 01/Mar/2001
Mercedes E, Silver driven by Female
Seen at 06:00 select on 01-Mar-2001 on Upper Richmond Road Richmond, London Surrey
A lady driver has ignored a hand turn signal from a cyclist (myself) and overtook me without leaving more than a meter of space while speeding. When confronted about the incident at traffic lights presented me with middle finger and hooted. Then as we were taking off from the traffic lights she hooted twice more while passing me and drove of while breaking the speed limit

Dangerous driving - report by Advanced Driver updated 14/Oct/2010
Mercedes , Blue driven by Unknown
Seen at 11:15am on 14-Oct-2010 on North Street Hailsham East Sussex
Deliberate aggressive lane change...Forcing his/her van across to my lane forcing me to brake heavily...if it wasnt for my quick reactions the vehicle would have collided with my car. They are a company called "ceramic Tile Interiors"...They have no website and their work is shit...probably cowboys/Gypsies

Speeding - report by updated 05/Apr/2014
Mercedes Sprinter, Red driven by Male
Seen at 06:00 pm on 05-Apr-2014 on SladeField Road Birmingham West Midlands
This young male driver of afghan origin was dangerously speeding at Sladefield Road in Birmingham, a near miss of violent accident happened while I was taking 2 toddlers to shopping at the t junction off Woodwells road there. At about 6pm today, I went around to chase this young driver and found him cutting corners in local streets to avoid me, however I saw him pull over to a house in cotterills lane in Pelham area and approached him and shown him 2 toddlers in my car and explained to him that he could have us all killed at 50 mph smash by his speeding of his van. The road itself is limited to 30mph limit. He had said nothing but sorry and it\'s obvious sorry isn\'t enough. I took his and his van picture at his delivery destination and if necessary can provide it. I told him that I will take a picture. I believe he had no insu. rance and no licence because most of these looking creatures have nothing as I know their community.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 19/Jan/select
Mercedes Old, Silver driven by Female
Seen at 08:45 am on 19-Jan-select on Egerton Road Stockport Cheshire
This woman driver accused me of speeding up her road and one morning pulled across the path of my vehicle in an attempt to get me to collide with her, had I been speeding as alleged then I would of hit her. She needs to be watched, she must do this to all drivers on her road that she thinks are speeding, she was either drunk or mentally unstable.

Agressive behaviour - report by Me updated 25/Mar/2011
Mercedes Merceds or BMW saloo, Black driven by Male
Seen at 04:00pm on 25-Mar-2011 on Slip Road To M11 Toward Harlow Hertfordshire
on the slip road to the M11 drive came up behind me at around 80 mph driving in the middle of two lanes. He then swerved across in front of me, I changed lanes and he swerved across in front of me, I changed lanes and he swerved across in front of me, I changed lanes and he swerved across in front of me. I stopped and the driver proceeded at speed in the slow lane undertaking all the traffic

Ignoring traffic signals - report by Matthew Burton updated 07/Jul/2011
Mercedes ML350 BLUE-CY SPORT , Silver driven by Male
Seen at 06:00pm on 07-Jul-2011 on Stockbridge Road/ Stoney Lane Winchester Hampshire
Driver entered mini roundabout without giving way narrowly avoiding knocking cyclist off bike (who had indicated and had right of way) before swearing at cyclist.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 23/Jan/2001
Mercedes Don't know, old one., White driven by Male
Seen at 05:45 pm on 23-Jan-2001 on A12 London London
This a-hole drives like he ownes the road, and should be locked up! Some day, some where you will get unstuck... You think that you are above the law, with your blackened out windows, and "flash" car... well, it's an old merc, and no-one is impressed with your stupid driving, so get a life you tosser! Have some consideration for fellow road users!!!

Dangerous driving - report by updated 11/Jun/2001
Mercedes SL, Black driven by Female
Seen at 12:45 pm on 11-Jun-2001 on A329M Wokingham Berkshire
Cut me off on the off ramp to A329M had to slam on bracks to let her in, then went round the corner in 3rd gear so I overtook her. Then when she got to the straight bit in the road, she obviosly found she had 4th gear, and cut me off again!

Dangerous driving - report by Saveourstanford updated 25/Aug/2010
Mercedes LORRY, White driven by Male
Seen at 12:45pm on 25-Aug-2010 on A13 A130 A12 SADDLERS ROUNDABOUTS Essex
On the 25/8/10 at 12.51pm The Following HGV white/blue mercedez AY07 AZL loaded with a Trailer Drove along A13 Erratic Lane Changing aproaching Saddler Farm Roundabouts and then cut up several cars inclusing myself, I overtook him on A130 towards Chelmsford and he then decided to Tailgated my car with 2 children inside dispalying a child on board sign. Speed limit was 40 on the banking left corner but the driver chose to get so close i was intimidated and was forced to speed up. Once we got onto A12 i was very concerned and we kept checking our mirrors,

Driving too close - report by updated 11/Oct/2011
Mercedes Clk Estate, Black driven by Male
Seen at 07:45 am on 11-Oct-2011 on A31 North Street, Ropley Hampshire
When i got to the top of the dual carriageway as the two lanes change to one, this driver was overtaking everything behind me at great speed and then as the road was running out, he decided he would try and force me to move over on single carriageway so he could overtake on the hatchings, no luck for him i stood my ground. Then all the way from Travel Lodge to Telegraph Lane where i turned off, he was so close if id stopped, he would have hit me. In addition to this, he had not only his day running lights on but also full beam which gave me a headache for two hours where he had dazzled me (not with his good driving skills, lol). When i turned off he roared off to about 60mph in a 30mph limit. Guess he should have got his arrogant ass out of bed earlier if he didnt want to be late!!!

Other - report by updated 06/May/2001
Mercedes E220 CDI, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 12:15 pm on 06-May-2001 on A56 Southbound Haslingden Greater Manchester
This Overweight useless driver should NOT be on the road and here's why: A56 Coming off onto Haslingden road going into a Tesco superstore this FAT mid 50s, No seatbelt, on the phone whilst smoking a vile cigar and driving way below the speed limit as well as being the most uncourteous driver on the road with no indications or even to let others through. Get him off the Road and crush his car. If you see this car (he has a espana flag on the right side rear bumper and ESP letters on the left hand side) Flick him the finger because more then likely he would of done something to piss you off.

Driving too close - report by Barnyard updated 14/Jun/2011
Mercedes , Other driven by Male
Seen at 02:15pm on 14-Jun-2011 on A14 Northamptonshire
tailgating at 70mph, less than 10feet.

Dangerous driving - report by G updated 11/Nov/2010
Mercedes , Black driven by Unknown
Seen at 05:30pm on 11-Nov-2010 on A12 Essex
High speed cut up on roundabout

Dangerous driving - report by updated 16/Feb/2014
Mercedes Uncertain, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 11:00 am on 16-Feb-2014 on A64 Leeds South Yorkshire
Today I witnessed what had to be the most ridiculous driving I have ever seen. So I'm travelling along, trying to overtake a lorry with some hay on it, when this mercedes comes flying up as they do, and sit about a meter or two off my bumper. I remain calm, get past the lorry and as the mercedes flew past me, I held up my hand with my pinky pointing towards the ceiling with the rest of my fist closed. This appeared to anger the mercedes driving so much that he pulled in front of me and slowed all the way down to 25mph, bearing in mind we were on a 70mph dual carriageway. I refused to become annoyed so I played ball and slowed down and just sat behind the driver hoping he would get bored... he didnt. His next amazing idea was to briefly go into a sidelane so i could get past, so he could sit right up my boot end for another couple of minutes. After this he decided to go up along side me and edged closer and closer to me, until i was almost on the edge of the road and had to brake even more so i wouldnt go into the back of him or off onto the grass alongside the carriageway. After slowing down to about 20mph he finally gave up and sped off, getting out of sight quickly. I reported the incident to the police, yet here i am 8 hours later still fuming. Couldn't remember the entire registration number and the police probably won't be able to do anything. But frankly, how is a simple hand gesture worth the effort of harrasing a 19 year old to the point of nearly causing a collision? Not very mature for a 50 year old.

D983 YTN
Agressive behaviour - report by John updated 30/Jun/2011
Mercedes 500 SEL, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 08:15am on 30-Jun-2011 on M74 S/B CAMBUSLANG Lanarkshire
as i was changing lanes to let a van come on the M74. The nutcase in the lane i was entering who was in the car in front slams his brakes @ 70 mph causing me to swerve between 2 lanes almost crashing and causing a pile up. Then he was making hand jestures as to detail his intent to cause the incident. 5 minutes earlier i dropped my 1 year old daughter off and it made me think if his intended crash did happen and she was in the car it would have killed myself,daughter and possibly the other motorists who were in the vicinity. hope i dont see this driver again as i dont know what ill do to him. cheers John

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