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Dangerous driving - report by Ian updated 05/Oct/2010
Alfa Romeo , Silver driven by Male
Seen at 09:15am on 05-Oct-2010 on Pall Mall Liverpool City Centr Merseyside
Driving at excessive speed (50+ in 30) overtook a number of cars. My vehicle was just about to turn right into car park when I spotted above speeding vehicle in my drivers side mirror and slammed on. Driver pulled into Bold Spirit House on Pall Mall, Liverpool.

Erratic lane changing - report by CJ updated 20/Oct/2010
Nissan GTR, Red driven by Male
Seen at 08:15am on 20-Oct-2010 on M6/M57 Merseyside
Bald male driver drove up a very busy M6 trying to cut through heavy traffic with erratic lane changes, driving too close to cars in front and undertaking at speed into small gaps and then slamming on brakes.

W606 HJN
Other - report by updated 20/Jun/2001
Vauxhall Vectra, Multi-Colour driven by Male
Seen at 10:00 pm on 20-Jun-2001 on sum road ma town Merseyside
Saw disss vectra had all ma manz in da car wiv me so i tried racing it an ting an it woz only a 1.6 leetre engine and my vauxhall chavalier wouldnant keep up wiv it had ma foot hard to da floor an all dat but it was gettin away an i was too fick too see dat da weight of four people in ma chavalier was weighin it down bruv so i pulled over an ting an i took out da spare wheel to make it go faster i folded ma wing mirrors in closed ma windows an turned off all ma lights and electrical fings in da car to improve da spark plug bang inside da engine an bruv im telling you dissss right now it started to go real fast after dat so i wanted it to go faster innit so i removed da doors da boot lid da seats and even da hubcaps and i also removed da bolts which hold da wheels on coz they was addin weight and i went on da lookout for another veccy to race found da same veccy tried racin it again diss time i beat it got to a corner ma wheels fell off cos i took off da lockin bolts an i went flyin into a chestnut tree cos i had no bonnet an no doors da structural integration of ma car was challenged like ma brain is an da whole car folded up cos it woz weaker and ma manz sat in da back were killed and cos i removed da sunroof glass to save weight da chestnuts came rainin down on ma head slappin da top of ma skinhead whack whack but they failed to knock sence into me innit

Cutting me up - report by Mike updated 23/Dec/2010
Vauxhall Astra, Green driven by Male
Seen at 11:30am on 23-Dec-2010 on Hard Lane St Helens Merseyside
Guy in an Astra, driving really slowly and really badly, very very poor driver. Cut me up turning into Speakman Road, looked like he didn't have a clue. Without being disrespectful, he was driving like an old woman and looked like a danger to himself and others. I lost my temper a little, when I tried to confront him he ran away. Looked a bit simple, maybe he was.

Other - report by updated 31/Jan/2001
Ford Fiesta, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 07:45 pm on 31-Jan-2001 on Hillside Avenue Huyton Merseyside
This clown decided it be clever to drive around with a mastiff on his lap with its head hanging out the drivers side window cleary wasnt in control of the vehicle.

Agressive behaviour - report by Donny updated 25/Mar/2011
Honda Rx 8, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 05:00pm on 25-Mar-2011 on A41 Birkenhead Merseyside
Absolute mentalist. scares the crap out of people walking down the road like me and my mum cos of his illeagle Exhaust noise thing. Seams to think that the louder your car noise the bigger your penis or something. Does not deserve such a nice car.

Erratic lane changing - report by updated 31/Jan/2001
Ford Focus, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 09:30 am on 31-Jan-2001 on Queens drive Liverpool Merseyside
Idiot taxi driver undertaking, overtaking without signalling

Erratic lane changing - report by updated 29/May/select
Vauxhall Corsa, Black driven by Female
Seen at 04:30 pm on 29-May-select on M53 Birkenhead Merseyside
I was driving in the Third lane of the M53 motorway with a fair bit of space between myself and the car infront. 'AM03 SUE' came from the First Lane hastly into the Middle lane and as I was about to continue my pace on the Third lane, she threw the continuous signal from Lane One all the way to Lane Three, leaving around 1m before I would have collided into the back of her. The lane was going approximately 75mph at the time and she came in at roughly 65-67mph without caring that the third lane had traffic at a greater speed

Dangerous driving - report by updated 01/Apr/2014
Ford T200, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 09:45 am on 01-Apr-2014 on Higher road nr wood road Huntscross liverpool Merseyside
This driver needs to be stopped, locked up for years he is mad, crazy, dangerous, obviously off his head on some form of drug! We were driving along in a row of trafic on a single carriage way ( 30 limit ), van pulls up behind flashing lights, swings round to inside lane, mounts pavement, accelerates along site and slows to 30mph, the same as me and then starts throwing things at us shouting to get out of the way some of us have work to do! He then nearly hits a lamp post....swings round thee other side into the on coming carriage way as he goes past launches a beer can at us ....and then goes round the traffic light island and handbreak turns as we stop for thee lights , he ran at us Lights changed as he got to near us and we drove off as he pelted us with stones. Crazy, mad, insane,on drugs.....who knows

Agressive behaviour - report by Mr M updated 10/Dec/2010
BMW , Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 04:30pm on 10-Dec-2010 on Wallasey Tunnel Entrance Liverpool Merseyside
More like aggressive driving. Large queues lead to long waits and this fella wasn't waiting. Blocked my way into lane after I let one car go first. Very rude and unthoughtful. More importantly could have caused a crash quite easily as nearly hit my car and the car in front.

Cutting me up - report by updated 18/Jul/2013
Citroen Xsara, Other driven by Male
Seen at 05:45 pm on 18-Jul-2013 on West Derby Road Liverpool Merseyside
I was driving round a roundabout in the correct lane when a Male in gold Citroen Xsara who was in the wrong lane attempted to untertake me on the left, did not have enough room as this is a small roundabout with unmarked lanes, so he beeped me. But one of those long "I'll keep my finger on the horn for as long as I can coz I'm a man and i'm hard" kind of beeps! He was in the left lane to take the first exit but he carried on round the roundabout. He then continued up Mill Bank and hogged the far right lane of Queens Drive heading towards the M62/Old Swan. He was a horrible sweaty looking man in 40's or 50's wearing a red top. I till photos of his car at the traffic lights. Learn to get in the correct lane at a roundabout. Idiot.

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 09/Nov/2001
Volkswagen golf, Silver driven by Female
Seen at 08:45 am on 09-Nov-2001 on Formby by-pass Near Crosby Merseyside
Joining a dual carriageway from a roundabout this female driver accelerated up close - it looked as if I was towing her. Couldn't see the registration plate until after she raced past while overtaking. I then saw her tailgate other drivers and weave in and out of lanes to get further up the grid!

Dangerous driving - report by Martin_k updated 24/Mar/2011
Mercedes , Silver driven by Male
Seen at 01:30pm on 24-Mar-2011 on A580/ Oak Tree Road St.Helens Merseyside
Driving at about 75 in a 60 zone. Cut me up so he could make a very sharp turn and so nearly hit me, which if he had he would have almost definitely spun my car out, nearly hit a car waiting at the junction, then proceeded to go 70 in 60 zone after the junction. I followed him to his house and simply asked him did he realize how close he was to hitting me and then stared swearing at me and threatening me and told me just because he has a Ferrari I can't tell him how to drive.

Dangerous overtaking - report by updated 14/Jan/2001
Ford Focus, Black driven by Male
Seen at 09:00 pm on 14-Jan-2001 on Page Moss Avenue Liverpool Merseyside
Overtaking 3 vehicles on a dark icy housing estate at speed.

Dangerous driving - report by Train Commuter updated 27/Apr/2011
Volkswagen golf, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 05:15pm on 27-Apr-2011 on Southworth Road Newton Le Willows Merseyside
I was crossing the road at a T Junction and when seeing me the driver sped up and turned into the street I was crossing without any indication. Nearly hit me and shouted abuse.

Ignoring traffic signals - report by Alf updated 17/Oct/2010
Volkswagen Passat, Blue driven by Unknown
Seen at 06:45pm on 17-Oct-2010 on Edge Lane/Jubilee Drive Junc. Liverpool Merseyside
Registered Taxi with "Blueline Taxi" written on the side went into right turn filter lane at traffic lights to go straight ahead. Decided to just run through a Red light to make sure they got in front and then do 50 MPH in a 30 zone.

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 26/Jun/2013
BMW 3 series, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 05:45 pm on 26-Jun-2013 on Low Hill Liverpool Merseyside
Male 30's in metallic dark blue BMW could clearly see a black Ford Focus in the left lane indicating right to get in his lane and he deliberately accelerated when it tried to move over and then he started beeping the Focus as though the Focus had cut him up! There was plenty of room for the Focus to move into his lane if he hadn't accelerated. The BMW then drove up Low Hill heading away from the city centre and forked off to the right towards Kensington.

Other - report by LPUK2008 updated 07/Oct/2011
Renault Clio, Silver driven by Unknown
Seen at 05:30pm on 07-Oct-2011 on Park Road North Birkenhead Merseyside
Rear-ended my vehicle when parking up - came back to find this vehicle had parked on my rear bumper. If the space wasn't big enough, they shouldn't have attempted to park there.

Dangerous driving - report by Minky updated 31/May/2008
Rover , Other driven by Female
Seen at 10:30pm on 31-May-2008 on City Centre - Wallasey Tunnel Liverpool Merseyside
Not only did this woman sit and look pointedly at me whilst she refused to let me out at a junction (whilst she was waiting at a red light), but at half ten at night, she didn't even have proper headlights on. She then proceeded to change lanes whenever she felt like it, without indicating, getting in people's way. Absolutely appalling lane discipline - bloody dangerous. This is why old people should have earlier retests - you do not own the road.

Cutting me up - report by Richard updated 16/Nov/2010
Renault traffic, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 08:15am on 16-Nov-2010 on Edge Lane Liverpool Merseyside
Queueing at end of edge lane and this van decides to cut into a space half the size of his van to get ahead in Traffic. The vehicle had Asbestos Business Contractors Limited on the side, and ironically is a member of The British Safety Council whatever that is!

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 13/Jul/2013
Volkswagen Passat?, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 12:00 pm on 13-Jul-2013 on Woodchurch road, prenton Birkenhead, Wirral Merseyside
This douchebag beeped aggressively at a driver whose car had CLEARLY broken down. I'm guessing the guy who had broken down was having a bad day as it was, without mr unreasonable beeping him. Utter wanker. The road was basically empty too, he wasn't blocking it in any way.

MD 08 OU
Other - report by Brian updated 31/Jul/2009
Peugeot 207 Wagon, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 07:30pm on 31-Jul-2009 on Deysbrook Road West Derby Merseyside
This driver doesnt have a full UK driver Licence. He doesnt read or write well and not aware of road signs. He poses a big threat to other road users.

Cutting me up - report by updated 05/Nov/2001
Land Rover Discovery, Other driven by Male
Seen at 05:30 pm on 05-Nov-2001 on A59 Liverpool Merseyside
I was approaching the Kingsway Tunnel in a slow-moving queue of traffic, quite normal just after a football match at Anfield. One of the reasons the queue is long and slow-moving is that plenty of drivers apparently feel that their journey is far more important than that of the drivers in the queue, and those drivers will sail up the other two lanes of this three-lane road and force their way in just before the slip-road to the tunnel. The aforementioned Discovery was driven (or should I say 'aimed') of these 'important' drivers. He drove along lane 2 until alongside me, at which point he indicated left and immediately started to pull into Lane 1. This was unfortunate because I was occupying the piece of road he wanted to be on, still moving at the same pace as him, around 15-20mph. He was evidently invoking the little-known 'I am Indicating Therefore I Have The Right To Move Over Onto Your Piece of Road, Please Make Other Arrangements' clause in the Highway Code. That seemed to be what his passenger was indicating to me through the medium of mime, anyway. Fortunately, just before his passenger door mirror made contact with my A-Pillar, Disco Man must have realised that I wasn't aware of that Clause and allowed me to continue with all my car's panels intact, which was nice.

Other - report by I Hate DAVE updated 04/May/2010
Volkswagen golf, Other driven by Unknown
Seen at 06:45am on 04-May-2010 on Dave Dave Merseyside
just seen this site as took a car in px and checked the reg ( a buying customer did first) mj08utk on the net and found this? i have never seen people behaving so sad in my life to take the time out of there boring life to post this imformation on the net. i lost a sale out of this because i now own mj08utk and big man who only wants to be named DAVE!! posted a sad report. i will be contacting the people who run this site and i want this imformation removing as i will be in touch with my legal team over this mater

Speeding - report by updated 04/Jun/2001
Mini Cooper S, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 01:30 pm on 04-Jun-2001 on Near b&q, bidston moss wallasey Merseyside
Idiot doing 60+ on a 40 mph road, undertaking. Very dangerous.

N590 EBW
Dangerous driving - report by Disgusted updated 07/Jul/2008
Volvo Estate, Other driven by Male
Seen at 08:45am on 07-Jul-2008 on Grosvenor Road Birkdale Merseyside
Driving at less than 20 mph and taking both hands off the wheel, while mobile, to yawn and stretch.

Driving too close - report by Vwcampavan updated 13/Aug/2009
Volkswagen Beetle, Yellow driven by Female
Seen at 11:30am on 13-Aug-2009 on M6 Ashton Merseyside
I was in the outside lane in the process of overtaking a vehicle at 70 mph, and in front of me was a marked police car in front with a vascar monitoring speeds. A VW Beetle with two female occupants came up behind me and tailgated my car. The driver arrognatly waved her hand for me to move. Seeing this in my rear view mirror I made a hand gesture and refused to budge as I had nowhere to go with traffic on the inside of me. After letting this driver go, she then proceeded to cut right in front of my vehicle whilst driving alongside the police car and nothing was done. Why do we have traffic police!!!

Agressive behaviour - report by Lesley updated 30/May/2010
Audi , Red driven by Male
Seen at 12:00pm on 30-May-2010 on WATER LANE Southport Merseyside
As I was going right around PLOUGH ROUNDABOUT, SOUTHPORT, from crossens the red audi LR56 UNH just pulled out infront nearly causing major collision. I pressed horn to alert driver I was there in case they hadn't looked (like many do), we proceeded down WATER LANE when the driver encouraged his passenger to hang out window towards my husband & myself while he acted vulgar with hand & facial gestures. This then carried on down PRESTON NEW ROAD where the passenger started throwing items out of the car towards us which could have caused even more accidents as items flew towards oncomming traffic. We turned off towards home while they continued toward preston direction. There were 2 males in the car which was packed with possible camping gear but unsure of exact items. Passenger male no.2 dark hair between 20-30 yrs roughly. If they continue to cause major incident I am writing this to show the type they are, should NOT be on the road.

Agressive behaviour - report by Kb updated 08/Jul/2008
Ford , White driven by Male
Seen at 12:45pm on 08-Jul-2008 on East Lancashire Road Merseyside
fouced driver to change lanes into other traffic

Agressive behaviour - report by J updated 31/Dec/2010
Peugeot , Silver driven by Male
Seen at 10:30am on 31-Dec-2010 on Runcorn Merseyside
driving whilst on mobile cut me up, changing lanes at last minute gave me finger and also slammed on brakes several times when I objected to his behaviour. company car. was Crime Prevention Services based off the A55 in Northop. Shame that don't teach their employees not to commit crime.

T769 JNA
Other - report by updated /Aug/2013
Volkswagen Polo, Green driven by Female
Seen at 08:30 pm on -Aug-2013 on Aigburth Drive Liverpool Merseyside
Cut me up driving on the wrong side of the road. Nearly knocking me off my bike. Then male passenger shouted abuse.

M290 PRA
Other - report by MercDrivaa updated 22/Aug/2009
Volvo 480 GT, Maroon driven by Male
Seen at 08:00am on 22-Aug-2009 on Washway Lane St Helens Merseyside
I Pulled up behind this driver who was doing 30MPH in a 30 zone, he braked sharply and i nearly ran into the back of him whilst he was staring at me in the mirror giving me evil eyes, then i tried to overtake him but he floored it and held me on the wrong side of the roaduntil he seen a car coming the other way, i looked at him and he was laughingwith no attempt to back off to let me in, i ended up slamming on and ping back in behind him, total nightmare

Dangerous driving - report by updated 13/Nov/2001
Volvo 440 truck, White driven by Male
Seen at 06:30 pm on 13-Nov-2001 on M62 Birchwood / Croft Merseyside
The driver of this truck tailgated me passing the M6 interchange with main beams on. When I pulled in to let him pass he then tried to force the car onto the hard shoulder. The vehicle was a suttonsgroup tanker truck number 7996

Cutting me up - report by Mark Kent updated 04/Jun/2010
Nissan terrino, Black driven by Male
Seen at 03:30pm on 04-Jun-2010 on A45 Southport Merseyside
i was coming to a set of traffice lights 3 lanes left straight and right i was going straight he was in the right lane after the lights he just turned into me like i was not there and forced me into the curd not even a sorry he just carryed on. after i noticed damage to the tyer cost £35 i should of stood my ground and let him hit me at least i would not be £35 down hope i see him soon

Hy56 hpx
Other - report by updated 23/Feb/2013
Renault GRAND SCENIC, Blue driven by Unknown
Seen at 03:30 pm on 23-Feb-2013 on Bentley Road Liverpool Merseyside
Nearly ran me over!

Other - report by Concerned Parent updated 20/Jul/2008
Ford Maverick, Black driven by Male
Seen at 08:45pm on 20-Jul-2008 on B5195 Formby Merseyside
approching a bend and trying to achive a handbrake turn at 56 mph like he was a rally driver,and turned the vehicle turned over 2 times.When asked by merseyside police what happend he said that a mini took over him and he wont let that happen so he tryed to go faster and a rabbit ran infront of him and he tryed to avoid the rabbit and put him and his freinds at risk of death

54 Reg
Dangerous driving - report by updated 25/Aug/2013
Toyota 4WD, Grey driven by Unknown
Seen at 08:15 pm on 25-Aug-2013 on Lulworth Road Southport Merseyside
Grey 4WD Toyota in front of me doing between 15 - 20 mph, along Lulworth Road, Southport, heading towards town centre. Toyota brakes and starts moving to left. I signal and pull out to overtake and as I do so he/she decides to turn right (no signal). Good job I had my wits about me and was able to swerve to avoid a collision. 4WD disappears down Saxon Road. Could not find vehicle.

Dangerous driving - report by BikerBen updated 24/Aug/2009
Ford escort, Brown driven by Male
Seen at 04:15pm on 24-Aug-2009 on A561 Speke Merseyside
Dangerous overtaking, aggressive and speeding.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 07/Jun/2001
Citroen C3, Black driven by Female
Seen at 08:15 am on 07-Jun-2001 on Vista Road Haydock Merseyside
I had dropped off my 4 year boy for the school coach on Vista Road. My car was parked at the road side facing south (towards Newton le Willows). I gave way to oncoming traffic behind me before pulling away. I had to turn back towards Haydock so turned right into Abbeyway South, giving way to oncoming traffic before I did so. I made a 3 point turn and proceeded to turn left out of Abbeyway South back onto Vista Road, this is when I saw a woman in a black Citroen C5 (ML05 JFO) parked at the road side (facing south but on the north bound side of Vista Road) going mad at me, quite angry at something I’d done. I thought I’d created an accident or something, enough for me to pull over safely and ask her if everythi9ng was alright. She proceeded to tell me that I was turning right and so it was her right of way. The woman lives at 113 Vista Road and was apparently attempting to cross the carriage way to travel south. As a car on already on the carriage way I do not believe I have to give way to cars attempting to move away from the kerb. I started to explain this and who I’d given way to but she drove off mid conversation. Stupid, rude and dangerous. Beware ML05 JFO!

Dangerous driving - report by Andy (she) updated 06/Jul/2010
Ford Smallish hatchback, Black driven by Female
Seen at 08:15am on 06-Jul-2010 on Station Road Wallasey Merseyside
Whilst cycling on my way to work this driver beeped at me to move over in a narrow street(cars parked either side just as we approached a junction onto a main road).We were both waiting to turn right so I turned and shouted at her for being out of order and about being the cause of a potential accident . She proceeded to try and overtake me even tho there was no room! Whoops I banged on her bonnet! She asked me if I was drunk??? Em a primary school teacher cycling to work intoxicated?????. I turned right infront and she purposely followed me way too close and I narrowly missed collision with the curb! 200 yards ahead at the traffic lights she tried to cut me up! Did she not realize I was on bicycle ! Wish I could name and shame this very dangerous driver !

h4 yca
Agressive behaviour - report by updated 30/Apr/2013
Fiat punto, Black driven by Female
Seen at 06:30 pm on 30-Apr-2013 on m62 junction 5 Merseyside
Nearly hit me at speed then sweaved about nearly hitin two more cars before tearin off

Agressive behaviour - report by The Bemused One updated 20/Jul/2008
Ford maveric, Green driven by Male
Seen at 08:45pm on 20-Jul-2008 on B5195 Down Hollandformby Merseyside
i saw a driver atempting a hand brack turn aprouching a right bend on the b5195 altcar rd on sunday afternoon doing about 50-55 MPH and turned his vehicle over several times ,when i stoped to see if everything was ok the driver said where all ok i have phoned my dad you can carry on .2072008

Dangerous driving - report by updated 16/Oct/2013
Unknown vehicle VAN, Silver driven by Unknown
Seen at 08:30 am on 16-Oct-2013 on Lance Lane Liverpool Merseyside
I am a cyclist. I was cycling down Mill Lane, Liverpool when this van overtook too close and too fast. I shook my head! I caught the traffic up at a set of lights and proceeded to the advance stop line. I cycled straight ahead into lance lane which has speed humps / restrictions. The van overtook again at speed and too close and immediately pulled left in front of me to clear the speed bump. No Need.

V482 GVM
Other - report by Monkey updated 26/Oct/2009
Vauxhall , Green driven by Male
Seen at 03:45pm on 26-Oct-2009 on Aigburth Road Liverpool Merseyside
Driving too close to others, driver throwing lots of litter out of car window, speeding and undertaking, erractic lane changing.

Dangerous driving - report by Jc updated 04/Aug/2010
Ford tranit, White driven by Male
Seen at 09:45am on 04-Aug-2010 on A580 / A58 Merseyside
under takeing and tail gateing

h4 yca
Agressive behaviour - report by updated 30/Apr/2013
Fiat punto, Black driven by Female
Seen at 06:30 pm on 30-Apr-2013 on m62 junction 5 Merseyside
Nearly hit me at speed then sweaved about nearly hitin two more cars before tearin off

Agressive behaviour - report by Lippy updated 04/Feb/2006
Vauxhall ASTRA 1.7D SXI, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 05:30pm on 04-Feb-2006 on Kingsway Road Tunnel Wallasey Merseyside
Driver was switching lanes erratically on approach to tunnel. When he noticed that I was looking at him he became extremely agressive and was shouting at me through his closed window. At the tunnel exit he drove in front of me and slammed on trying to force me to crash into him. The guy was unstable.

Other - report by updated 20/Oct/2013
Peugeot 206, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 11:30 pm on 20-Oct-2013 on Moor Lane Widnes Merseyside
These cannabis smoking clowns were driving around openly taking a drag, whilst the car they are in is uninsured.

Driving too slow - report by Buzylizy1955 updated 13/Dec/2009
Skoda Fabia, Red driven by Female
Seen at 10:15am on 13-Dec-2009 on Merseyside
A crap driver

Dangerous overtaking - report by updated 25/Jan/2001
BMW 520i, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 09:30 am on 25-Jan-2001 on Knowsley Lane Prescot Merseyside
Overtaking on a 30mph road whilst doing 30mph narrowly missing oncoming vehicle.

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