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Erratic lane changing - report by Off Duty Policeman updated 19/Jul/2011
Ford Galaxy, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 08:00pm on 19-Jul-2011 on M25 J9-10 Surrey
Undertook overtaking moved bk into 3rd lane

Dangerous overtaking - report by updated 25/May/2001
Ford FOCUS, Maroon driven by Male
Seen at 07:15 am on 25-May-2001 on Cobham roundabout Cobham Surrey
This nutter was in the right hand filter for going on to the north bound A3. Instead he cut across traffic and barged into the left lane towards Byfleet. I was sure he clipped me but can't see any damage...

Using phone while driving - report by Francis updated 06/Sep/2007
Mitsubishi , Blue driven by Female
Seen at 05:45pm on 06-Sep-2007 on A23 Horley/Redhill Surrey
She was on the phone while driving and nearly caused an accident by cutting me off.

G237 ERU
Erratic lane changing - report by updated 10/Feb/select
Ford pick up, Multi-Colour driven by Male
Seen at 05:00 am on 10-Feb-select on M25 M25 Surrey
Had this absolute ASSH*LE racing down the M25 from Reigate to A3 turn off speeding, some stupidly loud exhaust and very shifty into different lanes. The pick up in question is blue with a stupid yellow stripe you cant miss it

Dangerous driving - report by Lew updated 01/Apr/2011
Ford mondeo, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 06:30pm on 01-Apr-2011 on Surrey Surrey
this guy was an absolute tosser, weaving all over the road trying to impress his skanky looking chav girlfriend,

Dangerous driving - report by Angry!!! updated 11/May/2011
Land Rover Discovery, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 05:30pm on 11-May-2011 on One Way System Dorking Surrey
Tried to over take on a one way in Dorking, it's a wide lane, but only a single lane - ended up kerbing the car to avoid getting hit - and I'm in a tiny fiat, then he has the cheak to swear at me, what a berk!

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 16/Feb/select
Hyundai Sonata, Black driven by Male
Seen at 08:30 am on 16-Feb-select on M25 Chertsey Surrey
Well, im driving my usual route to work, M25 chertsey to M4, when i saw this vile man wearing a zandana pull off the M3 junction and already cut someone up in the middle lane. (i was on the outside lane a few cars back) To which he then cut infront of me. I couldnt even see his bumper it was that close. i then flashed him and shook my head in disappointment. A few seconds later he decided to slam on his breaks and cause me to do something, i dunno what. maybe have an accident. but i didnt hit him and i the car behind didn't hit me. About 3 miniutes later (maybe more maybe less as heart was racing he was going really slow in the outside lane and cars started to underpass us, to which I then pulled into the inside lane and sped up to pass. got past and then pulled into the outside lane to carry on my journey as there was a white/silver van in the middle lane. which by the time i got to overtake it, he was doing 70 and i just sat beside him. This caused Mr Sonata to become very angry and tailgate me flashing. Once past the van as i sped up a little to avoid an accident Mr Sonata thought it was funny to speed past me, cut into the middle lane where i was, and keep on slamming his breaks until we were doing 40ish. (this was past the A3113 junction) Now for the M4 junction, i then pulled into my lane for the M4 to go into london and he swerved infront of me nearly knocking a bike over and proceeded to break again sharply and slow down to 30 this time. A lorry passed us and nearly swiped Mr Sonata (hehe) He then sped off and then cut another person up getting onto the M4 and heading towards slough. So yeh. Thats my rant of today! :) I managed to get a small video clip but nothing much.

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 12/Apr/2013
Mercedes Van, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 02:30 am on 12-Apr-2013 on M25 Guildford Surrey
Stuck in traffic on M25 and male driver tailgates and continually beeped if we did not move forward straight away. Overtook the hard shoulder.

Dangerous overtaking - report by Wolfy updated 02/Apr/2011
Aston Martin DBS, Black driven by Male
Seen at 06:45pm on 02-Apr-2011 on Headley Common Road Headley Surrey
I was overtaken on a blind bend on a narrow back road by a lunatic in his overpriced dick extention. If I had not slowed down he would be embeded in the front of an Astra that was coming the other way.

Cutting me up - report by Shook-up! updated 22/Jul/2011
Volkswagen Golf, White driven by Male
Seen at 08:45am on 22-Jul-2011 on Guildford Surrey
We were waiting at some traffic lights, a guy was in the lane next to mine (left-hand side). When the lights changed, he started swerving into my lane, cutting me up completely as we were going around a curve which meant I had to turn my car sharply to the right and banging into the curb to stop his car going into the side of mine...numerous beeps from other drivers but the guy just ignored it and carried on ahead. No indicating, no sorry, nothing!!!! I was close to going into the barrier separating our road and the next with head on traffic. Stupid man!!!

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 31/May/select
Lorry/Wagon UNKNOWN, Red driven by Male
Seen at 07:00 pm on 31-May-select on M25 JUST BEFORE JUNCTION 15 M25 Surrey

Using phone while driving - report by Jez updated 02/Sep/2010
Unknown vehicle , Green driven by Female
Seen at 09:15am on 02-Sep-2010 on Staines Road Chertsey Surrey
Not only on the phone (using her right hand to hold phone) for a distance of about 2 miles but for a period driving at about 60 mph.

Speeding - report by Mooby updated 05/May/2011
Aston Martin DB7, Black driven by Male
Seen at 10:15pm on 05-May-2011 on M3 Lightwater Surrey
Total idiot, driving over the speed limit and undertaking.

Dangerous overtaking - report by Marn updated 15/Aug/2011
Peugeot RCZ, Black driven by Unknown
Seen at 07:15pm on 15-Aug-2011 on Chertsey Road Windlesham Surrey
This jerk overtook me at speed on a winding country lane where the limit is 40 mph with another SUV coming in the other direction which it only missed by inches both myself and the SUV flashed our lights and the car that had been infront of me was instantly overtaken. How no one was killed is a miracle. Maybe this jerk felt it had something to prove as I had superior muscle in a BMW M3, who knows, but you are a totally shit driver if the only thing you can do is be a danger to others. If you are a guy, you are very obviously sexually disfunctional, mentally ill, or on crack or another substance.

Agressive behaviour - report by FJ updated 25/Feb/2011
Van , White driven by Male
Seen at 07:15am on 25-Feb-2011 on Red Road Lightwater Surrey
A driver in an Anglian Windows van sped up behind me on a 40mph road (I was going 30+ having just turned off my drive!) and beeped his horn. After a roundabout at the end of the road, he then drove very closely behind me, veering agressively as though trying to overtake. He did not let up on the small distance between himself and me, which was not only intimidating but also very dangerous. If this is how he drives, then I dread to think of his workmanship for fitting windows!!

Speeding - report by updated 01/Mar/2001
Mercedes E, Silver driven by Female
Seen at 06:00 select on 01-Mar-2001 on Upper Richmond Road Richmond, London Surrey
A lady driver has ignored a hand turn signal from a cyclist (myself) and overtook me without leaving more than a meter of space while speeding. When confronted about the incident at traffic lights presented me with middle finger and hooted. Then as we were taking off from the traffic lights she hooted twice more while passing me and drove of while breaking the speed limit

Agressive behaviour - report by Ang updated 22/Mar/2007
Ford tipper truck, Other driven by Male
Seen at 03:30pm on 22-Mar-2007 on Leatherhead Road Chessington Surrey
a PENWARDAN TIPPER TRUCK. approach single lane i let car go in front then i went and truck behind me it then aggressive intimidating swearing hands lights flashing driving up my bumper. me and my 4 kids in car scared. At the next lights me in lane to go ahead he got in lane to go right but he did not he drove next to me pushing me into pavement. stopping then going then braking pushing me so i had to go up pavement my kids scared. cannot belive it i was driving normally. i am calm easy driver. i refuse to let him intimidate me. cannot belive he behaved the way he did. i was shaking so much by time i got home.

Cutting me up - report by Baba updated 04/Jul/2008
Renault Van, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 07:15am on 04-Jul-2008 on Hanger Lane Roundabout London Surrey
He stopped at the inside lane on at the traffic light on hanger lane although he was leaving at the first exit. Lights went green and he decided to cut dangerously across four lanes of traffic to reach his exit.

Driving too slow - report by Maroonmouse updated 12/May/2009
Ford Fiesta, White driven by Male
Seen at 03:15pm on 12-May-2009 on Country Roads + A31 Normandy Guildford Surrey
The ancient looking driver pulled out of a side road at around 3 mph and proceeded to next junction at around the same speed while straddling both lanes of the road. Failed to signal his intention to turn left at junction. Proceeded at 20 mph (top speed), in 40 mph zone, to next junction where he also failed to signal. We then joined a dual-carriageway where I overtook him.

Driving too close - report by Dogmatic updated 25/Nov/2009
Lorry/Wagon Scania with Trailer, White driven by Male
Seen at 06:00am on 25-Nov-2009 on M3 M25 Towards Portsmth Surrey
M3 (Portsmouth) slip road from M25 (Clockwise) - 50MPH speed limit - 05H50. Lorry came really close behind intimidating me to go faster. When I touched my brake lights to warn the driver he was too close, I could cleary see the red glow on his radiator grill. He continued to intimidate me so I moved into lane 2 to avoid the potential danger. He followed me into lane 2 and continued to intimidate me. I returned to lane 1 and noticed he was attemtping to follow. I then went onto the hard shoulder braking quickly forcing the lorry to overtake me. I then stayed well behind the lorry and further observed him crossing solid white lines between lanes in the roadworks section on two occasions.

Speeding - report by Edward Mullis updated 03/Apr/2010
Volkswagen Transporter, White driven by Male
Seen at 08:30am on 03-Apr-2010 on M 25 JCT 9/10 Surrey
Just cut straight through 2 cars on M25. Speeding and was very dangerous. Oblivious and had no consideration for other road users.

Speeding - report by Conrad Marais updated 27/Jul/2010
BMW X3, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 06:45am on 27-Jul-2010 on Christchurch Road Virginia Water Surrey
Also aggressive behaviour. Driver going approximately 55 in a 40 zone. Cycleway and pedestrian path alongsode road. Then aggressively accelerated in front of cyclist.

Dangerous driving - report by CuOnATrackInMyS4 updated 20/May/2011
Porsche , Silver driven by Male
Seen at 08:00am on 20-May-2011 on Fir Tree Road Banstead Surrey
Drove round me on the inside of a T junction as I went to pull out on a push-bike. Impatient and "late" apparently (when I caught him up at the next lights!) Nice car but the R and the N are round the wrong way on his private plate. Thanks for the offer to deal with it on the side of the road. Very mature.

16 BW
Agressive behaviour - report by Dunc updated 23/Sep/2011
BMW ?, Silver driven by Unknown
Seen at 09:00pm on 23-Sep-2011 on M23 Gatwick Surrey
Drove 2m from my read bumper on M23 roughly 2 miles from j9 going southbound, but there was nowhere for me to go as I was overtaking. Suddenly he pulled into the middle lane, forcing a car to slow in that lane, then into the far left, undertook a car and only just made it in time before he hit another car in the slow lane before carving right across the middle lane and then forcing the driver in front of me to slow as he moved into the fast lane where there was no gap......chump!

Using phone while driving - report by updated 02/Feb/select
Audi A4, Black driven by Male
Seen at 02:45 pm on 02-Feb-select on epsom high street epsom Surrey
A white guy talking on his mobile phone and not concentrating on driving in epsom high street

Driving too close - report by updated 31/May/2013
Unknown vehicle Saloon, Black driven by Male
Seen at 04:45 pm on 31-May-2013 on A3 Hindhead Tunnel Surrey
I was traveling at 70MPH in the outside lane through the Hindhead tunnel comfortably moving past slower traffic on the inside lane. The driver in question came within inches of the back of my car & started flashing his lights & aggressively pointing at me to move over. Due to traffic on the inside lane I was unable to do so until a few hundred meters out of the tunnel. When I eventually did pull over he went past me then pulled in front & slammed his breaks on. He was turning round telling me to pull over, offering me a fight. I ignored him. after a mile or 2 of continuing aggressive he eventually realized I was not going to stop & went off at high speed & flashing his lights at other motorists. I think he should be banned from driving for life

Using phone while driving - report by updated 05/Nov/2013
BMW 316, Black driven by Male
Seen at 01:30 pm on 05-Nov-2013 on A30 Staines Surrey
Asian male driver, approx 30 years old. Texting whilst driving eastbound on the A30 at the Crooked Billet, Staines. I alerted the driver of my anger by hooting my car horn. The driver then accelerated off at speed.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 10/Mar/2014
Lorry/Wagon unknown, Red driven by Male
Seen at 02:00 pm on 10-Mar-2014 on Cedar Road/Langley Park Rd Sutton Surrey
In a side road of a residential area a tipper lorry did not even slow or look when approaching a mini roundabout just drove straight over it a 30+ miles pa. Then forced a van travelling in the opposite direction to take evasive action by mounting the pavement. I dread to imagine what would have happened if anyone or anything had got in front of him. At the speed he was travelling his nreaking distance alone must have been 200+ feet.

Dangerous driving - report by Antivectra updated 11/Nov/2008
Vauxhall Vectra, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 06:15pm on 11-Nov-2008 on High Street Epsom Surrey
This bloke has been attempting to kill other people and himself for about the last 6 years or more, in at least 3 different Vectras. I often see him on the way home from work either tailgating, dangerously overtaking, cutting up or just being a complete arsehole. The dates below are irrelevant as he just keeps doing it time and time again. He lives just round the corner from me and has kids - I bet he doesn't drive like a complete tosser when they are in the car. Total wanker.

Agressive behaviour - report by Dontstandnocrap updated 09/Jul/2009
Audi 3 litre 4x4 type, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 07:30pm on 09-Jul-2009 on M3 Camberley Surrey
Tried to force me off the road & tailgated me for several miles along the motorway.

Ignoring traffic signals - report by Pissed Off updated 24/Apr/2007
BMW COUPE, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 08:45pm on 24-Apr-2007 on Lwr Addis Rd Cherry Orch Rd Croydon Addiscombe Surrey
I was crossing a zebra crossing when this idiot SPEEDED UP as I was about to cross his lane. I hope he totals his car against something solid before he injures anyone.

Using phone while driving - report by RiderDriver updated 13/May/2010
Ford Galaxy, Black driven by Male
Seen at 07:30am on 13-May-2010 on M25 J10 - J13 Surrey
This TAXI driver was on his hand-held phone for 15 miles of rush-hour M25. One side of the lane to the other.

Agressive behaviour - report by Al updated 09/Sep/2010
Peugeot , Silver driven by Male
Seen at 08:15am on 09-Sep-2010 on Tower Bridge Road London Surrey
Idiot in a small silver hatchback driving like a 17 year old, revving his engine and slamming on his brakes, revving the engine and salmming on the brakes, did this several times, was very dangerous to be next to him on a bike. What an idiot!!!

GY10 0JK
Other - report by Chanel updated 22/Jun/2011
BMW MINI, Yellow driven by Female
Seen at 05:45pm on 22-Jun-2011 on Waterloo Road Epsom Surrey
I was trying to pull out of the carpark next to my office. The mini stopped to deliberately block me in. The road was clear and I could have pulled out but the mini stopped over a car length from the end of the queue to prevent me from getting out even though I was only going to cross the road to go the other way. I beeped but she stayed put. I have no idea why she refused to let me out. The queue moved on after a while and she drove off but I had to wait for another gap in the traffic before I could pull out.

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 04/May/select
Citroen Berlingo van, White driven by Male
Seen at 09:00 am on 04-May-select on Lockfield Drive Woking Surrey
Mr Arrogant out this morning in his pleb mobile, tailgating extremely close, even though I was doing the speed limit and actually in a courtesy car which I wasn't familiar with. Had a bad night did you Mr? Your next stop is -> 'upside down in a ditch hopefully'. Get a life and stop irratating others on the road you horrible little creature.

Speeding - report by updated 01/Aug/2013
Unknown vehicle delivery lorry, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 08:30 pm on 01-Aug-2013 on M25 roadworks Surrey
ASDA lorry that overtook us on the inside, pulled straight infront of us and was menacing the car in front trying to get it to go faster. Breaking speed limit through road works by Clacket lane services.

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 04/Dec/2013
Ford transit tipper, White driven by Male
Seen at 01:00 pm on 04-Dec-2013 on A3 guildford Surrey
Van was very close to my bumper driving down the A3, in Guildford, Surrey. I accelerated away and still he tail gated me. When I tried to take a photo, he pulled in behind me, cut me up on a roundabout, stopped and then threatened to smash my phone, and accused me of driving badly. He then sped off. I didn't get number plate as it was covered in dirt, but he had orange trousers and yellow jacket on.

Dangerous overtaking - report by Devo updated 21/Dec/2008
Ford Focus TDCI, Silver driven by Female
Seen at 03:45pm on 21-Dec-2008 on Beddington Lane Mitcham Surrey
In a queue of traffic, and the driver pulled out from about eight cars back overtook on the wrong side of the road and then threw the car back into the queue as on oncomoing traffc approached. And then gave the middle finger to all and sundry when tooted after narrowly avoiding a collision.

Agressive behaviour - report by Drc updated 11/Mar/2009
BMW 530i, Black driven by Male
Seen at 09:30am on 11-Mar-2009 on A331/M3 Camberley Surrey
Uses incorrect lane entering motorway and carves me up whilst using horn, then tailgates, flashing lights and passenger hanging out window being abusive. Total idiot.

Other - report by Anon updated 11/Sep/2009
Unknown vehicle Estate Car, Silver driven by Female
Seen at 08:15am on 11-Sep-2009 on Park Road Ashford Surrey
Has decided that parking over other peoples driveways is perfectly acceptable behaviour while ping off the kids to school. Never mind the fact other people have to get out of the drive.

Agressive behaviour - report by Col updated 09/Mar/2010
Vauxhall Insignia, Black driven by Male
Seen at 08:00am on 09-Mar-2010 on M23/M25 Junction Surrey
Coming off the M23 at the M25 junction, this car left it to the last minute to come off, cutting up the driver behind me and then sitting more or less in my boot! I stayed at a steady 60mph. He then stayed about 12 inches from me around the slip to the M25, where he overtook me on the chevrons, attempted to block me coming onto the motorway, and then actually swerved in a fake to hit me - twice! If you are reading - what was your problem?

Driving too slow - report by Chris updated 14/Jun/2010
Unknown vehicle , White driven by Male
Seen at 09:00pm on 14-Jun-2010 on Chertsey Road Chertsey / Woking Surrey
You know the type - content to do 35 the along a 50mph single carriageway for many miles. Very frustrating for everyone stacked up behind... Very selfish, frankly. If you can't hack driving within at least 10 miles of the speed limit you shouldn't be on the road.

Cutting me up - report by Mr Michael Goyder updated 14/Oct/2010
Ford Transit Van, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 08:30am on 14-Oct-2010 on Victoria Road Horley Surrey
Blue Ford Transit turning right out of Station Approach, in front of vehical coming in the oppersite direction, and also in front of me, causing both of us Break very quickly. How the oncoming vehical missed him I am not sure.

Speeding - report by Jabber updated 05/May/2011
BMW 320d Ms ports, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 09:30am on 05-May-2011 on M3 Lightwater Surrey
Another arrogant BMW driver who thinks he is above the law by exceeding the 70mph speed limit and undertaking. Very dangerous driving, I flashed my lights and he stuck his fingers up, HOW RUDE.

Dangerous overtaking - report by Emma updated 30/Aug/2011
Volkswagen Crafter CR35 Van, White driven by Male
Seen at 08:15am on 30-Aug-2011 on London Road A23 Redhill Surrey
A Munch van over taking over chevron lines, and he got no further then when he was behind me!!!

Dangerous driving - report by updated 23/Jan/select
Lorry/Wagon Unknown, White driven by Unknown
Seen at 08:30 select on 23-Jan-select on Aspen Vale Whyteleafe Surrey
I was crossing a side road after dropping my children off at school 100m away. When I was halfway across the road (it is quite a wide one) a lorry turned right off the main road into the side road at great speed and almost hit me. If he had been looking, I would have been clearly visible to the driver before he turned. I thought this was extremely dangerous as this road is crossed by many children at this time in the morning. After I had finished crossing, he sped off down the road - way too quickly for the type of road.

Using phone while driving - report by updated 11/Mar/2013
White Van Man Transit-BT Openreach, White driven by Male
Seen at 09:00 am on 11-Mar-2013 on A331 Aldershot Surrey
He was drifting on to the hard shoulder and into the fast lane. Making him unpredictable, people struggling to overtake.

Using phone while driving - report by updated 27/Sep/2013
Lexus IS 300, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 08:45 am on 27-Sep-2013 on Portsmouth and Brighton Road Surbiton Surrey
Pulled up along side me on my bicycle in the ASL on his phone. I asked him to put it away, which he did but then as we set off picked it up again. Aggressively overtook shortly afterwards as I was attempting to turn right. Blatant disregard for the rules of the road and the safety of others.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 30/Jan/2014
Volkswagen Golf, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 08:00 am on 30-Jan-2014 on A325 Nr. Wrecclesham Surrey
The driver of this VW Golf thought that just because someone pulled into a junction he was waiting at, it was immediately okay to pull out of it (really) and risk everyone's neck in the process. He did not look more than one car back -- the flow of traffic was still at 30MPH, despite the *one* car pulling into the junction, and as a result the car then at the front of the queue nearly shunted him. It was such an obvious mistake that it almost looked deliberate. Everyone who is sane knows that you don't just pull out, from a stop, in front of 30MPH moving traffic. This guy needs to retake his test -- he's a liability on the road, and did not even acknowledge his catastrophically stupid mistake. Hopefully he'll try something like this with a police car in the queue, and get busted for it before something more critical happens.

Other - report by MrT updated 02/Apr/2007
Peugeot 206, Green driven by Male
Seen at 02:00pm on 02-Apr-2007 on A3 Guildford Surrey
This car passed me and 2 motorcycle students I was instructing on the A3 out of Guildford with what I thought was a plume of smoke behind it. As it passed we were all three covered in oil as that was what the cloud was. It was leaving a slick on the road in its wake as it went. Joy for motorcyclists, dont reckon he got far before he went bang

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