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WF08 ---
Driving too close - report by SLFR1985 updated 06/Jun/2011
Fiat Doplo , Black driven by Unknown
Seen at 02:45pm on 06-Jun-2011 on Weston Lane Southampton Hampshire
I was driving through Woolston along Victoria Road. Turned left by the Inn on the corner near the old Thornycrofts site and went up past ST Marks school towards Weston estate. Just as I was passing the under the trees near the sales garage on the left this 'thing' came burning up my rear bumper doing least 50 in a square coffin box. The driver was despising me doing 30 so they continued to sit up my backside which was about as frightening as being chased by an insect. I turned left up Weston Lane and this 'Thing' started to look for gaps to overtake so I kept at 30. As I was approaching Kingsclere avenue to turn right the Doplo was burning up my rear bumper closer then ever before so I rammed on the brakes on top of the Kingsclere/Weston Lane junction hoping they would back off or give me a nice whiplash claim but the driver missed me. The driver eventually turned right and went down towards Weston flats and disappeared. Good!

Erratic lane changing - report by Outraged. updated 19/Apr/2011
Fiat 500, Yellow driven by Male
Seen at 12:30pm on 19-Apr-2011 on M25 Surrey Surrey
I was sat in the middle lane of the M25 when this hooligan passed me on the outside lane at around 65mph as I was doing a fuel efficient 55-60. He then proceeded to cut in front of me, pulling into the slow lane, then slowed down so I passed him again. As soon as I passed him, he pulled out to the fast lane, passed me again, and then pulled into the slow lane AGAIN!!! And he did this 5 or 6 times?! I mean, just what was he trying to achieve? He obviously had no understanding of lane discipline and seemed upset that I was minding my own business. Disgraceful.

Dangerous driving - report by Subby updated 01/Feb/2010
Fiat , Other driven by Female
Seen at 02:30am on 01-Feb-2010 on A12 Essex
BSM car, not sure reg is 100%, on A12 in Essex cut from outside lane between two Vans, both doing about 70 in inside lane, to go up slip road. No indication but she did wave an appology. Is this the way BSM teaches people to drive nowadays?

Speeding - report by Maureen updated 05/Oct/2007
Fiat Punto 85 ELX, Green driven by Female
Seen at 08:30am on 05-Oct-2007 on A217 Reigate Surrey
Woman in her early 30's driving a private reg Fiat Punto 85 ELX in Turquoise. 2 young kids in the back doing 65 in a 30 zone. Loud rock music blaring out. Sounded like Slipknot. I think. Wasn't paying attention either, she had a Mac Book on the passenger seat and she kept leaning over to type. Plus she was texting on her phone.

Using phone while driving - report by ACyclist updated 29/Mar/2010
Fiat Punto Active 8V, Silver driven by Female
Seen at 02:00pm on 29-Mar-2010 on A4110 Knapton Herefordshire
Talking on the phone - have it on video too. Hey lady - your life isn't that important that you can risk others whilst doing it.

K496 NEU
Ignoring traffic signals - report by Teddy updated 28/May/2010
Fiat Estate, Red driven by Male
Seen at 10:30am on 28-May-2010 on Bishop Road Bishopston, Bristol Gloucestershire
This TW_T ignored a give way priority sign sign at Bishop Road, Bristol then got agressive when his mistake was pointed out, note you do not have the county of Bristol in your list

Dangerous driving - report by Glad To Be Alive updated 09/Jun/2011
Fiat Stilo, Silver driven by Female
Seen at 07:00pm on 09-Jun-2011 on Dumbarton Road Dalmuir Dunbartonshire
Where do I start, the texting while driving, the undertaking on a 30 mph limit, the cutting me up to get past, I'm a motorcycle rider and she very nearly killed me.

Cutting me up - report by Suze updated 08/Apr/2011
Fiat Van, White driven by Male
Seen at 08:45am on 08-Apr-2011 on Sainsbury Roundabout Newbury Berkshire
Sainsbury roundabout in Newbury, Berks. Van driver was in middle lane, I was in near side lane to exit roundabout. He decided to take the exit, from the middle lane, by pushing in front of me and forcing me onto the kerb

Y418 PAP
Other - report by updated 25/Jan/select
Fiat Multipla, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 08:00 am on 25-Jan-select on Chichester Road A259 Bognor Regis West Sussex
Inconsiderate parking

Agressive behaviour - report by Steve updated 03/Mar/2011
Fiat Punto, Black driven by Male
Seen at 07:30am on 03-Mar-2011 on M3 / M27 Eastleigh Hampshire
Tailgating on the M3, then undertook and pulled infront using up my braking area. They then flash fog lights and took both hands off the wheel to wave at me through the rear window, swerving across into the middle lane while doing this. Later cut across the white line hatching while joining the M27 cutting across two lanes of traffic and various cars. Worked for a PAT Testing company in a sign written car but couldn't get the number.

Y322 HAV
Speeding - report by updated 10/Feb/2001
Fiat Bravo , Green driven by Female
Seen at 06:45 am on 10-Feb-2001 on Denninton Lane Criggleston West Yorkshire
Comming out of my house on Denninton Lane when nearly run over as I got in my car. Driver must have been doing 60mph in 30 zone. Driver stopped at lights further up road and I took details. Very icy conditions so even more dangerous. You seem to be quite popular on here maybe the police need to be told.

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 08/Nov/2001
Fiat Bravo, Black driven by Male
Seen at 08:00 am on 08-Nov-2001 on A308 Bridge Roundabout Staines/Egham Middlesex
Whilst at roundabout this guy was in the outside lane trying to cut in. He could see my car was there but kept driving to get in my lane eventually nearly forcing myself into the railing on the pavement. In doing so the idiot pipped his horn as he went in indicating it was my fault. After returning the gesture this numpty starts to get out his car and come and have a word. Trouble is he got out his car without the handbrake on and it rolled back into mine before he scuttled back in a drove off. Complete lunatic, no brain to speak of, seen him do it again since.

Dangerous driving - report by Abu Qurfan updated 22/Mar/2010
Fiat Punto, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 07:00am on 22-Mar-2010 on M61 - M6 Preston Lancashire
This idiot tailgated a van on the M61 heading north towards the M6. He was swerving behind him either attempting to ovetake him which was impossible unless he wanted to go through a barrier or undertake him which again was difficult due to slower moving traffic. As soon as this plonker got onto the M6 he crossed the lanes until he reached the fast lane gesturing at the van driver as he did so. The white van driver was no saint and his van was swaying quite badly as he tried to stop the cretin from overtaking unsafely.

Dangerous driving - report by Red Fiesta updated 02/Sep/2011
Fiat Doblo, Black driven by Male
Seen at 12:45pm on 02-Sep-2011 on A303 Andover Hampshire
This guy is a complete belter! Speeding, tailgating cars, dangerous overtaking, not signalling - I could go on! Didn't even do it to me I just saw how this complete moron treated other road users, which was enough for me to report him!

WF08 ---
Driving too close - report by SLFR1985 updated 24/Jun/2011
Fiat Doplo, Black driven by Male
Seen at 03:15pm on 24-Jun-2011 on John's Road Woolston Southampton Hampshire
Guess what? Mr Doplo was back in his square coffin-box for more bum-chasing action and he was burning up my backside again. He was up to the same old tricks as usual - Bum sniffing! He bum-sniffed very closely (Like last time) all the way through John's Road, then Portsmouth Road and up to the Itchen Toll booths (A3025). He made an attempt to try and race me through the booths in the right hand lane (To win pole position) but got trapped behind a silver Peugot 206 who was still fumbling around for bridge money. This put a terrible delay on his journey time so the bum sniffing was about to get more intense. As soon as the Peugeot 206 turned off on the other side of the Itchen bridge, naturally he filled the missing space by speeding up on Central Bridge (A&B Oil) and was back to his bum-sniffing. Oh dear mr Doplo when will you finally grasp the two-second rule? I stayed in the middle lane for Bernard Street while Mr Doplo went towards the London hotel. Hmmmm I wonder why he is going towards the London? All that bum-chasing he does with male drivers makes me wonder?

S675 VBC
Agressive behaviour - report by Altubs updated 14/Nov/2010
Fiat Punto, Unknown driven by Female
Seen at 06:00pm on 14-Nov-2010 on Jct Of Chester Rd & Bodhyfryd Wrexham, N. Wales Cheshire
Speeding across a round about and driving in a dangoerous manner while overtaking. Also this vehicle had no silencer working on the exhaust. I have had to Cheshire as the County as there is no options for Wales.

Dangerous driving - report by Adroit updated 27/Jun/2011
Fiat Punto, Black driven by Female
Seen at 08:30am on 27-Jun-2011 on M42 Solihull West Midlands
Female blonde driving not paying attention to the traffic and decides to move to the left lane of the motorway on the entrance of the slip road so has to verve back into middle lane then undertakes on the hard shoulder whilst falshing her lights and using hand signals that are not in the highway code!

Y322 HAV
Speeding - report by updated 01/Feb/2001
Fiat Bravo , Green driven by Female
Seen at 07:15 am on 01-Feb-2001 on Woolley Edge Lane Wakefield West Yorkshire
This is getting to be a habit! Driving like a fruit lube again. Up my arsenal again overtook me and sped off like a bat out of hell. You must be on the change. Still stop driving like a twat before you kill someone.

Agressive behaviour - report by Clarithy updated 08/May/2007
Fiat punto, Black driven by Female
Seen at 02:15pm on 08-May-2007 on High Street Kirkcaldy Fife
swearing and peeping and going beserk at the wheel when the driver of the above car was at fault

W-09 HMU
Cutting me up - report by Anon updated 21/Jan/2010
Fiat 500, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 05:45pm on 21-Jan-2010 on A19 Durham/sunderland Durham
driving too close for 10 miles (lots of cars ahead in both lanes so wouldn't have got very far anyway). repeated attempts to undertake, driver knowingly cut in with no space to do so. had to emergency brake to avoid collision

Agressive behaviour - report by Dr Sligo updated 27/Apr/2011
Fiat , Red driven by Male
Seen at 10:00pm on 27-Apr-2011 on Switchback Anniesland Anniesland, Glasgow Lanarkshire
Very aggressive bonehead driver in flashy red souped up ned's car harrassing a motorcyclist in the outside lane of the switchback road approaching Anniesland, Glasgow. The motorcyclist was in the outside lane as he was clearly planning to move into a right hand filter lane. At the next set of lights the aggressive driver had to stop as they turned red. We watched him hurl abuse at the motorcyclist for being in the wrong lane when in fact the dangerous and incorrect lane use was being demonstrated by the car driver. The motorcyclist was restrained and said nothing and fortunately his mature approach ensured no incident. Hopefully the police will collar this idiot before he causes an accident as it was clear the car driver was on some kind of aggressive kick and his driving was exceedingly dangerous.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 09/Jan/2014
Fiat Punto, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 01:30 pm on 09-Jan-2014 on A34 Newcastle Under Lyme Staffordshire
Incident began with the car in front of me slowing down to less than walking speed while the driver made gestures at me (I take it he thought 20 miles an hour in a 40 zone was too fast so he decided to be a vigilante and make me and all the traffic following do walking speed as we overtook a line of parked vehicles). As soon as we passed the parked vehicles I pulled alongside him on the inside whereupon he swerved and almost hit us. He then proceeded to follow us approx 6 inches off the rear bumber to the next roundabout where he almost hit us again trying to overtake by going over the kerb of the roundabout - the entrance and exit of the roundabout is resticted to one lane at present so how he thought he could do this is beyond me! Again he followed approx 6 inches from the rear of our car until the lane restriction ended whereupon he pulled his car directly in front of ours and forced us off the road to an emergency stop (just touched his rear bumper when we stopped) - I think based on this he was trying to cause an accident with us as the \"rear party\" so he could claim! The driver jumped out and started screaming and swearing and tried to pull my drivers door open so I reversed and drove off to avoid violence - his parting gift was to slam his hands/fists against my wing mirror in an attempt to break it as I drove past him. Ddidn\'t get his number as I was too busy avoiding his dangerous manoeuvres :(

Agressive behaviour - report by Csi-mac-taylor updated 29/Jun/2008
Fiat Stilo 3dr, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 04:00pm on 29-Jun-2008 on A259 Bexhill/Hastings East Sussex
This moron decides to speed up when being overtaken, then cuts me up at the next roundabout. Word of advice: taking both hands off the wheel to make a hand clapping gesture is not clever. Pity you made a schoolboy error up the road by pulling in too far into a side road to allow an Ambulance to pass, allowing me to pull in alongside and be out first. Nice seeing you, nobend.

Dangerous driving - report by Hasanen Al-Taiar updated 11/Aug/2010
Fiat , White driven by Male
Seen at 05:30pm on 11-Aug-2010 on A44 Bicester-Oxford Oxfordshire
Dears Good Morning I would like to draw your attention to one of your truck drivers. He was driving in a very dangerous manner on the A44 (between Bicester and Oxford) this afternoon around 17:18 to a degree annoying most other nearby drivers. He didn't respect priority of drivers turning in a round about and was really terrifying. Registration no. RX06 EWL

Cutting me up - report by PCwestmercia updated 28/Jul/2011
Fiat 500, White driven by Male
Seen at 01:00pm on 28-Jul-2011 on A49 Dinmore Leominster Herefordshire
As I was approaching the top of Dinmore Hill heading towards Leominster from Hereford, passing the turnoff to Queenswood, this old couple were waiting to pull out, they could clearly see me coming, I was averaging 45-50mph (50 limit) and easing a little as I approached the turning so I was going at the right appropriate speed Even though they could clearly see me for ages they still waited only to pull out within cm's in front of me (easily have hit them had it not been for my super quick braking reaction) they then just carried on at a snails pace (less than 30 in various 50/60 limits) all the way to leominster till I managed to get pass safely and remained totally oblivous to the danger and inconvienence they caused even after I used my horn to make them aware of my presense and their wrong doing. They were just in a world of their own totally oblivous to the fact i was even behind them let alone cutting me up. My advice to them is get a bus pass

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 08/May/2013
Fiat Punto (grande), Grey driven by Female
Seen at 06:00 pm on 08-May-2013 on Mt Pleasant Guildford Surrey
Always within 1ft of the back of my car. When waiting at a junction, she started nudging my car from behind. No damage caused, but very unnerving and dangerous.

NK 51VX0
Cutting me up - report by Karen updated 01/Jun/2009
Fiat Diablo, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 08:15am on 01-Jun-2009 on Rectory Way Rickmansworth Hertfordshire
I was queuing at a roundabout in Rickmansworth when the driver of this licensed mini cab cut from behind me and over took me on the right hand side thus driving too close as well . He then opened his window and made rude signs with his hands. I am appauled as he is a licensed mini cab driver!!

Speeding - report by Bill updated 23/Dec/2010
Fiat , Silver driven by Unknown
Seen at 08:45am on 23-Dec-2010 on B3006 Hampshire
Why bother with speed limits at all when, if you're like this clueless driver with no concept of velocity, you can simply drive at a 'safe' 40MPH whatever the speed limit is. Make sure it's through ranges of 20s, 30s, and 60 zones too just to ensure you're either speeding (and can get booked for it), and inconveniencing others in one go! Not sure about the colour, but the number's definitely right.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 02/Sep/2013
Fiat Stilo, Maroon driven by Male
Seen at 06:15 pm on 02-Sep-2013 on Coldhams lane Cambridge Cambridgeshire
I was traveling on a round about and the driver pulled out in front of me, causing me to break to avoid hitting him. There was no acknowledgement from the driver for the error.

Y381 LEH
Speeding - report by P updated 27/Jun/2007
Fiat Punto, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 05:30pm on 27-Jun-2007 on Lindum Hill Lincoln Lincolnshire
Speeding (60 through a built up area)

Agressive behaviour - report by Clarithy updated 08/May/2007
Fiat punto, Black driven by Female
Seen at 02:15pm on 08-May-2007 on High Street Kirkcaldy Fife
swearing and peeping and going beserk at the wheel when the driver of the above car was at fault

Dangerous driving - report by EFFX updated 10/May/2011
Fiat Escudo, White driven by Male
Seen at 08:45am on 10-May-2011 on Birmingham West Midlands
He came off a roudabout in the middle lane noticed a car was in the inside lane and pushed them into the curb, afterwards pulled out at a give way with no observation cutting up another driver.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 03/Mar/2001
Fiat Stilo, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 04:30 pm on 03-Mar-2001 on A580 Leigh Greater Manchester
A fine example of stupidity from this moron. Going along the A580 towards Manchester, I was in the left lane with a Transit type van ahead of me,this guy's in the right hand lane with a Honda Civic ahead of him. The Civic had almost caught up tp the van but the dick in the Stilo decided he wasn't going fast enough so whipped over into left lane, accelerated and shot between the Civic & van. God only knows how he didn't hit either of them! He then pulled back into the left hand lane just in front of the van and turned left on to the A574. The van went straight on and I went left, so this nob was in front of me, which is exactly where he'd have been without the dickhead driving demonstration! Time saved? Approx 2 seconds. Number of other drivers he pissed off? At least 3. It annoyed me and I'm sure the other two drivers involved weren't too thrilled either! My suggestion that all decent drivers have their cars fitted with bonnet-mounted lasers sounds more appealing by the day!

Driving too close - report by updated 31/Jan/2014
Fiat family car, Maroon driven by Male
Seen at 11:45 am on 31-Jan-2014 on morrison car park minehead minehead Somerset
while pushing my 7 week old baby arcoss morrisons car park in minehead an older man. cut straight arcoss a empty bay to get in to other bay missing my baby by cm thats with me turning the pram away sharpis

Using phone while driving - report by Lynne updated 08/Jul/2008
Fiat PUNTO, Green driven by Male
Seen at 01:45pm on 08-Jul-2008 on KETTERING RD NORTHAMPTON Northamptonshire

Dangerous driving - report by Nikky updated 13/Aug/2010
Fiat Punto, Red driven by Male
Seen at 02:00pm on 13-Aug-2010 on Daffodil Close Sedgley West Midlands
Drove into the cul de sac where I live at high speed then did a handbrake turn. Young children live here, lots under the age of 5 on their bikes etc and could have been hit. 10 minutes later and he did it again!

Other - report by Daniel updated 05/Jun/2011
Fiat punto, Red driven by Male
Seen at 05:30pm on 05-Jun-2011 on A21 Canterbury Kent
have seen the driver of this car overtake 3 ppl on a busy road and also cut me up another time whilst overtaking nearly forcing me off the road(even when i was doing a 80 on the A21) and it was raining! that is just a dangerouse driver from the one ova time i saw him i noticed that he seems to think the little slags he picks up prefer to F***K in the car at the back of tescos carpark at 2am to doin it in his own bedroom enough said!!!! This is sick if somone doesnt do somthing about this aggorant aggressive little b*****d i will

Other - report by updated 14/May/2013
Fiat Punto, Orange driven by Female
Seen at 11:45 am on 14-May-2013 on Bank Street Rawtenstall Lancashire
She parked on the double yellows, infront of the traffic lights between Ladbrokes and Santander, Rawtenstall, blocking traffic so that she could go to the bank.

Dangerous driving - report by Rider updated 07/Aug/2009
Fiat ducato, White driven by Male
Seen at 06:45pm on 07-Aug-2009 on Aston Cantlow Warwickshire
drivers a wanker

A788 SDV
Dangerous overtaking - report by Zany updated 30/Jan/2010
Fiat , Black driven by Unknown
Seen at 08:15pm on 30-Jan-2010 on North Harrow Middlesex
Don't know model or make but this car overtook us when we stopped at a zebra crossing waiting for people to cross, a car from our lane decided to overtake us and proceed through the zebra crossing

Erratic lane changing - report by updated 22/Nov/2001
Fiat Punto, Black driven by Male
Seen at 06:30 am on 22-Nov-2001 on Inverurie Road Aberdeen Aberdeenshire
Stupid guy wanted to get in to our lane and never decided it would be a good idea to merga into lane earlier for sliproad at Buckburn police station, I made space for him to slip in front of me. Once he had taken the slip road he decided he wanted to go in to the right lane that I was all ready in and starting to pass his back bumper he swerved into my lane forcing me to brake hard all almost rear ended him. I hope you die in terrible road accident you motherfucker.

Other - report by updated 13/Sep/2013
Fiat Grand Punto Active, Black driven by Male
Seen at 01:00 pm on 13-Sep-2013 on M6 Toll South Weeford Park West Midlands
Hogging the middle lane all the way from Weeford Parl toll plaza to M6/M42 interchange when lanes became a bit more mixed. Overtook only two vehicles and wouldn't pull over to let other traffic pass smooth.

Dangerous driving - report by Lichfield updated 02/Aug/2007
Fiat Punto, Black driven by Male
Seen at 12:30pm on 02-Aug-2007 on A5190 Cannock Staffordshire
A little Fiat Punto with stupid curly letters on the number plate and blacked out windows with stickers on was full of CHAVS. They were was driving way too close and kept trying to overtake in a normal flow of 30mph traffic. Eventually the car just about managed to sum up speed to overtake and cut divers up each time. At roudabouts it was wheelspinning in front of oncomming traffic. I saw it again later doing exactly the same thing, so they were just doing it to endanger other drivers. Alternitavely I suppose they could have been late for their community service or on their way to collect their ASBO certificates.

Y381 LEH
Speeding - report by P updated 27/Jun/2007
Fiat Punto, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 05:30pm on 27-Jun-2007 on Lindum Hill Lincoln Lincolnshire
Speeding (60 through a built up area)

Agressive behaviour - report by Shabs updated 13/May/2011
Fiat Punto, Black driven by Female
Seen at 05:30pm on 13-May-2011 on Butterwick Hammersmith London
Yellow box junctions... A few months ago, I got a £60 fine for being in the box junction at Butterwick juntion in Hammersmith so now I am extra careful to stay out of them. Today, I stayed at the traffic lights and did not enter the box. The driver behind me got really aggressive, started tooting her horn then drove up the side of me, swearing and gesturing with her finger along with the two passengers then went and stopped in the box junction. They carried on sticking their middle fingers up at me and shouting. When I drove up behind them (when they were out of the box), they continued to look and shout of me! I so hope they got a fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erratic lane changing - report by updated 08/Mar/select
Fiat Punto Evo, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 07:30 select on 08-Mar-select on A3 Kingston Surrey
Constantly and randomly changing lanes, driving very slow in the right lane and like crasy in the left. Cutting up other cars.

Erratic lane changing - report by updated 21/Feb/2014
Fiat Cinquecento, Green driven by Female
Seen at 04:00 pm on 21-Feb-2014 on Canute Road Southampton Hampshire
While on motorbike in lane for left turn and for Itchen Toll Bridge, on the two lane road just outside the Docks, young lady in right hand lane (for city) decided she did want to go straight ahead, requiring last minute lane change, without indication. As I was expecting this, I left space, but got a beep for my troubles. And shortly after a two fingered salute.

Using phone while driving - report by SARGE updated 16/Sep/2008
Fiat STILO, Red driven by Male
Seen at 04:30pm on 16-Sep-2008 on A34 STAFFORD Staffordshire
Driver using mobile phone while turning left at roundabout onto the A34 at Stafford, and was on the phone for a mile or more. Also noted offside brake light not working.

Other - report by Helen M updated 14/Aug/2010
Fiat NOT SURE, Green driven by Female
Seen at 01:30pm on 14-Aug-2010 on Middleton Rd/Camden Rd Holloway N7 Greater London
Incident happened on Saturday 14th August at approx 1.35pm on the Camden Road N7, junction of Middleton Road and Hill Rd. I was crossing the road at a zebra crossing. The light wads green so I began walking, all of a sudden a car (reg given) came around the corner (off Middleton rd) and and turned left onto Camden road- nearly hitting me. I had to stop and let the car go. Had I of not seen it I would have been knocked over. The car turned left where clear signs on both the road and sign posted denote NO LEFT TURNS. This driver needs reporting.

UCZ 2224
Driving too slow - report by FENRIS updated 30/Jul/2011
Fiat Punto, Red driven by Male
Seen at 12:15pm on 30-Jul-2011 on Moira Road Lisburn Antrim
At 16.15, I was driving along the A3, Moira Road, Lisburn towards Nutt's Corner roundabout and keeping to a steady 60mph in an NSL. All of a sudden, ahead was a crawly old git of a driver who crawled along the A3 at no more than 35mph. Oh for Heaven's sake, what part of "IT'S A NATIONAL SPEED LIMIT OF 60mph DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?" Five miles of being stuck behind this old git whose s-l-o-w driving caused a massive tailback of traffic. He had no excuse. Conditions were ideal and there was no traffic ahead of him. So why the hell didn't he get a move on? THAT AWFUL DRIVER SHOULD TAKE THE BUS!

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