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Dangerous driving - report by OnLooker! updated 13/Dec/2007
Motorcycle Moped, Red driven by Male
Seen at 08:45am on 13-Dec-2007 on Preswick Lane Chiddingfold Surrey
I may have the plate slightly wrong! This morning was icy and I was driving down the country road carefully, I caught up a moped doing from 20-30mph and driving in the middle (and often on the other side) of the road, I'd seen this chap before in normal conditions doing the same thing in the middle of the road and refusing to let anything over take him even though mopeds are stupid and slow. He was clearly going too fast for his moped as he would slide every so often putting his foot on the road to balance himself back. He should have slowed down and left enough space for us cars, which are more stable in the ice, to go by him safely, but instead he felt he should keep going along at 30 in the middle of the icy road, eventually a queue was forming back as there are no overtaking opportunities on the bendy lane and when we got to the junction, which was particularly icy, off he came, bike slid across the road and he was left bemused and bewildered. Lucky I don't agree with tail gating, as anyone else especially BMW M3 driver or White Van Man would have collected him as he fell. He was clearly fine as he jumped up embarrassed and giving a thumbs up, so each car then slowly went by him. I do apologise for laughing, but I am glad it wasn't more serious, he was a learner and hopefully has learnt his lesson!

Agressive behaviour - report by A Sensible Driver. updated 04/Apr/2011
Audi TT, White driven by Male
Seen at 08:00am on 04-Apr-2011 on A3 Guildford Surrey
This idiot was undertaking and exceeding the speed limit. I had to straddle lanes 1 & 2 to stop him from causing mayhem.

Using phone while driving - report by EM updated 26/May/2011
BMW 3, Black driven by Female
Seen at 08:00am on 26-May-2011 on A3 Guildford Surrey
Was seen using mobile phone while driving on a busy A3 southband. But not like talking on a phone, but searching/texting, as it was one of touch-screen phones, possibly iphone. Can't believe people do things like that :/

Speeding - report by BRAKE updated 15/Apr/2011
Unknown vehicle dont know, Red driven by Male
Seen at 02:15pm on 15-Apr-2011 on A Mile From Paul's House Old Bintfield Surrey
had to take matters into my own hands and hold this speeding idiot in his polluting machine by up driving under the limit and straddling lanes 1 + 2 of 2 lane road or sitting in lane 2 when lane 1 is empty. Until the Police take these speeding idiots seriously, I suggest we take matters into our own hands, including supporting BRAKE road safety charity.

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 04/Apr/2013
Ford modeo , Black driven by Male
Seen at 04:00 pm on 04-Apr-2013 on High Street Cobham Surrey
I had pulled out on to Cobham High Street to sit behind queuing traffic. Then the idiot driver of the Modeo, who was at least 30 metres away when I pulled out, starts tooting his horn and gives multiple v signs and other gestures. Not sure what he was annoyed about as there was a queue in front of me!

Dangerous overtaking - report by Coley updated 01/Sep/2010
White Van Man , White driven by Unknown
Seen at 06:45am on 01-Sep-2010 on M25 Anticlockwise Egham Surrey
Unknown reg white van man/woman "1st call local plumbers" sign writing. Undertakes at above 70mph (in rain) and then cuts right into rapidly closing gap. Had I got the reg. would have been on the phone straight away to the boss. A pillock of the 1st order.

Erratic lane changing - report by Outraged. updated 19/Apr/2011
Fiat 500, Yellow driven by Male
Seen at 12:30pm on 19-Apr-2011 on M25 Surrey Surrey
I was sat in the middle lane of the M25 when this hooligan passed me on the outside lane at around 65mph as I was doing a fuel efficient 55-60. He then proceeded to cut in front of me, pulling into the slow lane, then slowed down so I passed him again. As soon as I passed him, he pulled out to the fast lane, passed me again, and then pulled into the slow lane AGAIN!!! And he did this 5 or 6 times?! I mean, just what was he trying to achieve? He obviously had no understanding of lane discipline and seemed upset that I was minding my own business. Disgraceful.

Dangerous driving - report by Mrs S Oliver updated 26/Sep/2010
Peugeot , Silver driven by Female
Seen at 01:15pm on 26-Sep-2010 on Coming Out Of Town Croyden Surrey
Under. Took my daughter on left side

Erratic lane changing - report by Jabber updated 18/Apr/2011
Honda Jazz, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 02:45pm on 18-Apr-2011 on M3 Lightwater Surrey
Indicated and moved from lane 2 into lane 1 after overtaking a HGV. I flashed the Jazz driver several times to get his attention, he then slowed down to allow me to I draw alongside. I politely pointed that he should be in the middle lane as he is not driving a HGV and we are miles away from the next junction. He gave me a hand gesture and sped off at 70mph, HOW RUDE. He continued up the M3 repeating this process of indicating and changing lanes every so often.

Speeding - report by Maureen updated 05/Oct/2007
Fiat Punto 85 ELX, Green driven by Female
Seen at 08:30am on 05-Oct-2007 on A217 Reigate Surrey
Woman in her early 30's driving a private reg Fiat Punto 85 ELX in Turquoise. 2 young kids in the back doing 65 in a 30 zone. Loud rock music blaring out. Sounded like Slipknot. I think. Wasn't paying attention either, she had a Mac Book on the passenger seat and she kept leaning over to type. Plus she was texting on her phone.

Speeding - report by G4rge updated 31/Mar/2011
Audi 1.8 S-Line., White driven by Male
Seen at 07:00am on 31-Mar-2011 on M4 SURREY Surrey
I was trying out my new LTI 20/20 speed gun I've purchased. In my opinion the police just don't do enough anymore. I'm not breaking the law guys, if I see anyone speeding I just throw a can of red bull at them and they usually get the message. Sadly not the case with this DANGER. I recorded this car travelling at 194mph down the M4. Not only was he overtaking those seriously quick smart cars but I'm fairly sure he overtook one of those super car things....A Bucatty? Disgraceful driving.

Driving too close - report by Yesndd updated 27/Jun/2011
Ford Transit, White driven by Male
Seen at 04:30pm on 27-Jun-2011 on M25 J9 To J11 Surrey
I was in the centre lane on the M25 between j9 and 10, doing a safe motorway. This clown, white van man as usual drove so close behind I amazed how he didn't hit me

Dangerous driving - report by Chamois updated 09/Jun/2011
Mercedes sprinter VAN, Green driven by Male
Seen at 09:45am on 09-Jun-2011 on Newdigate Road Leigh, Reigate Surrey
Van came around sharp bend on a 40mph narrow country lane in middle of road at probably 60 mph and nearly hit horse and rider on opposite side of road, causing horse to bolt!!!

V446 PJN
Dangerous driving - report by DocTeri updated 08/Apr/2011
Unknown vehicle saloon, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 06:30pm on 08-Apr-2011 on Maultway Deepcut Surrey
I was cycling south on the Maultway towards Deepcut village when a silver saloon overtook at speed (> 50 mph)and far to close - his wing mirror came within a a couple of millimeters of my handle bar. I'm used to cycling in fast traffic, speeds on the Red Road are typically in the 50 - 70 mph range, but people (even buses and lorries) manage to find room to give at least a foot or 2 of space when overtaking. What really annoyed me about this numpty's dangerous driving is that there was no oncoming traffic, so he could have easily moved right. If he keeps driving like this it is only a matter of time before he kills someone. I wonder if he overtakes cars with the same level of lunacy?

xx61 xxx
Agressive behaviour - report by updated 24/Feb/select
Ford Fiesta, Black driven by Male
Seen at 07:15 am on 24-Feb-select on Chobham Road, nr Knaphill Woking Surrey
Moron tailgating so close, being very aggressive, then even overtook me on a blind bend. Deserves to die - soon preferably.

Agressive behaviour - report by Mcblount updated 24/Feb/2011
Citroen , White driven by Male
Seen at 09:00am on 24-Feb-2011 on Ninehams Road Whyteleafe Surrey
I slowed down from 30mph to about 15mph to negotiate a series of bad pot holes in the road. The driver of FE55UKN accelerated in a very aggressive manner and overtook me into the path of oncoming vehicles. I discovered a few minutes later that the driver was selling food on business premises in the Ullswater Estate in Coulsdon, Surrey.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 05/Mar/select
Ford Focus RS, White driven by Female
Seen at 07:15 am on 05-Mar-select on A3 Guildford Surrey
Entering the A3 at Burpham this IDIOT ran out of sliproad. There's no hard shoulder, just a 3 foot wide stretch of guttering which the driver used to undertake me. I was forced to brake and move into oncoming traffic in the middle lane to avoid her.

Speeding - report by Stick To Thirty updated 17/Jan/2008
Ford Transit, White driven by Male
Seen at 06:45am on 17-Jan-2008 on Charterhouse Road Godalming Surrey
Driving to the speed limit, when this wally in a transit with company name INVIRON actually overtook me in a 30mph zone on a narrow road full of driveways and side roads. Alright, it was early with little traffic around but why don't more drivers realise that speed limits in built up areas are to keep noise levels down for the residents as well as maintain safety.

Other - report by updated 10/Mar/select
Lamborghini Sports Car, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 10:30 pm on 10-Mar-select on A road Croydon Surrey
Just wanted to name and shame this smug t**t for having a Lambo :)

Dangerous driving - report by MKJeffs updated 04/Apr/2011
Honda Jazz, Silver driven by Unknown
Seen at 11:30am on 04-Apr-2011 on A3 Painshill Cobham Surrey
Undertaking and driving over the 70mph limit, 100 at least.

Other - report by Martin updated 29/Sep/2007
Nissan , Black driven by Male
Seen at 11:30am on 29-Sep-2007 on Bentalls Car Park Entrance Kingston Upon Thames Surrey
Stopping on a cycle lane. when i asked him to move he got out and kicked my cycle trailer.

Speeding - report by updated 04/May/select
Vauxhall Astra, White driven by Male
Seen at 08:45 am on 04-May-select on A29 Ockley Surrey
Car overtook me at speed, in the 30mph zone of Ockley village.

Agressive behaviour - report by Rose updated 14/Apr/2011
Vauxhall , Maroon driven by Female
Seen at 04:30pm on 14-Apr-2011 on Bampton Way Woking Surrey
rude and obnoxious too me

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 07/Feb/2001
Vauxhall Astra, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 08:00 am on 07-Feb-2001 on A3 Surrey Surrey
Hi, The number plate given is my own and i am a self-confessed bad driver. I would say this is almost justified, please read below and let me know whether I’m a saint or a sinner! Welcome to honesty: I am the driver who undertakes you when you are driving in the middle lane and will noooot move into the inside lane (Who knows why you do it, i do it to prove a point) This often doesn’t work, but it annoys the driver, which gives me some satisfaction. I am the driver who, if you haven’t adjusted your headlights, so yeah fair enough, there not on full beam, but wow they are angled high enough to dazzle me, then welcome to my full beam mother f**ker So im driving sensibly, speed limit and you may as well be in the passenger seat your so close behind me, yeah im slowing down. Im taking my time to get out your way Oh a point as well, if you are going to overtake me when i think your being a dick, i may speed up a little to give you a challenge! ahhh your distracted and on your phone, well this annoys me as yeah you can probably multi task and wash dishes while combing your toupee, but you cannot manage the phone and drive... then I may be inclined to give a flash, or find my way to annoy you. let you know your being a dick. For people who aren’t fans of getting in the right lane, i will be the car driving alongside you when you speed up to hop in front, and i will also slow down to prevent you from sulking your way behind me, but wow impatience can really Suck for you! Ah how cute.... a 17 monkey has been given his pink plastic and decides to spend £250 on a metal bucket, then spend his weekend and either hard earnt pocket money or daddy’s wallet putting modified drainage pipes for exhausts and making the engine, although a 1.1litre sound like it’s a transformer F1 car. Well this is only observational but you amuse me. I laugh. It’s not that i want to self-police the roads, I couldn’t give a monkeys what people do when I’m not driving. i only care to be a dick, or annoy people when i am driving. When i am getting somewhere. Or you are being unsafe. I’m a little into arguments, so looking forward to people assuming I’m a speeder, or a lane hopper or similar... i am respectful on the road... my examples are only to the vehicles already being the cu*ts we are all on here criticising already. Good luck

Dangerous driving - report by Colin updated 10/May/2011
Ford Transit flat bed tru, White driven by Unknown
Seen at 07:30pm on 10-May-2011 on School Hill Merstham Surrey
I was cycling down School Hill on my way home from the station. I was riding right at the side of the road. A Highways Agency van overtook me. There is a blind corner at the bottom of the hill and he didn't have time to get past me. While half way past me, he saw a car coming up the other way and moved over, very nearly hitting me. I had to break heavily to avoid getting squashed between him and the railings at the side of the road as he rounded the corner. He turned off about 200m down the road and I passed him again before he'd completed the turn so he saved himself precisely nothing for his impatience while endagering my life, and probably the safety of the person coming the other way. What a mug.

Driving too close - report by Susie updated 07/Oct/2010
Ford fiesta, Maroon driven by Male
Seen at 08:30am on 07-Oct-2010 on A31 Guildford Hogs Back Surrey
I had an experience on the A31 today near Guildford at 8.30 – I was in the outside lane – traffic was flowing for once at about 50 mph but very busy in both lanes and I had an idiotin a fiesta up my exhaust pipe. Not only was he that close he was ON THE PHONE and carried an L PLATE. They were a couple of young people in the vehicle. Obviously on the A13 it is a bit stop/start and when I had to break, I am sure he touched my vehicle although there is no sign of damage when I got to work. He then did the w.......r sign at me and shot into the inside lane to try and get in front of the stream of cars?? As I levelled beside him in the resulting queue, he was laughing and waving. This guy needs stopping before he kills someone.

Dangerous driving - report by Sdf updated 05/Apr/2011
FSO Mondeo, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 08:00am on 05-Apr-2011 on M25 Leatherhead Surrey
Undertaking and speeding causing danger to other road users.

Agressive behaviour - report by Fordy updated 07/Apr/2011
BMW 3 series, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 02:45pm on 07-Apr-2011 on M25 Junction 10 Surrey
Throw an empty carton of juice at me.

Driving too close - report by D updated 15/Oct/2007
Vauxhall Vectra, Silver driven by Female
Seen at 07:45am on 15-Oct-2007 on A281 Shalford, Guildford Surrey
Blonde female, mid 40's, driving about an inch behind my car for over 4 miles. Eventually had to signal and pull over to let her pass as was becoming increasingly dangerous. Complete lack of awareness for other drivers, swerved passed me narrowly missing hitting my car. She also passed a cyclist too late, narrowly missing hitting the cyclist. Remained behind driver for some time, driver day-dreaming, looking out of window and driving too close to another car in front. Continously slamming on brakes as she was too close to cars in front, near collision with another vehicle in Guildford town centre. She ended journey at Guildford train station car park.

Speeding - report by Jabber updated 05/May/2011
Mercedes AMG, Black driven by Male
Seen at 11:15am on 05-May-2011 on M3 Frimley Surrey
Seen travelling at 80mph and undertaking. It is time this behaviour is stamped out, it not only uses more fuel and increases CO2 but is above all UNSAFE. I suggest it is time for a nationwide fight-back campaign, maybe taking direct action but hogging the middle/outer lanes. Also, what is the point in a pointless pimp mobile like this Merc?

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 21/May/select
Volkswagen POLO, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 03:45 pm on 21-May-select on A322 BISLEY/WEST END Surrey

Agressive behaviour - report by Sian updated 25/Oct/2007
Peugeot unknown, Black driven by Female
Seen at 05:30pm on 25-Oct-2007 on M3 Juct With M25 Surrey
This lady was annoyed that the lane we were in was moving faster than hers and she set out to stop us from doing this. The incident happened at the point of merge of two lanes into one at the experimental traffic scheme on the M3 just before the point that the traffic merges from the M25. Approximately 3/4 mile before this point, we changed lane from the slow (middle) lane into the overtaking lane. We do this every day as, from experience, we know that this lane travels faster than the slow lane into the road works. The overtaking lane was clear for aproximately 200 yds at which point a two lane queue had formed leading into the road works. As we caught up with the traffic queuing in the left lane a vehicle, with registration plate RO06 WVR, swerved to change lane into the overtaking lane and in front of us, causing us to have to brake harshly. She then proceeded to drive alongside the slow lane traffic, accelerating and braking so as to ensure that the overtaking lane traffic was forced to travel at the same pace as the left lane. This was despite the overtaking lane now being empty for as far as the eye could see (aprox 400 yds). We travelled behind this car for the next aprox 800 yds until aproximately 75 yds before the lane we were in ended. At this point the traffic on the left opened a large gap up and we indicated to change into the slow lane and changed lane. She remained in the outside lane, continuing to prevent traffic in that lane from overtaking the left lane. This was despite there being room to change into the left lane both in front of our car and behind our car if she had wanted. Because of this, she ended up alongside our car, at the point where the traffic all merges into the left lane. At this point, there was not room for two cars and in my opinion she then tried to run us off the road by moving as close to us as possible. She then drove into us - twice, causing damage to over our rear wheel arch. Upon speaking to the driver of the other vehicle, she said that she thought my husband (the driver) was angry, because she had "been deliberately trying to hold up the traffic in the overtaking lane". She also asked if we used the road every day, because she did and "it was not fair that drivers in the left lane were overtaken by cars in the right lane". I don’t see that this gives her the right to hit us for it! We did not involve the police, though this whole incident appears to have been a deliberate attempt to cause damage to our car for the perceived reason that it is not fair that one lane should travel faster than another, despite that it recommends using both lanes and merging in turn, both in the highway code and by IAM. I wish there was some action I could take as if she decides to do this to another person, they may end up seriously injured.

Other - report by Predator updated 01/Oct/2010
Unknown vehicle , Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 12:15pm on 01-Oct-2010 on Danebury Avenue SW15 Surrey
No seat belt. Stop tail lights not working.

Other - report by Gary updated 19/Nov/2007
Volkswagen GOLF, Black driven by Male
Seen at 02:15pm on 19-Nov-2007 on Cobham Surrey
Cant belive what i just saw, Just been cut up by a total loon pulling out from outside a Starbucks, i had to perform an emergency stop and very nearly hit him. He then proceeded to brake test me for a few miles and whilst i was behind him i am sure he female passenger was performing a sex act on his person, why else whould she have her head in his lap? Thsi country is going/gone to the dogs and this type of person is totally reponsible! I am still shaking with rage!

Speeding - report by Gareth updated 18/Apr/2011
Audi A4, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 12:00pm on 18-Apr-2011 on M25 Leatherhead Surrey
David Brent lookalike speeding and undertaking.

V211 HKW
Agressive behaviour - report by NR updated 13/Feb/2010
Mercedes , Silver driven by Unknown
Seen at 12:45pm on 13-Feb-2010 on Hammersmith Road Surrey
I was coming out of Blythe road about to turn left onto the Hammersmith road a couple of cyclists were traveling up Hammersmith road and I let them past. The person behind me then beeped his horn a few times he was obviously in a hurry. A number of cars then passed, going up the Hammersmith road and when there was a space I did my left turn as soon as I moved the car behind sounded his horn for about 10-12 seconds. I stopped as I thought something had happened but he beeped again. This misuse of the horn, whilst not a major offense has the potential to be dangerous and the driver in question should be cautioned.

Using phone while driving - report by updated 21/Apr/select
Mini Convertible, Blue driven by Female
Seen at 08:30 pm on 21-Apr-select on A3 Tolworth Surrey
Driver came down the slip road and joined the A3, seemingly unaware that I was in lane 1 at the time. She then changed lanes - all the while on her mobile phone.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 18/Nov/2001
Mini Cooper, Black driven by Male
Seen at 05:30 pm on 18-Nov-2001 on Lower Richmond Road Richmond Surrey
I was crossing a zebra crossing at a very busy junction, the outside and middle lanes of cars had all stopped but as I crossed and got to the inside lane the Mini came whizzing up the lane. Luckily my reflexes were pretty quick and I stopped, the car only managed to hit my arm. The driver and his passenger never even wound down the window to see if I was ok, they just drove off. Disgusting driving

Dangerous overtaking - report by Wardy updated 01/Mar/2011
Lorry/Wagon Unknown, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 02:15pm on 01-Mar-2011 on M25 Anti-clock 7 To 6 Surrey
My wife was travelling anti-clockwise on the M25 today (approx 1410 hrs) between jnct 7 and 6 and witnessed two lorries (1 British lorry, 1 Foreign plate) clearly suffering from road rage as they were erratically overtaking one another, cutting each other up and ensuring that all those behind backed-off. My wife (who had our 3yr old daughter and 2yr old niece in the back) was shaking and afraid for her safety. Does anyone know who to contact in the police to trace these idiots via the CCTV footage? Grateful for any help provided.

Other - report by updated 21/Nov/2001
Ford Fiesta, Green driven by Female
Seen at 04:45 pm on 21-Nov-2001 on Church Road worcester park Surrey
Driving in the middle of the road forcing other drivers off the road.

Dangerous driving - report by Dani updated 24/Aug/2007
BMW 318I, Black driven by Male
Seen at 06:30pm on 24-Aug-2007 on A3 To A298 Raynes Park Surrey
Very dangerous man who doesn't know the basic manner

Dangerous driving - report by Elfranko updated 01/Sep/2011
Unknown vehicle Tractor, Green driven by Male
Seen at 06:00pm on 01-Sep-2011 on A24 South Dorking Surrey
A24 South of Dorking - just before Newdigate Road. Tractor pulling large trailer stacked high with straw pulled out in front of me and motorbike as I was overtaking the bike - bike doing approx 55mph, I was doing 60mph (60 zone). Both had lights on so both easily visible, but he just pulled out across both lanes blocking the road completely so biker and I had to come to standstill. It was obvious by our closing speed and distance he'd have never have made it out with a tractor, let alone with a large trailer. Muppet.

Ignoring traffic signals - report by Pedestrian updated 16/Aug/2010
Volvo Estate, Green driven by Female
Seen at 06:30am on 16-Aug-2010 on Church Road Ashford Surrey
Clearly Jumped Pedestrian Crossing after the light was red and pedestrian had started to walk

? But older
Dangerous overtaking - report by updated 03/Mar/select
Volkswagen Golf, Black driven by Male
Seen at 03:00 pm on 03-Mar-select on A281 Surrey Surrey
This selfish show off overtook even though me and another two cars were visibly coming the other way. Couldn't believe what was seeing to be honest. Sorry didn't get reg but slightly faded old style Golf in the Surrey area - beware! There were a few cars on their side of the road as well as the two they overtook. He ended up about ten metres away and me and other cars had to brake sharply. Could have caused a six to eight car accident. Obviously thinks he's invincible. He had other people in the car too. Sort of driver that gives young drivers a bad name...! Not fair. I'm under 25 and I'm a bloody good driver.

Using phone while driving - report by LK .... updated 15/Sep/2010
BMW 320d compact, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 06:30pm on 15-Sep-2010 on Ewell Bypass Epsom Surrey
I must see this guy at least 3 times a week, and everytime I see him he's on his mobile phone, and not paying much attention. Biggish guy, mid 30's, ginger/blonde hair. If any gets his reg, please post, and I'll report to the police .... I see far too many on their phones, but EVERY TIME I see this guy he's nattering away like an old lady .... Thanks

Dangerous driving - report by Chez updated 24/Jan/2008
BMW Estate, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 07:30am on 24-Jan-2008 on J3 M3 Bagshot Surrey
At junction 3 of the M3 joining the motorway southbound. Driver clearly thought I should have let him in on the approach to the motorway, the road filters in from two lanes to one. As he came from behind me I thought he would filter in behind but clearly he was in a rush and after aggressively pushing forward I let him in in front of me. He then pulled over hard in front of me and slammed his brakes on, slowing to about 5/10miles an hour. I flashed my lights at him at which point he stopped and put the car in reverse, although only moving about 2 or 3 inches towards me. I had to brake hard, and there was another car behind me so we were lucky there was no collision. When I passed the driver on the motorway (he was driving about 50 miles an hour, clearly waiting for me) his window was wound down and he was shouting and shaking his fist at me. I made no response and drove on to work although felt quite shaky by this time. Although I am willing to accept some flashing of lights and maybe a light hand gesture on the roads I believe that this driver's actions were extremely dangerous and unacceptable. I rang the local police but as many of you know they do nothing about this kind of behaviour without witnesses - hard to get without stopping on the motorway eh?

Agressive behaviour - report by Lady Muck updated 09/Mar/2011
Vauxhall Astra, Red driven by Male
Seen at 06:45pm on 09-Mar-2011 on Littlewick Road Woking Surrey
Being an Advanced Driver, tonight I was merely using the road by straight lining bends etc as it was perfectly safe to do so but this numptie behind me got upset & kept flashing me & tailgating. Well matey can I say maybe if you were a good enough driver like me & pass an Advanced Driving test, then perhaps you might be a better driver too or were you just jealous that I am a female who can drive better than you!!!

Dangerous driving - report by Jazzsue58 updated 10/Dec/2008
Peugeot , Blue driven by Male
Seen at 09:45pm on 10-Dec-2008 on A23 Gatwick Bound Horley Surrey
Travelling on the A23 towards Gatwick, near Horley, Surrey. This nutter pulled in front of me, then hogged outside lane going extremely slowly. I went in inside lane - he sped up (vroom vroom - souped up chavmobile alert) Then he/she starts veering from side to side, obviously just out to create anger for person behind i.e. me. Pratarse! This was 10 pm and there were only a few people on the road, so what was the point?! Anyhow, a 4X4 behind me overtook me and went to overtake Asswipe - think it was a Peugeot but not sure. Chavmobile then sped up to stop him so at one point they were neck and neck. The 4X4 had the edge and got in front (hooray!) but at one point looked about to collide with a bollard. This wasn't bad driving on the 4X4 part - he/she just assumed they had a slow driver in front, not some unlicenced chav out for trouble in a souped up death trap. Anyhow, the 4X4 slowed right down to teach him a lesson, so guess what chavface did in return? Veered from one side of the carriageway to the other etc - evidently can't get a woman so has to play by himself, in my opinion. Anyway, I got rid of the chavmeister at the next roundabout - they went back the other way. 2 things they could be doing - 1) going up and down the A23 doing this o annoy other motorists or b) heading towards the Court Lodge Estate which is a renowned chav council estate full of MOT faiure death traps and unlicenced drivers. Sorry to go on, but I had my kids in the car with me and this is the sort of gutterlife who will happily wipe out a car full of kids and get away with it a)because neither the vehicle or they are registered and b) they're probably a 13 year old crackhead who the law can't touch. I would like this driver dead, please - preferably, inside the cube that car will be, if I get my way. Oh, BTW - I looked up the reg. on the DVLA database under Peugeot and every other lion-type marque I could find and, guess what? According to them it doesn't exist. I phoned the police, but hey - to record this as dangerous driving I'VE got to go to my local police station (closed till 8 am) with MY driving documents!!!

Dangerous overtaking - report by Elene updated 01/Jun/2011
Unknown vehicle , White driven by Male
Seen at 08:30am on 01-Jun-2011 on Leatherhead Leatherhead Surrey
Large white lorry became impatient at being held up by a cyclist, overtook on the wrong side of a traffic island whilst oncoming traffic approached.

Driving too slow - report by updated 11/Mar/2001
White Van Man Not sure, Yellow driven by Male
Seen at 10:30 select on 11-Mar-2001 on Chobham Chobham Surrey
This driver was ridiculous, down long windy roads through surrey, he drove at 25mph the whole way, in some parts where the road opened up and the speed limit changed to 60mph, he stayed at 25mph. it was impossible to overtaken because i couldn't see past his huge van and there was constant traffic coming the other way. In my mirror i could see a trail of about 13 cars behind me, all stuck behind this one extremely bad driver. When we finally got to a road about, he went the outside lane for the 4th exit, cutting up about 2 people.

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