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WF08 ---
Driving too close - report by SLFR1985 updated 06/Jun/2011
Fiat Doplo , Black driven by Unknown
Seen at 02:45pm on 06-Jun-2011 on Weston Lane Southampton Hampshire
I was driving through Woolston along Victoria Road. Turned left by the Inn on the corner near the old Thornycrofts site and went up past ST Marks school towards Weston estate. Just as I was passing the under the trees near the sales garage on the left this 'thing' came burning up my rear bumper doing least 50 in a square coffin box. The driver was despising me doing 30 so they continued to sit up my backside which was about as frightening as being chased by an insect. I turned left up Weston Lane and this 'Thing' started to look for gaps to overtake so I kept at 30. As I was approaching Kingsclere avenue to turn right the Doplo was burning up my rear bumper closer then ever before so I rammed on the brakes on top of the Kingsclere/Weston Lane junction hoping they would back off or give me a nice whiplash claim but the driver missed me. The driver eventually turned right and went down towards Weston flats and disappeared. Good!

Other - report by SLFR1985 updated 21/May/2011
Mitsubishi Colt 3DR, Green driven by Male
Seen at 10:30pm on 21-May-2011 on Peartree Avenue Southampton Hampshire
I was coming up Spring road past the Peartree pub. I was intending to turn right onto Peartree Avenue. As I was on the mini-roundabout making a right turn. Some young bald idiot decided it would be a great idea to do 45-50mph up Peartree avenue and fail to give way on the mini-roundabout. His stunt almost cost him his no claims bonus and nearly caused a very serious accident. Carry on taking those gambles and you won't be driving around for much longer chum(p).

Other - report by SLFR1985 updated 11/Jun/2011
Ford KA, Green driven by Female
Seen at 07:45pm on 11-Jun-2011 on M3 Southbound Chandlers Ford Hampshire
I had to laugh at this one, she was funny. I was in lane 2 cruising in 6th gear travelling along the M27 (2-lane interchange). I came up behind this blonde woman occupying lane 2 for no reason at all. I didn't tailgate her or undertake so I stayed a distance. She saw me, clocked on and moved over to lane 1 which was correct. Here is the funny bit: She suddenly threw it in a lower gear to dual me out (Tried) in order to prevent me from overtaking. I played along with it for a joke and pretended I was struggling to get past when I have 3x more overtaking power at my disposal. After laughing, I put the car back into 5th gear, went back in lane 1 just slightly ahead of her. Then opened the car up to give her a nice wall of black and grey smoke to cough on to say "Bye bye love" Then after slowing down again she came tearing up my backside flashing the beams for more. So I gave her some more black smoke and left her reversing up the motorway. I got fingers, fists the lot. Aggressive little women in small cars eh?

FN52 ---
Other - report by updated 12/Apr/2013
Ford Focus, Silver driven by Female
Seen at 07:15 pm on 12-Apr-2013 on Johns Road Southampton Hampshire
Here we go again, the biggest scum of the earth manufacturer gets reported for bad driving as per usual. As I'm coming down John's Road, Woolston (One way street) two females in a rot box Ford decide to ignore the two big no entry signs at their end of the street and come straight towards me head on the wrong way. I carried on driving at them as they were in the wrong and I was in the right and they turned left into Inkerman Road just before I could strike their rear wheelarch and crash into it. I was only in a Rover 400 worth £300 so it didn't matter if I had hit them. If it had been another Seat, Skoda, Rover driver I probably would have hit the brakes but as it was a Ford driver I was prepared to smash into it and claim all the compensation out of the driver I could claim for. Oh, and keep the Rovers write off money.

S100 EAT
Other - report by updated 01/Jan/2001
Seat Leon, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 01:00 am on 01-Jan-2001 on unknown unknown Hampshire
Sorry but i've just got to ask, why is it that you hate fords and vauxhalls so much?

S--- SCR
Other - report by updated 18/Mar/2013
Chevrolet Lacetti, Black driven by Male
Seen at 02:45 pm on 18-Mar-2013 on A3024 Bitterne Road East Southampton Hampshire
I've seen this black Lacetti dozens of times round Southampton as it has a distinctive S*** SCR registration plate on a car that is a much newer model then the plate suggests. The lad was behind me doing 40 in a 30 limit along the dual carridgeway (Lane swapping) and was one of those types of idiots who thinks a 1.6 16v with 98 horsepower goes like a twin rocket Apollo. He went past me at 40 while I'm doing 30 and deliberately leaves his exit/juntion to the last minute. Suddenly cuts across infront of me with no signals from the right hand lane, dives over two lanes without looking and veers off into the 3rd exit lane for the A334 Thornhill Park Road. Normally a young female with dark hair drives this car but this time it was a male. The person is obviously the boyfriend or her brother but if you want to know how your car is being driven when you hand someone else the keys take a look at the report. If I see the car again I'll get the rest of the numbers and comment below or repeat the report.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 26/Mar/2013
Ford Focus, Black driven by Female
Seen at 03:15 pm on 26-Mar-2013 on London Road Andover Hampshire
Woman, more concerned with lighting her cigarette than paying attention to the road. Swerving all over the place.

Other - report by JT updated 17/May/2011
Vauxhall Cabriolet, Black driven by Unknown
Seen at 08:30am on 17-May-2011 on Rectory Road Farnborough Hampshire
Driver reversed off drive into line of traffic on both sides of the road, myself and the driver on the other side of the road had to slam on our brakes to avoid an accident. Both myself and the driver on the other side of the road blasted our horns at the driver of the cabriolet (not sure if male or female as I was behind) The cabriolet driver then proceded to give the middle finger to both myself and the other driver. I suspect this road user lives on this road and is in a habit of pulling out in front of traffic as the can not be bothered to wait for a space.

Cutting me up - report by WPC NICHOLLS updated 16/Mar/2011
Ford RS2000 4WD, White driven by Male
Seen at 07:00pm on 16-Mar-2011 on A27 SEGENSWORTH Hampshire
Driver cut in between myself and car in front, almost swerved in, i flashed my head lights and he braked extremely hard with the intention of inciting and accident and endangering the road, i just managed to brake in time without skidding. I followed the driver along for a while until he stopped and pointed out i have children in the car, his language was totally offensive and his manner aggressive apparently believing he had done nothing wrong and blamed me for flashing him, i finished the conversation by asking him to please drive carefully next time - fortunately for him i was off duty at the time!

S100 EAT
Agressive behaviour - report by updated 06/Feb/2013
Seat Leon, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 02:30 pm on 06-Feb-2013 on Millbrook East Southampton Hampshire
The colour of this car was grey not silver. This stupid knob stuck on his full beams after I moved back into the middle lane from the outside and proceeded to tailgate so I bought him down to a slow. He then quickly overtook in the outside lane coming very close to striking my car and shot me a look like this was all my fault. He began speeding in the far outside lane so I caught him up and he got alongside me in the middle lane and he starts pointing at his mirrors and mouths (look) through the windows. I found it quite funny at how he was getting so wound up in his little box. He passes me later on at the traffic lights and gives me the finger. What a nice chap and I see he is also a user on this site but I think you should all know how much of a twat he really is when he is out driving!

S100 EAT
Other - report by updated 31/Jan/2001
Seat Leon, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 10:00 am on 31-Jan-2001 on Road Road Area Town Hampshire
I’d like to report this guy for being a sanctimonious, hypocritical prick! I’ve read a few posts from this user now, clearly delusional. Constantly bemoans the low standards of others, yet comes across as an antagonist. Racing others to feel superior, not observing traffic ahead then complaining about having had to brake heavily and some genuinely bizarre issue with the Ford and Vauxhall brands. I can’t help but feel in most instances you report here, your behaviour has contributed to the negative situation which has resulted. Also, 150bhp is nothing to boast about, it’s pretty stock standard – try the Cupra, you’ll get a shock.

LB07 ---
Dangerous driving - report by updated 19/Mar/2013
Ford Focus Zetec, Black driven by Male
Seen at 07:45 pm on 19-Mar-2013 on A3035 Highfield Lane Southampton Hampshire
I was driving along Burgess Road turning right. Infront of me was your typical Ford driver: Fat, bald, uneducated with a collar stuck up on his polo shirt, half shaved eyebrow with a ring in it. He's driving a 1.6 Zetec which has got less Kw's then my Grandmothers mobility scooter. As the lights go green he top ends the engine at 6,000 odd revs and spins the front wheels to a pulp. I'm sat behind laughing because it confirms everything I say about Ford drivers and I remain right about them. He screams away and tears down 'The Avenue' and throws the car around a left hand bend in boyracer fashion. I just so happen to be going the same way as him but I choose to abide by the law and stick to the correct speed because Ford and Vauxhall drivers are all way down there and I'm up here. As I turn left I just catch sight of the distant rear lights disappearing around a set of bends and he disappears out of sight. Three minutes later I reach the crossroads at Portswood and I see the blue and red light flashings of an EMS vehicle bouncing the light off the walls. What are these flashes I wonder? The lights turn green I get nearer and he's only been pulled over by a Marked BMW 335d at the side of the road getting the book thrown at him for wrecklessness. He looked terrified and left his door wide open infront of passing traffic. Well done Hampshire Police I could kiss you for that. Keep up the good work, another trashbag Ford driver has been apprehended and delt with. Target them all I say, Vauxhalls too!!!

Dangerous overtaking - report by updated 12/Apr/select
Seat leon, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 02:30 pm on 12-Apr-select on Broad oak southampton Hampshire
This stupid git overtook several cars & almost collided with a bus. Must be the worst driving i have ever seen. As well as reporting it on here i have reported him to the police,who told me he is well known to them for bad driving!

S100 EAT
Dangerous driving - report by Concerned Mum updated 22/Jul/2011
Seat Leon, Other driven by Male
Seen at 04:30pm on 22-Jul-2011 on Grange Road Southampton Hampshire
This young blonde t*at in his early 20s was ahead of me and turned off Portsmouth Road then decided to hoof it down Grange Road near the household waste recycling centre. He went round a tight right hand bend at about 50+ miles an hour when the warning sign tell you to do 30 max. He showed absolutely no consideration into what might be lurking round the corner and he continued to hoof it past the busy waste centres junction with his foot welded to the floor. If a lorry or a car had come out of that junction they wouldn't have stood a chance with the speeds he was doing. He tore down the road ignoring driveways and entrances that back out onto the road and he eventually stopped at the crossroads in Ingleside. He sped off at a stupid speed accelerating wildly, sped over the railway bridge while not giving any second thought about the fact that it had no footway. His driving was utterly appalling and I'm surprised no one was killed with his excessive speeding.

Cutting me up - report by Abcdefghij updated 13/Apr/2011
Citroen , Silver driven by Female
Seen at 07:00pm on 13-Apr-2011 on Roundabout Eastleigh Hampshire
Coming round the roundabout by Aldi in Eastleigh, we were in the correct lane coming from the direction of the M3 to go straight on towards Bishopstoke & Fair Oak. The offending car pulled out at the same time as us in the right hand lane which is turn right only (towards the station & airport). Still exactly alongside us she proceeded to cut right across the front of us without any indication, forcing my wife to brake sharply. If we had carried on we would have either been hit by her or driven off the road. She gave no apology or acknowledgement of her awful driving

Dangerous driving - report by Raiden616 updated 05/Jun/2011
Nissan Micra, Red driven by Male
Seen at 10:00pm on 05-Jun-2011 on West End Road Bitterne, Soton Hampshire
Cannot believe what I just saw. A frail old man was crossing this completely empty road, when some link kids in his tiny car came screaming down West End road at about 60. Not seeing this man until the last second (probably texting or something) slammed on his breaks and screeched to a halt. This made my heart almost jump out of my chest so I can't imagine how that man felt. This old man then hopped out of the road due to the constant beeping this kid was doing and then the kid took off. But that's not all!!! My God when the kid had gotten further down the road he clearly changed his mind at the way he left his matter because he then proceeded to REVERSE NO LESS THAN 200 YARDS all the way up the road (luckily no one was behind him but there were a few cars coming the other way who slowed down to observe the stunt) and stopped next to the old man, got out of the car (remembering actually to put his hazards on.... Gotta give him credit for that) and have a go at this old man. Now, for the size of this frail old man he must have had quite a mouth because he just went off on one and the kid, speechless but with quite a finger, got back into the car and sped off. This is not at all an exaggeration - some people just need to be committed lol !!!

Using phone while driving - report by Jethro updated 19/Oct/2010
BMW Coupe thingy, Other driven by Female
Seen at 07:45am on 19-Oct-2010 on Ring Road To M3 Basingstoke Hampshire
Blonde haired lady in glasses smoking a cigarette in left hand holding mobile phone in right hand driving the car behind me 0755hrs 19th Oct 2010 joining the M3 basingstoke: driving without holding the steering wheel, left hand out the window with a fag and right hand using the phone. She was shouting or talking very loudly into the phone. Very dangerous ignorant female with no indication - as not enough hands - and oblivious to where she was driving. I wish the police were there to catch her. Beware and keep your distance.

Speeding - report by Jabber updated 18/Apr/2011
Ferrari , Yellow driven by Male
Seen at 10:30am on 18-Apr-2011 on M3 Farnborough Hampshire
Another irresponsible fool in a silly car exceeding the 70mph speed limit by 10mph. Speeding is dangerous. If this continues I MAY have to start driving SLOWLY in lane 3 alongside cars in lane 2 to get them to SLOW DOWN in order to GET THE MESSAGE ACROSS.

HV06 ---
Other - report by updated 11/Feb/2001
Ford Focus C Max, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 03:45 pm on 11-Feb-2001 on A335 Thomas Lewis Way Southampton Hampshire
Yet another ego-fuelled Ford driver (clearly thinks he is better than everyone else on the road in his 'Drivers car') was quite impatient and tailgating me along Thomas Lewis Way while I was doing 40 in a 40 mile per hour limit trying to make failed attempts to overtake where it wasn't possible. The Ford kept trying to overtake in the right lanes where there was only 10-25 yards of overtaking space before it narrows back into a single file so I kept using the cars strong overtaking power to lay down the law everytime he was making attempts to overtake (just to rudely slice me up again 10-25 yards later). As we turned right at the traffic lights (Already green) onto the main dual carridgeway towards Eastleigh, the C max then tried to chase me at high speed around the corner in an attempt to out handle me but because I have a quicker car which is a bit more of a hot hatch then a C max will ever be I belted round the corner a bit quickly and out accelerated him on the straight with some brute force torque. He didn't seem to take much of a liking to being dusted by a sporty family Seat around a corner and up the straight so he decided to follow closely when I was adhering to the correct speed limit trying to give me some gyp. At the end of the dual carridgeway the C max was still behind so I pulled up behind a BMW 120d which was waiting to leave the roundabout. The C max driver was clearly very agitated and just as the BMW 120d left to go up the M27 sliproad I left the roundabout and so did the C max. Up the sliproad I put the Seat on full acceleration (Right back in your seat) overtook the BMW 120d in the right hand lane and the C max behind tried desperately to follow but didn't have the power or the speed to stay with me so I ended up making a complete mockery of it. I joined the motorway and left the C max for dead and he pretty much guessed that he was no match for the FR where the performance is concerned so he went off in the other direction and picked on someone else.

Dangerous driving - report by Colt Driver updated 03/Jun/2011
Seat Leon, Other driven by Male
Seen at 01:00am on 03-Jun-2011 on Peartree Ave Southampton Hampshire
Was driving along minding my own business when this burberry cap wearing leon driver was right up my arse,weaving and getting his kappa tracksuit in a right twist.Tried to overtake but his vulgar little leon wasn't up to the task and he ended up crashing into a parked car.And shock, horror he just drove off.I hope this imbecile gets his comeuppance one day and that day will be soon...........

Using phone while driving - report by updated 18/Mar/2013
Volkswagen Golf, Black driven by Male
Seen at 02:15 pm on 18-Mar-2013 on Livingstone Road Andover Hampshire
Texting with both hands while side of palms on steering wheel while leaving Le Creuset car park. Swerving all over the place.

Agressive behaviour - report by Stalban updated 27/Nov/2010
Rover range rover, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 05:30pm on 27-Nov-2010 on M27 Southhampton Hampshire
On passing said vehicle it deliberately increased speed not allowing me to pass reaching over 90miles per hour approx. Only to slow down suddenly behind slower traffic ahead. Why do people do this!? As i caught up with said vehicle I managed to pass safely, A pointless stupid act by the driver.

Speeding - report by Jabber updated 18/Apr/2011
TVR Prius?, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 04:00pm on 18-Apr-2011 on M3 Fleet Hampshire
I was doing 70mph and this idiot overtook me at 80mph, clearly no regard for the safety of others.

Cutting me up - report by updated 11/Jan/select
Ford Focus, Black driven by Male
Seen at 08:30 select on 11-Jan-select on Leigh Road Eastleigh Hampshire
Ford Focus TDCI LX in Eastleigh on Leigh Road cut me up, decided to overtake a queue of traffic and then pull in front of me. Very arrogant driver, needs to learn not to speed too. Stay clear of this car, they can't drive!

R--- DHT
Other - report by updated 26/May/2001
Vauxhall Corsa, Black driven by Male
Seen at 06:30 am on 26-May-2001 on A3024 Bitterne West Road Southampton Hampshire
I can't call this Vauxhall driver the usual scumbag like all the rest of them so I don't know how or where to categorise him. What do you think Y333EEE, Steviedee and Sandford_Merlin? Driving to work quite early I came across this very overweight blonde 18/19 yearold boy (On his own) in a chavved up Corsa with spiked up hair (farting exhaust, lexus lights the lot) he was doing at least 60 in a 30 limit undertaking and overtaking through the traffic on Northam Bridge a few cars behind me. Heres where the story changes... He got to my car, went in the right hand lane to overtake and just as he went flying past he looked left over his shoulder and did an "Oooo helloooo your cute" and hit the brakes on quite sharply and gave me and my car a once over matching my speed to get a better look (The Gaydar alarm went off at this point). He sort of stayed alongside me and wouldn't let me out of his sight and just as I went into the left filter lane at the traffic lights for Princes street we both stopped at the red lights and he was really checking me out giving me the definate look. It was like he couldn't keep his eyes off me and he smiled at me with a grin and started turning his music up quite loudly to impress me and show off but the really obvious one was when he revved the engine twice and looked to see if I was looking. He then put his arm over the passenger seat tapping the seat to his music frequently glancing over at me to see if I was looking at him but also checking to see when the lights change. He was admiring me so much he totally forgot about the colour of the lights infront and got beeped by the car behind to go. As he drove away he looked over his left shoulder and his face sort of fell and he looked like he was disappointed because I'd turned left. Its not the first time I've had young gay men doing this to me at traffic lights (Obvious Flirting) its happening more and more the hotter the weather gets. I think it might have had a lot to do with the fact I was driving topless wearing just a yellow hi viz vest over my body and I think that might have attracted him like a wasp to jam. By the way sorry mate I might just be a little bit too old for you I'm nearly 27... almost 10 years older than you and I think there are much better men your own age out there.

Other - report by updated 29/Mar/2013
Ford Mondeo , Blue driven by Unknown
Seen at 02:00 pm on 29-Mar-2013 on Merridale Road Southampton Hampshire
The usual Ford driver... I could run a bus service from the kerb to the car.

S100 EAT
Agressive behaviour - report by updated 13/Dec/2001
Seat Bag o shite, Brown driven by Male
Seen at 09:15 pm on 13-Dec-2001 on A335 Southampton Hampshire Hampshire
Left this guy for dust in my Impreza. Also saw a old shape Ford Focus overtake him as well.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 09/Mar/2001
Vauxhall Astra VXR, Black driven by Unknown
Seen at 01:15 pm on 09-Mar-2001 on A335 Thomas Lewis Way Southampton Hampshire
Another "Essex boyracer" Vauxhall trashbag confirms every belief I have about them and Ford drivers. As I turned left off the main A335 dual carridgeway to follow the A335 along Thomas Lewis Way, I was overtaken by a VXR occupying the wrong side of the road doing 70-80 miles per hour in a 40 mile an hour limit. The driver overtook at the oncoming Corsa which sounded its horn for the best part of at least eight seconds. I braked sharply to avoid being part of a crash and the little council-estate fleabag carried on doing 80 through the 40 limit. Eventually the driver had to stop at a set of red lights up ahead and turned right off the carridgeway into Mayfield Road. I then noted the registration number and reported the piece of garbage to Hampshire Police. This incident settles my judgement about Vauxhall drivers with a full stop. Moments before I came across this vile trashbag, a young lad in a black Seat Leon Cupra R 225 was driving very sensibly along the A335 further up the road and I have to give credit to him for making us Seat Leon drivers with Cupras look better than VXR/SRi and ST drivers. It just goes to show you that VXR's and ST's are for idiot no-brainers and Leon Cupras aren't. This is your reason why I will always drive a Leon and never drive a Focus or an Astra. We are more sensible with our power and we aren't pieces of garbage that think we are better than everyone else. I know what hot hatch I'll always drive!

Cutting me up - report by Crosbyway updated 16/Sep/2010
Land Rover Discovery, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 01:30pm on 16-Sep-2010 on Southampton Hampshire
As we left traffic lights he was behind me tooting at me to hurry up! He then cut me up as we drew close to a round about and then braked on purpose because I tooted him back. I had 2 small children in the car. Does he think this is funny? Clearly he does as he stuck his head out then and laughed at us before driving off. Young arrogant white male.

Agressive behaviour - report by Durban updated 24/Mar/2011
Volkswagen Transporter Van, Black driven by Male
Seen at 06:15pm on 24-Mar-2011 on M3 South Winchester Hampshire
In heavy rush hour traffic on M3 Southbound, Winchester area, Driver drove right up to my boot (I was not hogging the lane) with his middle finger extended - I squeezed into the middle lane to move out of his way and as he accelerated alongside he slowed, rolled down his window and attempted to throw a drink cup at me, also shouting obscenities and raising his fist to me. He weaved across the white lines. There was absolutely no reason for his behaviour, he never got further ahead than me as the traffic was so heavy so he had no reason for his abuse. As traffic built up towards the M27 junction I decided to come off early at Eastleigh so pulled across to the slip road, I then realised this guy had also just pulled over - he slammed his breaks on in front of me causing me to swerve passed him (red car behind also had to swerve). I carried on to the traffic lights at the end of the slip road. 30 seconds later he drove up behind me shouting and jesticulating rudely then swerved back left to re-join the motorway. I was left physically shaking by this evil man who had no reason whatsever to be agressive to me.

RY03 ---
Cutting me up - report by updated 16/Feb/2001
Ford Focus 1.6, Green driven by Male
Seen at 04:15 pm on 16-Feb-2001 on A3024 Bitterne West Road Southampton Hampshire
Came speeding up in lane two as the traffic was heavy and went speeding round the right hand 90 degree bend then suddenly sliced me right up on the bend to cut the queue. No signals - nothing! Typical arrogant Ford driver who thinks he is more important then everyone else and thinks he owns the road. Proceeded to tailgate the Kia Piccanto up Athelstan road infront of me. Settles my judgement about Ford drivers, dangerous on the road and smug. Thats why they will always be at the top of the list!

Agressive behaviour - report by Reporter1 updated 15/Oct/2007
HGV , White driven by Male
Seen at 08:30am on 15-Oct-2007 on M27 At Hedge End Roundabou Hedge End Hampshire
The driver of this HGV first steered his cab extremeley close to my car on a roundabout. As we left the roundabout on our two parellel lanes the HGV driver pulled across me almost taking me off the road and then steered back onto his lane. This driver is very dangerous. The HGV was white with a Fowler company name on it.

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 23/Oct/2001
Ford Focus, Black driven by Male
Seen at 01:30 pm on 23-Oct-2001 on Thornhill park Road Southampton Hampshire
Some arrogant Ford idiot in a 2008-2011 facelifted shape Focus tried overtaking on the opposite side of the road going down the hill then tried undertaking in the left lane going up the hill. Failed the undertake because I stuck my toe down and levelled him out with power which caught him by surprise and p*ssed him off. Yet another thick Ford driver underestimating my car and falling victim to it. It looked like some standard low-spec crappy family zetec or something so losing was the inevitable. If you are reading this chump: unless your Focus is an RS or an ST don't even bother racing a Leon FR they will make you look incredibly stupid. If it was an ST you might have made it. If its a zetec/ghia/titanium Focus in any engine spec = Forget it mate

Dangerous overtaking - report by Bikerboy updated 23/Oct/2010
Mini Cooper, Black driven by Male
Seen at 11:00am on 23-Oct-2010 on A27 Port Solent Portsmouth Hampshire
Speeding and dangerous overtaking. Driver showing off.

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 29/Feb/2001
Ford Ranger, Black driven by Male
Seen at 12:15 pm on 29-Feb-2001 on Peartree Avenue Southampton Hampshire
A very dangerous Ford driver driving a Ford Danger (The usual Ford driver living up to its crappy road reputation again). As I was passing some temporary lights along Peartree avenue they turned from amber back to red just as the back of my car cleared the lights. In my rear view mirror the black Suzuki Swift (behind me) had stopped and obeyed the signal. Behind the Swift was a black Ford Ranger who decided that because he is driving a Ford, he is far better than everyone else on the road and therefore overtook the stationary Suzuki Swift, went straight through the red light (ignoring it completely) and decided to catch me up and play tailgate games. It carried on tailgating me and overtook on the wrong side of the road (on a pelican crossing) and parked up on the right. Absolutely disgusting behaviour! When the last time you saw an Audi or a BMW behaving like that? This proves once and for all that Ford drivers (And Vauxhall) are truely the scum of the earth.

HN54 ---
Dangerous driving - report by updated 22/Nov/2001
Ford Fusion, Black driven by Female
Seen at 03:45 pm on 22-Nov-2001 on Atherley Road Southampton Hampshire
Some incredibly stupid female in some ugly grotty Shoe box Ford drove right at me head-on when I had all the parked vehicles on my side and she hardly had any on hers. Instead of waiting behind the parked car like she was supposed to she stayed in the middle of the road driving head on at me when one of us had to stop or else there would be an accident. I hit the brakes and stopped so she carried on speeding at me like a missile squeezing past by a fag paper and not saying thank you. To be honest if my disabled mother wasn't in the car with me I would have stopped, opened the door and lobbed a can or a bottle at her Ford and aimed to smash one of the windows. Count yourself lucky this time babe, next time you will could face driving around with a smashed rear window.

S100 EAT
Driving too slow - report by updated 09/Nov/2001
Seat Leon, Other driven by Male
Seen at 10:30 pm on 09-Nov-2001 on A335 Southampton Southampton Hampshire
Wa in me blat Corsa VRX, kickin up some real speed n powah when I spies this bumberclot an is Seat Leon comin out in front ov mi n wannin 2 race. Dem boy be well slow, me Blue VXR leave that grey turd wagon fir dust. Bout 5 minz latur mi then see im arriv at di same petrol station as mi. He so afraid he open the door n call mi ‘Sir’ cos he wa scared I mite bash im in and ting da big rasclart, batty!

Cutting me up - report by updated 12/Dec/2001
Vauxhall Astra, Silver driven by Unknown
Seen at 08:15 am on 12-Dec-2001 on Leigh Road Eastleigh Hampshire
Grey Vauxhall Astra cut me up on Leigh Road in Eastleigh. Well exceeding the 30mph limit and nearly took the front of my car off. Fortunately I wasn't exceeding the limit so didn't have this happen. Driver should take a lesson in how to drive, they certainly need one!

Driving too close - report by Ron updated 03/Aug/2011
White Van Man Van, White driven by Male
Seen at 05:45pm on 03-Aug-2011 on B3006 Selborne Hampshire
I too was tortured by one of these 'hard-nut' butch aggressive types driving a white van (owned by 'Adenstar Construction Group'). He tailgated me far too close at the 60MPH speed limit (so close I could not read the numberplate) -- and as soon as he overtook me (on a blind bend, with oncoming traffic, well in excess of the limit), he then proceeded to pull in my safety gap and tailgate the person that was originally in front of me whilst constantly weaving about across the white line in silly attempts to get past. When he finally got on the A3, he then tailgated a third person only a few feet from their bumper at 70MPH. Worryingly, he had at least 2 other passengers in the van too who must have been filling their underwear when they saw they were going to have a head-on collision! But in classic van-driver style, they only care about their own lives, and not those of anyone else..!

Dangerous driving - report by updated 02/Feb/select
Vauxhall ASTRA, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 05:15 pm on 02-Feb-select on A32 Gosport Hampshire
I had just picked my partner up from work in Portsmouth and as we were driving into Gosport on the A32 we were minding our own business when this young lad just out of nappies cut us up in his car . And then kept making hand signals to us my partner then got her phone out then recorded this I just could believe what was going on . I had been to the Hospital that afternoon after being told my illness had reoccured and then this .

Speeding - report by Jabber updated 18/Apr/2011
Lamborghini ?, Yellow driven by Unknown
Seen at 10:15am on 18-Apr-2011 on M3 Fleet Hampshire
Dangerous speeding, 80mph. uk motorwey limit is 70, SEVENTY.

Other - report by SLFR1985 updated 18/Jun/2011
Volvo S40, Red driven by Male
Seen at 03:15pm on 18-Jun-2011 on A335 Southampton Hampshire
I was at the Shell garage parked up near the air/water machine next to the shops wall waiting for someone. When my sisters boyfriend jumped in the car, this idiot knew I was about to leave the forecourt so he overtakes on my right and stops right next to me completely blocking the way. I had already switched on my right hand signal and had my wheels locked over to the right about 10 seconds before he turned up so it was so damn obvious where I was going. Instead of A: waiting behind and driving into the space after I'd gone or B: let me pull out first, then drive in after to give us both an easier life. He ignorantly overtakes and parks up so I can't get out easily. I had to reverse right back up the forecourt towards the pumps and he had a real job of reversing and straightening his car up to tuck it in next to the wall of the shop. The lack of common sense with some of our brain-dead Southampton drivers is almost dangerous.

Cutting me up - report by updated 15/Nov/2013
Unknown vehicle Unknown, White driven by Unknown
Seen at 12:45 pm on 15-Nov-2013 on St Catherines Roundabout Winchester Hampshire
As a driving instructor with L plates all over my car (and holding a current LGV 1 licence too), I thought this was very inconsiderate of this articulated lorry driver. We couldn\'t move to the left as there was another car coming up that side (luckily slowed as he thought we may move over). The driver must have known that his trailer would have gone into the path of my vehicle...should have known better and the company..milkandmore...should have an email address that I can report this to.

Speeding - report by SLFR1985 updated 18/Jun/2011
Ford Focus Zetec, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 02:45pm on 18-Jun-2011 on St Deny's Road Southampton Hampshire
This goon came tearing right up my backside (in the wet) over cobden bridge. He went in the right hand filter lane and tried to use the filter lane as an extra overtaking lane because he was going so fast. He nearly lost control from heavy braking in the wet and almost smashed into the back of me. He sat a fag paper away from my backside cursing at me through the windscreen but soon slammed on the anchors and acted all innocent when a cop car was parked on the opposite side of the road with two cops sat inside it.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 11/Feb/select
Land Rover 4 x 4, Other driven by Male
Seen at 03:00 pm on 11-Feb-select on M3 Southampton Hampshire
Male driver was tailgating, then flashing lights, I maintained speed limit of 70. The driver got frustrated and then pulled a dangerous undertaking move on a motorway slip road forcing me to brake to let him past. However he then slowed down an did it again. This bloke has serious driving problems and road rage. Be careful of this man he has a screw loose and will cause an accident soon.

LC03 ---
Agressive behaviour - report by SLFR1985 updated 09/Jun/2011
Honda Civic Type R, Black driven by Male
Seen at 10:00am on 09-Jun-2011 on A3024 Thornhill Hampshire
It was raining and the road was soaking wet. However it didn't stop this idiot from driving like it was sunny weather. This goon came speeding down towards the hill bypassing the Thornhill estate, KFC and 'The Range' He screamed into Vtec to overtake traffic by using the right hand turn only lane at the top of the hill (For traffic turning right into Kathleen Road) just to overtake the traffic. He then cut up a van and forced himself back in the left lane when the lane ended. He then passed through the 40 zone (At the bottom of the hill) jumped in the right hand lane and screamed in the Vtec zone doing at least 60 to overtake the traffic going up the hill. He turned right towards Sholing and disappeared. The Civic Type R had black tinted windows so if you live in Southampton be careful of this idiot.

S100 EAT
Other - report by updated 01/Jan/2001
Seat Leon, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 01:00 am on 01-Jan-2001 on unknown unknown Hampshire
Sorry but i've just got to ask, why is it that you hate fords and vauxhalls so much?

Driving too close - report by Louise updated 17/Feb/2010
Van , White driven by Male
Seen at 05:00pm on 17-Feb-2010 on A3 Petersfield Hampshire
Unmarked white van with three men in work clothes. I was on A3 in overtaking lane, taking over slower traffic, doing the speed limit. This guy drives right up my back end and it was obviously deliberate as they were all laughing. I flashed my hazards to tell him he was way too close but he only flashed his headlights in return and drove even closer. Terrifying as I had nowhere to go at the time and he was forcing me to speed up. Eventually managed to overtake slower traffic and pulled into inside lane. As he passed me, the inside passenger was making al sex' gestures at me - got a very dirty look in return I can tell you. I then saw him do the same to another car in front for quite a distance.

Agressive behaviour - report by Raiden616 updated 02/Jul/2011
Ford Focus, Silver driven by Male
Seen at 04:15pm on 02-Jul-2011 on West End Road Southampton Hampshire
I am backing out of my drive and this silver ford slows down to a stop to let me go. Medium to light traffic. I begin to back out, whensuddenly, when I am basically horizontal across the road and still moving, he decides i am taking too long and floors it to try and overtake. I can't believe my eyes so I slam the breaks on, narrowly avoiding a collision as (luckily) he does the same, and be then proceeds to scream obscenities at me. People need to use common sense!

Driving too slow - report by Biker Dave updated 23/Jan/2010
Nissan Micra, Red driven by Female
Seen at 11:15am on 23-Jan-2010 on A33 Soton To Salisbury Hampshire
old lady, with dog in passenger seat, holding up traffic on A33. Worse queue I've seen in years

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