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Agressive behaviour - report by Asking Nicely updated 13/Apr/2011
Citroen Ax 1.0, Maroon driven by Male
Seen at 11:00pm on 13-Apr-2011 on Information Superhighway Internet Aberdeenshire
If you don't like this site, that's ok, but please don't ruin it for the others who value this website. I don't post vile, offensive or mocking text on your website. Please hear me as i am asking very nicely that you leave this site alone. However, my son is in the police and is good with computers, you might think you are anonymous but the internet police can identify you easily. I am not threatening anyone however if you continue with your purile commentary i will be forced to take action, and that may include contacting my son who will no doubt be then forced to contact the internet police. I do not wish that on anyone, so please don't do this. You write mocking things on here, but i've read the PH website before and there's one or two people have nice cars but most ride on their petticoat tails while driving old beat up fiestas with illegal exhausts and dangerous illegal modifications. Yours Sincerely, A 2010 Mercedes C class 2.0 Turbo Diesel driver. And yes, it's much faster than any souped up Vectra or whatever and unlike all the pimple faced arrogant louts on your PH website, i actually know how to drive it and make use of the vast power SAFELY.

Y621 XSW
Agressive behaviour - report by Carrie updated 25/Jun/2011
Citroen Xsara, Red driven by Male
Seen at 04:00pm on 25-Jun-2011 on St Clair Street Kirkcaldy Fife
I was driving with my daughter who is 7 in the back and my Mother in the passenger seat, me being almost 9 months pregnant was drivaing carefully but at normal speed limit. just passed traffic lights when this car comes out of nowhere and is driving very dangerously up the back of my car flashing his lights and making offensive hand genstures at me I felt threatnend of his behaviour which made me very nervous at this point he then drives into the middle of the road half onto on coming traffic and driving very dangerously close to the side of my car which is also a very small car (suzuki Alto) and speeds ahead and pulls infront of me and puts on his brakes which then made me slow right down aswell I kept my distance whilst blasting my horn, he stayed ahead till we reached the roundabout he went on the inside lane and I was heading for the middle lane he then began to swerve in and out my lane and his trying to stop me from getting past him in my lane he went right at the roundabout and I went straight on but was very shaken up by this ordeal so I got my Mother to note down his reg number to take it further. Also to add he also had children in his car which makes me asume he must of either benn on drugs or drink driving as I wouldnt like to imagin someone normally driving in this manner towards other road users with children as passengers at the same time as having his own children in the car aswell.

Driving too close - report by Peter updated 04/May/2011
Citroen , Silver driven by Male
Seen at 06:15pm on 04-May-2011 on B481 Park Corner Oxfordshire
Complete idiot behind the wheel

Cutting me up - report by Abcdefghij updated 13/Apr/2011
Citroen , Silver driven by Female
Seen at 07:00pm on 13-Apr-2011 on Roundabout Eastleigh Hampshire
Coming round the roundabout by Aldi in Eastleigh, we were in the correct lane coming from the direction of the M3 to go straight on towards Bishopstoke & Fair Oak. The offending car pulled out at the same time as us in the right hand lane which is turn right only (towards the station & airport). Still exactly alongside us she proceeded to cut right across the front of us without any indication, forcing my wife to brake sharply. If we had carried on we would have either been hit by her or driven off the road. She gave no apology or acknowledgement of her awful driving

Agressive behaviour - report by J S W updated 03/May/2011
Citroen Berlingo Van, White driven by Male
Seen at 08:30am on 03-May-2011 on A556 MERE Cheshire
I was driving my usual daily route to my office in Altrincham via the A556. Around 8.35 this morning. Ahead of me in the inside lane was a Globe Services van registration number BD59 HFT. The vehicle travelling at an abnormally slow speed (around 30mph) for its positioning on the road and lack of traffic ahead, the speed limit here is 50mph. My assumption was that the vehicle was intending to make a right turn at some stage. I quite safely changed lane and undertook the vehicle, which I reiterate was driving slowly and out of sync with the speed of surrounding traffic flow. As I drove past I even noted the driver was drinking from a bottle and seemed unaware that I had performed the maneuver, almost oblivious. Although the passenger was staring at me menacingly. I then proceeded with my journey as usual and without any traffic in the lane ahead. What took place next was of great concern to me. Firstly the driver of the vehicle sped up.. to normal road speed which at that place on the road was 50mph, flashing his lights repeatedly behind me. I found this odd as he had previously been oblivious and driving considerably slower. It also took him some time to catch up to me as he was driving at well below the speed of the flow of traffic. As I then approached a set of traffic lights, around a mile further down the road, the driver literally pulled his moving vehicle level with mine and starting shouting at me out of the window.. his entire head and upper body were out of the window at this stage in moving traffic at a junction with a green traffic light. As we progressed through the green light, He initially tried to ram my car sideways off the road my making aggressive turns into my lane while level with me.. while doing this he was yelling at me with some of the foulest language I have ever heard.. initially demanding that I put down my window, which I did, then demanding to know why I undertook his vehicle, referring to me as a C*NT, PRI*K, D*CK, T*SSER. W*NKER.. all this while hanging out of a moving vehicle down a fast moving duel carriageway. I apologised to him numerous times just to end the situation but he continued to drive dangerously close to my vehicle shouting obscenities and trying to swerve into me to take me off the road and into the central reservation. I advised him that I was travelling to work and did not want any trouble. He and the passenger became enraged. He then, while verbally abusing me demanded that I pull over so that he and his friend could “F*CK ME UP”.. he was insistent that I pull over so that he could smash my face in. I was unable to accelerate away as he would swerve his vehicle towards mine. I was unable to brake or stop my vehicle as he was insistent that he would “break my f**king legs” as he put it, around 8 threats of violence were made and a continuous barrage of abuse. I eventually put my window up after the onslaught of vulgarity and he then pulled his vehicle in front of mine and after braking hard in front of me several times continued to drive at 30mph down the 50mph dual carriageway. If I tried to change lane away from him he would swerve in front of me. As a result there was a fair traffic jam forming behind. The driver and passenger then continued to drive like this for at least another mile (seemingly laughing) until we approached a roundabout where I was able to continue my journey to work and he turned right onto the M56. Anyway, I thought it serious enough for the police and have reported him.

Other - report by updated 08/Mar/2013
Citroen C3 Pluriel, Orange driven by Unknown
Seen at 04:30 pm on 08-Mar-2013 on Sainsburys Bude Devon
Parked on the double yellows right next to a junction.

Agressive behaviour - report by Jo-anne updated 13/Apr/2011
Citroen C5, Silver driven by Female
Seen at 08:15am on 13-Apr-2011 on Pride Park Off London Road Derby Derbyshire
This lady was driving in the outside lane and decided she had to come into the left lane but didnt want to wait, raced up to the side of me. didnt indicate just tried to push me off the road by forcing her way in. I had to brake to let her in. If she had indicated where she wanted to go I may have let her in but I did not want to be forced off the road. She then proceded to the next island in the right turn only lane and guess what went straight on. She obviously is not British as she doesnt like to join queues and its a known fact "The british like queing" or so we are led to believe. My worst part of this behaviour is that she had a young girl travelling in the passanger seat. If she has no concerns for her own safety she should at least consider other peoples.

Dangerous driving - report by M updated 02/Jan/2008
Citroen Saxo, Red driven by Unknown
Seen at 10:00pm on 02-Jan-2008 on Dudley West Midlands
Standard saxo with a boy racer exhaust drives like a pratt ill get the reg when i can

T489 TCD
Dangerous driving - report by Cavalier342 updated 21/Apr/2011
Citroen Saxo, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 06:15pm on 21-Apr-2011 on Poole Road Branksome, Poole Dorset
Poole Road, Branksome, Dorset. I was exiting the roundabout onto Poole Road, the road partially opens into 2 lanes, then shortly merges back into 1 lane with a set of traffic lights. Traffic was very slow moving, the male driver of the Saxo attempted to pass several cars on the second lane, then the traffic stopped, and he was sticking out like a sore thumb, having driven over the merge arrow markings. Driving like a typical Saxo, windows down, large exhaust, music blaring out. What's more, there was an unmarked white Skoda Octavia patrol car, on a response call, with blue lights and sirens on, approaching from behind. The patrol car had to stop, because the Saxo was blocking the path. The vehicle in front of my car eventually let the Saxo driver sqeeze in, and I got my friend who was in the car, to note down his license plate so I could report the offense. I could not watch and do nothing. I see too many instances like that.

Driving too slow - report by Ben updated 12/Oct/2010
Citroen Picasso, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 07:30am on 12-Oct-2010 on A22 Polegate East Sussex
This old duffer was doing 20mph approaching the green lights on the A22 at Polegate with a massive queue behind him. The lights changed red but he just carried on going. Should old duffers be allowed on the road when they are totally unaware of the danger they cause?

Dangerous driving - report by PC Plod updated 26/May/2011
Citroen Saxo, Red driven by Male
Seen at 03:30pm on 26-May-2011 on A422 Farthinghoe Village Brackley Northamptonshire
Went at over 100mph through the village of Farthinghoe (Banbury to Brackley Road, 30mph limit with an enforcement camera) obviously trying to beat the camera, made an absolute racket, it was 3.30pm as well right at the point children from the local school were kicking out for the day and out and about at every corner, could easily have wiped anyone of them out without a chance of survival absolute idiot chav driver

Cutting me up - report by Kieran updated 05/Jul/2011
Citroen SAXO , Black driven by Male
Seen at 01:15pm on 05-Jul-2011 on A1 Biggleswade Bedfordshire
This young mail driver almost sent me into the central reservation this afternoon! We were on the A1(m) traffic in the outside lane had built up as everyone was overtaking a lorry. This car was behind me in the out side land the pulled back into the first lane and tried to undertake but there was not enough room between the car in front for him to pull back in but that did not stop him from pulling over and causing me to swerve and slam my brakes on at 70mph and I was inches away from hitting the central reservation. I feel lucky that it did not end very badly.

Other - report by updated 18/Jun/select
Citroen C3, Green driven by Male
Seen at 02:00 pm on 18-Jun-select on Romford Road Lundannnn Greater London
Wos in ma vectraaa kickin up sum reel powah an ting wwen i spys dis nastee boii dryyvin 2 slo so i kik up sum moor powah an ting an cum nex 2 im an showt swear at im an do a wanka siyn an leev da stoopid ol boii 4 ded an rays bak 2 ma cownsil estayt da idiyut ned to lern 2 get off rowd udderwys i set ma chv m8s un im

Agressive behaviour - report by Mcblount updated 24/Feb/2011
Citroen , White driven by Male
Seen at 09:00am on 24-Feb-2011 on Ninehams Road Whyteleafe Surrey
I slowed down from 30mph to about 15mph to negotiate a series of bad pot holes in the road. The driver of FE55UKN accelerated in a very aggressive manner and overtook me into the path of oncoming vehicles. I discovered a few minutes later that the driver was selling food on business premises in the Ullswater Estate in Coulsdon, Surrey.

Speeding - report by Gloscouncil updated 12/May/2011
Citroen C5, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 08:00pm on 12-May-2011 on A40/M5 Gloucester Gloucestershire
Saw an unmarked Gloucestershire Constabulary silver citroen absolutely tanking it without sirens or blues and twos along the A40 Golden Valley bypass at least over 150mph, undertaking, tailgating and cutting in at the last second as it left the A40 to join the M5 motorway

W346 LFS
Speeding - report by MERLIN updated 09/Jun/2011
Citroen ?, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 07:15am on 09-Jun-2011 on A377 CREDITON Devon

T157 TSF
Agressive behaviour - report by Cycling updated 25/May/2011
Citroen , Silver driven by Male
Seen at 01:30pm on 25-May-2011 on Northfield Boradway Edinburgh Midlothian
Swearing at cyclist

Dangerous driving - report by Liz updated 18/May/2011
Citroen Zsara, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 05:45pm on 18-May-2011 on A30 Bristol Gloucestershire
not using indicators several occasions, cutting up people on the motorway, cutting people up on a roundabout then trying to make a point by slowing down almost to a stop.

V750 FCD
Other - report by Kathy updated 29/Nov/2008
Citroen Saxo, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 05:00pm on 29-Nov-2008 on Brighton Road (A259) Shoreham West Sussex
Dangerous Undertaking whilst travelling West on Brighton Road (A259), just after the Shoreham Airport Roundabout. Immediately after the roundabout, the driver undertook me, pulling in sharply ahead of me to avoid a parked car, then straight after that, he undertook the next car in the same way. Road conditions were steady, but flowing, traffic.

sy60 wpe
Agressive behaviour - report by updated 10/Jun/2001
Citroen transit, White driven by Male
Seen at 05:30 pm on 10-Jun-2001 on m90 Perth/dundee Perthshire
At 530pm today on the m9 near perth was tailgaited and followed by a national windscreens, recklessly driven van with the registration Sy60 wpe. He then proceeded to cut right across me at a roundabout in dundee. he then signalled onto a layby with a carvery at it. I pulled in thinking we could sort it amicably. However he continued to threaten me and claim he had 3 witnesses. Of which he beckoned out the van. One female and a boy in a red superdry jumper. having not left my car I pulled away to get away as I felt threatened. The boy in the red jumper hit my car ad I drove past. Thankfully there does't appear to be any damage.

T183 VFB
Agressive behaviour - report by Not Pleased updated 25/Feb/2008
Citroen Berlingo, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 07:45pm on 25-Feb-2008 on Par Moor Road St Austell Cornwall
I was diving a dark back road with a 40 limit with 2 children, one with a serious medicl condition on board. A car followed me tailgating and constantly flashing his head lights. The road was too dark to risk pulling over on not knowing this nutters motive for behaving like this. He followed me until I pulled into the car park of an open public building and was so close I wondered if he would hit me as I turned in. As far as I could tell there was 1 male driver who was not young. My car has no defect to explain his dangerous behaviour.

Other - report by Elderlydriver updated 06/Jun/2011
Citroen Xsara, Red driven by Male
Seen at 10:00am on 06-Jun-2011 on A350 Chippenham Bypass Chippenham Wiltshire
As I was travelling at less than 50mph in a National Limit in the outside lane of the A350 dual carriageway heading from the M4 J17 towards Chippenham even though I was not overtaking anything, this idiot came racing behind me and was forced to slam on the brakes and undertook me, absolutely terrified me, left me shaken up for ages

Other - report by SLFR1985 updated 06/Jun/2011
Citroen C1/107, Red driven by Female
Seen at 03:00pm on 06-Jun-2011 on Kingsclere Road Southampton Hampshire
I was coming out of Foxcott Close near Canberra towers after picking up my little cousin from the school. This driver was picking up her kids from the same school and had parked right on top of the junction for everyone elses inconvienience. She had cleverly parked it so it was obscuring the view of any oncoming traffic completely. I had to steer and drive on the wrong side of the road to get round her. Well you have been named and shamed my dear and the next time you do it you will be named and shamed again.

W185 FBE
Other - report by WHY updated 30/Aug/2010
Citroen Saxo, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 02:30am on 30-Aug-2010 on Whaddon Way Bletchley Buckinghamshire
What to do in emergency while delivering your pizzas? Firstly I carried out the same routine to deliver my pizza. There has neither been any problems in the area since I started working at Domino's. Dispatching the pizza, I drove to the destination with no problem whats so ever. To find out that knocking on the door of the address were to be a hoax. Then I carried the pizzas away from the address. A suspicious car followed me they were looking to be in a rush, because they overtaken me dangerously fast. Finally I pulled to a stop and the same car came back and thrown a egg at me. There were five or more suspects in the car at the time with their hoods up looking very big and grown up.

Speeding - report by Jim updated 13/May/2011
Citroen c2, Black driven by Male
Seen at 07:00am on 13-May-2011 on Lockwood West Yorkshire
what a foul this n o b was!!!

HV57 H--
Ignoring traffic signals - report by updated 24/Feb/2001
Citroen C2, Black driven by Male
Seen at 12:00 pm on 24-Feb-2001 on A335 Southampton Hampshire
I was driving my dads Chrysler Voyager and as I was doing 40 (40 is the limit) heading towards Eastleigh/Chandlers Ford on the dual carridgeway the green lights ahead of me were turning back to amber and so I started slowing down on the approach. Just as I was slowing down there were quite a lot of cars and vans speeding above 40 in the right hand lane trying to make it through the amber lights. As the lights turned red they were on red for quite a while and a Citroen C2 (Two cars ahead of me in the right hand lane slowed down when they were amber, but then when they switched to red he just ignored them completely and accelerated through them even when they had been red for about 15 seconds. Luckily for him the junction on the left is a left turn only onto the dual carrdgeway so he wouldn't collide with the traffic. And there is a Traffic light camera on the other side of those lights so he was lucky!

Agressive behaviour - report by Fizz updated 25/Nov/2007
Citroen , Silver driven by Unknown
Seen at 06:00pm on 25-Nov-2007 on Wendover/Missenden Rd Wendover,Bucks Buckinghamshire
Very scary for me at 5 months preg, dark and alone with my 15 month old. Drive up within an inch of my car and flashed repeatedly until forcing me to a standstill on the Wendover, Bucks road from Great Missenden, approaching the Wendover bypass.Stood still alongside me glaring into my car. I locked the was very very unnerving. Want to take this further..

Using phone while driving - report by Overlord updated 29/May/2011
Citroen , Silver driven by Male
Seen at 12:00pm on 29-May-2011 on Water Orton West Midlands
driving with mobile stuck to right ear. Why do people think it is ok to do this?

Agressive behaviour - report by Jon updated 10/Aug/2011
Citroen , White driven by Male
Seen at 05:00pm on 10-Aug-2011 on By Luctonians Kingsland Herefordshire
he overtook me breaked sharply then gestured with his finger at me an followed closely for a few miles

Dangerous overtaking - report by updated 11/Apr/2013
Citroen C5, Black driven by Male
Seen at 02:15 pm on 11-Apr-2013 on heading for Denny main street Haggs. falkirk Stirlingshire
Male driver age 35-45, black hair glasses. Drove car right on my tail for about half a mile before finding a small gap in oncoming traffic. Just missed my bonnet swerving back in even though i slowed Shot off at about 90mph in 30mph zone laughing as he passed. Looked high on drugs. Would have followed the bstrd but had kids in the car. No point contacting police wtf wud they do?

Cutting me up - report by Mad Mackem updated 15/Aug/2011
Citroen Van , White driven by Male
Seen at 12:45pm on 15-Aug-2011 on A12 Shenfield Essex
Undertook a huge line of traffic then cut us up with inches to spare with no indication ! Private haulage company BMS ! Called him on his mobile number and all of a sudden became all coy and 'cdnt understand me ' Twat

Dangerous overtaking - report by ANGRY updated 27/May/2011
Citroen saxo, Black driven by Male
Seen at 02:15pm on 27-May-2011 on M8 West Lothian
weaving in and out of traffic, using hard shoulder to overtake cars on inside lane.

X976 EFJ
Ignoring traffic signals - report by updated 18/Apr/2013
Citroen Berlingo, White driven by Male
Seen at 06:15 pm on 18-Apr-2013 on A379 Nr Holsworthy Devon
On my way to Bude mr white van man is waiting to turn right. He could wait 3 seconds for me to pass, but no. He turns right acroos my path, causing me to significantly reduce my speed. I look at the driver and shake my head to show my disapproval of his driving and I get a middle finger in return. Chav

S272 LRV
Agressive behaviour - report by updated 06/Apr/2001
Citroen Crappy, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 06:45 pm on 06-Apr-2001 on Norcot road Reading Berkshire
Extremely aggressive driving while following 1 inche from my back bumper. Would not stop honking his horn every time i gave way to those that rightly had right of way. Thinking of reporting him to the police due to how aggressive he was. I felt physically threatened and in fear for my safety due to his driving and gestures. At one pint he attempted to get out of his car at a red light. 2012 not 2011

KJZ 6926
Agressive behaviour - report by Suzi updated 04/May/2011
Citroen Picasso, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 08:15am on 04-May-2011 on Comber Down
this driver cut in front of me so I flashed my lights. He then slammed on the breaks and got out of his car, walking towrds me lookin very angry. I reversed back and mouth dont come near me or I will ring the police. This happened in broad daylight outside Comber police station.

Cutting me up - report by updated 18/Jul/2013
Citroen Xsara, Other driven by Male
Seen at 05:45 pm on 18-Jul-2013 on West Derby Road Liverpool Merseyside
I was driving round a roundabout in the correct lane when a Male in gold Citroen Xsara who was in the wrong lane attempted to untertake me on the left, did not have enough room as this is a small roundabout with unmarked lanes, so he beeped me. But one of those long "I'll keep my finger on the horn for as long as I can coz I'm a man and i'm hard" kind of beeps! He was in the left lane to take the first exit but he carried on round the roundabout. He then continued up Mill Bank and hogged the far right lane of Queens Drive heading towards the M62/Old Swan. He was a horrible sweaty looking man in 40's or 50's wearing a red top. I till photos of his car at the traffic lights. Learn to get in the correct lane at a roundabout. Idiot.

P290 UTX
Dangerous driving - report by Mrs Griffiths updated 23/Jan/2007
Citroen Saxo, Green driven by Female
Seen at 08:00am on 23-Jan-2007 on Lower High Street Merthyr Tydfil Gloucestershire
The driver of this vehicle a dark haired girl pulled right out in front of me without looking i had my two children in the car with me, luckily i was fast thinking and swerved into the left hand side of me which was a garage and nobody got hurt, just shook up but it could have been oh so different, and she never even stopped to see if we were all ok, she drove off i followed but she wouldn't pull in just carried on as if my childrens and my life had never been in jeopardy......

Dangerous overtaking - report by Kerry updated 03/Dec/2008
Citroen , Black driven by Male
Seen at 03:30pm on 03-Dec-2008 on Edge Lane Liverpool Lancashire
i was driving in left lane at 30 mph then in the right lane he was coming along doing 40ish then come in to my lane with out looking or indication and l slamed on cause he almost him my car then he slamed on and then had a kniff in his hand waving it to me in his mirror.

Agressive behaviour - report by R updated 11/Feb/2010
Citroen , Silver driven by Male
Seen at 10:30am on 11-Feb-2010 on A505 Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire
Flashing lights when I was coming up to a roundabout in right lane, aggressive driving, tailgating, aggressive hand signals and mannerisms when overtaking

Cutting me up - report by Simon updated 04/Aug/2010
Citroen BERLINGO 600 LX HDI, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 05:15pm on 04-Aug-2010 on Armagh Road Portadown Armagh
Firstly at a roundabout this driver cut out in front of me, I was able to overtake him safely in an overtaking lane after the roundabout, after tooting my horn at him, which didn't even seem to phase him. Further up the road said driver overtook me and nearly hit into an oncoming car who was flashing the lights and blaring the horn at him. Some people just do not care!!

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 25/Oct/2001
Citroen Berlingo, Green driven by Male
Seen at 09:15 am on 25-Oct-2001 on Old Hindhead Road Greyshott/Hindhead Hampshire
Pulled out of the Greyshot turning (south of A3 roudabout) carrying empty trailer with no registration plate turning left/north onto old Hindhead road moving directly behind one in front of him into the road. Did not slow down at the junction turning, pulled out in front of moving cars. Did not accelerate and drove in the middle of the road at 10mph with cars coming towards him for 30m before pulling back into lane. I beeped at him for pulling out without looking/leaving adequate space as had to break hard not to drive into him/his empty trailer, as I was literally on top of his car when he decided to pull out, and luckily had started breaking. At the petrol station came over deliberately to shout and accused me of driving too fast (35mph in a 40mph) and apparently he did see me, and then said if he saw me again he would drive straight into me and smash me up. Accusing and shouting – ‘do you think I didn’t see you? Who do you think you are royalty? who do you think you are. You had no right to beep me, I left plenty of space. I looked you were far away. You were going far too fast tearing up the road. You are a liar. Well if I see you again I will smash into you.’ I politely told him as he was carrying a trailer he should have left more space and slowed down/stopped at the junction to judge how far away the next car was before pulling out. Continued to be rude to me whilst paying for fuel in front of the attendant in the Total petrol station. I had already told the attendant that I wanted to pay and get out asap as the man was being rude and abusive towards me and honestly I was scared being young, female and alone. Basically he did not like being told off for driving badly. Rude, arrogant and threatening. I reckon if there weren’t cameras and someone else watching he would have been worse, he looked like he wanted to do more. If I hadn’t so badly needed petrol I would have not stopped in the same station. Unfortunately it gave him his chance to show how much road rage he had, and luckily the attendant kept him longer at the till to let me drive away without any more verbal abuse.

Not sure
Agressive behaviour - report by updated 17/Aug/select
Citroen Berlingo van, Red driven by Male
Seen at 05:30 pm on 17-Aug-select on Littlewick Road Woking Surrey
Tailgating agressive driving. Occasionally you have to teach these little shits a lesson. Think I did!!

Dangerous overtaking - report by updated 02/Sep/2013
Citroen Berlingo, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 06:00 pm on 02-Sep-2013 on A37 Near Yetminster Somerset
Over the top and aggressive reaction to my pulling out to overtake a tractor on a dual carriage way. He was going way too fast and had to break suddenly at which point blasted is horn and made rude gestures before tail gating me. He had plenty of time to overtake after this point but waited until the dual carriageway merged into one lane at which point he shot past blasting his horn and making aggressive gestures again.

V803 KEO
Dangerous driving - report by Pissed Off HUMAN! updated 16/Mar/2008
Citroen saxo, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 11:00pm on 16-Mar-2008 on Cannock... Near KFC Cannock Staffordshire
This effin twat decided it was ok to throw his car all round an island in cannock on sunday evening in what looked like a drag race with other idiots whose reg i couldn't get. I kid you not, these boy racers were doing in excess of 80+ mph in a 40 zone. The road they do this on is well renowned for the deaths that have happened because of speeding. You know who you are and you don't deserve a driving licence... it's unfortunate that you arseholes don't realise that it's not you who gets killed... it's the innocent family on there way back from a meal or an innocent person on there way home from the late shift at the factory or even your mom that gets hurt. Just think about that m8 when you next decide to get your kick out of trying to impress your girlfriend with your new turbo. Your a fucking arse hole. you don't deserve a car... a licence... a job and you certainly have no respect from normal innocent people except the other tossers who race with you. NUFF!

W 163LSL
Other - report by Andrea updated 03/Jul/2009
Citroen , Silver driven by Unknown
Seen at 05:30pm on 03-Jul-2009 on Clifton Street Lytham Lancashire
Driver knocked over my husband's bike while it was parked up, picked it up off the ground and drove off! Cheers you arse!

Other - report by MUM updated 26/Mar/2010
Citroen C1, Yellow driven by Male
Seen at 04:45pm on 26-Mar-2010 on GARSTANG ROAD FULWOOD PRESTON Lancashire
On a Friday evening after pick up from school with my two young children, as normal I sat waiting patiently in a que on A6 heading toward the motorway (M6 M55) on our way home . It takes around 7 to 10 minutes to reach the lights at the Black Bull because the traffic is quite bad. The last road on the left before the Black Bull lights is Hawkhust Ave, as this is quite a busy Junction there is a yellow box painted on the road meaning do not enter unless your exit is clear. As my exit was not clear I remained behind the yellow box. All of a sudden out of no where this lunatic traveling very fast shot in to the junction box breaking hard. As the exit was blocked he and his male pasenger just sat in the yellow box knowing full well they had jumped a que that everyone else had sat waiting patiently for a good 7 to 10 minutes . This obviously angered a number of drivers behind me 2 pomping furiously.I was in a calm and rational mood until this young Male Driver From the Blackpool area ruffled up a number of drivers including my-self because of his sensless erratic behavior. So if you see a YELLOW C1 CITROEN CAR with a white male 17/25 yrs brown hair around 5ft9 slim build making a nuisance BEWARE.

Agressive behaviour - report by Bobbin Threadbare updated 15/Mar/2011
Citroen Some big estate, Other driven by Male
Seen at 07:30am on 15-Mar-2011 on M6 Southbound Preston, Jct 32 Lancashire
This tit in a big mushroom coloured Citroen (some sort of estate) did two pathetic things. I was trying to get on the slip road M6 Jct 32 southbound. M55 from Blackpool joins it. He came from that way. Everyone slammed on for a slow driver, so I hopped into the lane the Citroen was in, so he accelerated and beeped me. Pathetic behaviour number one. Next, as we came up the slip road onto the M6, he cut across the back of my car over the hatch marks into the middle lane and then blocked me for about quarter of a mile behind a lorry. Pathetic. Get some hobbies, instead of pissing off decent drivers first thing in the morning!

K55 ---
Driving too slow - report by Brynster updated 26/Jun/2011
Citroen saxo, Green driven by Male
Seen at 09:45pm on 26-Jun-2011 on A5 Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire
a big chinned guy driving so slow in a sign riddled car reading PUG1OFF......shoulda read MUG1OFF bloody slow driver hate them.

S-54 ---
Dangerous driving - report by updated 17/Dec/2001
Citroen Dispatch, Red driven by Male
Seen at 04:00 pm on 17-Dec-2001 on A3079 Nr Castle Cross Devon
I've encountered this red citroen dispatch several times on the A3079 between holsworthy and okehampton and i'm just very concerned about his driving. One time i was doing 60mph by castle cross where i checked my mirror and saw him come racing up behind me until he was so close to my bumper i couldn't see his bonnet and when we got round a corner and came to a long straght he raced past me and off into the distance doing at least 90. Another time he came racing up behind me whilst i was doing 60 at the same location the road. There was a large lorry coming the other way and instead of waiting for that to pass he simply went ahead and overtook me causing both me and the lorry to slam on our brakes to avoid a crash. The last encounter happened yesterday by thorndon cross as i saw the same van come racing around a sharp corner coming the opposite direction to me at a ridiculous speed. He came around so fast that his van was on 2 wheels amd he had to come onto my side of the road to avoid tipping over again causing me to slam on my brakes to avoid a crash. If he doesn't slow down he is going to kill someone sooner or later and i will comment on this if i manage to get his reg or if i have any further encounters with this van.

Other - report by updated 15/May/2013
Citroen c3, Red driven by Male
Seen at 03:00 pm on 15-May-2013 on Weoley Castle Square Birmingham West Midlands
Weoley Castle Square time & date shown VA11 BXU. Parked without blue badge, man sat in car while woman walked out with 2 little dogs onto green space shown in the background, to let them sh*t where people walk and children play. 3 minutes later they drove off. Another (MIS)use of disabled bay.

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