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S100 EAT
Dangerous driving - report by updated 11/Dec/2001
Skoda Leon, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 03:00 pm on 11-Dec-2001 on B3037 Alan Drayton Way Fair Oak Hampshire Hampshire
Recession Grey in colour being driven in a fashion that makes me believe the driver was still suffering the effects of alcohol from the night before. Had improperly secured Christmas tree that was causing an obstruction, also seemed to be overly distracted by female passenger - lots of kissing.

Other - report by Rfe updated 29/May/2007
Van various, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 06:30am on 29-May-2007 on M60 Lancashire
Generally every Balfour Beatty van driver I have seen is usually driving far in excess of 80mph, too close, cutting people off, etc. You name it they do it. I particular today I caught this van doing 120 mph in the outside, trying to push people out of the way. When he came up behind me I could not read his reg plate he was so close, until it was safe for me to move out of his way.

Cutting me up - report by updated 12/Jan/2001
Ford Fiesta, Unknown driven by Female
Seen at 08:30 am on 12-Jan-2001 on A4, aproaching J12 of m4 Reading Berkshire
Driver of this car just pulled into my lane, with out indicating, and forcing me to slame on my brakes. No apologies was offered. (year of offence is actually 2012)

Agressive behaviour - report by Marto updated 21/Jul/2011
Land Rover , Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 04:15pm on 21-Jul-2011 on A505 Duxford Cambridgeshire
Some bloke in a Rangerover tried to ram me off the road about half an hour ago. He started by trying to undertake me on the roundabout and then honked for me to get out of his way. So I gave him the finger after which he totally tried to ram me off the road. Twice. if I had had a passenger I'd have got them to film it but I was alone!

Other - report by Coll updated 05/Jun/2007
HGV Heavy goods, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 05:45pm on 05-Jun-2007 on M42 Nr Tamworth Staffordshire
ZC 48 48 Lorry Driver bald male, seen at 17:45 5th June 07 on the M42 near to Tamworth Junction 10. Driver throw out of window many cans of Red Bull and rubbish onto the motorway. I had to swerve to avoid collision.

Speeding - report by Rich updated 03/Aug/2010
Mercedes AMG, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 08:30am on 03-Aug-2010 on B3232 Barnstaple Devon
Driving far to fast through 30 zone in villages. Probably about 50.

Other - report by updated 07/Mar/select
Vauxhall VETRA, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 03:30 pm on 07-Mar-select on COTTINGLEY ROAD BRADFORD West Yorkshire

Other - report by Jj updated 06/Feb/2008
Nissan , Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 03:30pm on 06-Feb-2008 on Cowgate Edinburgh Midlothian
Erratic arrogant behaviour including U-turn in narrow busy road and driving off at excessive speed

Dangerous driving - report by updated 24/Dec/2001
Unknown vehicle Car, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 11:45 pm on 24-Dec-2001 on M25 Hertfordshire Hertfordshire
All those drivers who sit in the middle lanes when there is No other traffic on the motorway , what are you overtaking!! Nothing you Wankers.. Move over to the left lane..

Dangerous driving - report by Eddie updated 13/Jun/2008
Nissan Skyline, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 07:00pm on 13-Jun-2008 on Le Mans Aberdeenshire
I know this site is for reporting bad driving in the UK, but I absolutely feel this is an exception worth recording (sorry, I've ed Aberdeenshire to get this on the site). I have just returned from an excellent weekend at the Le Mans 24 hour race. Many will know it is far beyond just a race, it is a whole extended weekend of car mania. This includes the Friday developing the tag "Mad Friday" due to the car and non-car antics that add to the festival. However, the following went far beyond the acceptable and leaves me embarrassed to be British. A French registered Citroen Saxo came to a hault at the roundabout where many "antics" take place. This idiot in a British Registered Nissan Skyline (with "L" Plates!) then comes hurtling down the straight, on seeing the Citroen it locks up and slams into the back of it. After about a 5 second delay the Skyline wheelspins away around the Saxo and drives off. No drivers of either car got out, but the Saxo gingerley followed. There were also a lot of Gendarmes around and possibly one of their mini-buses gave chase. Whoever you are - I hope they caught you!Your car looked badly damaged too - I hope it costs you a fortune to repair! Finally, do all us Brits abroad a favour in future - stay at home in the UK!!

Agressive behaviour - report by Anil updated 07/May/2009
BMW 3 series, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 01:00pm on 07-May-2009 on M3 Southampton Hampshire
Thinks that driving two inches from the car in front at 80-90mph is safe. Did this to a series of cars forcing them into getting out of the way for fear of life

Dangerous driving - report by TheScribe updated 29/Jan/2009
Ford Mondeo, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 06:15am on 29-Jan-2009 on A167 Chester-le-Street Durham
6:15am, driving from Durham to Chester-le-Street on the A167, the Ford Mondeo was driving about half a metre from my rear bumper for over a mile. When the car first approached me, I actually thought it was a motorbike because the passenger side headlight wasn't working at all. Once the car was behind me, I could see that the driving was taking on his mobile phone..! I let the car pass me at a roundabout and, just after this, saw a pedestrian nearly get hit - the Mondeo must've been doing nearly 60mph coming off the roundabout... I saw the car again 3 miles down the road as he was stuck in traffic coming through Chester-le-Street - he was driving too close behind another car..! I considered calling the police on this guy as I figured it was only going to be a matter of time before he had an accident and killed someone - himself or others.

S313 YNO
Dangerous driving - report by Karate Grandad updated 04/Jul/2010
Vauxhall Corsa, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 03:00pm on 04-Jul-2010 on A130 Towards Southend Near Rayleigh Essex
Giving the finger to motorists, tail gating at high speed, undertaking on a dual carriage way nearly hitting both the car on the inside and myself in the outside lane - little boy will probably die young - didnt even look old enough to be driving

Dangerous driving - report by Ianrob updated 16/May/2011
Vauxhall Astra, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 06:45pm on 16-May-2011 on A59 Preston - Blackburn Lancashire
Undertook me whilst I was in outside lane to overtake cars on inside lane, then undertook car in front (T340 JAU) then braked once he /she was in front. As road split got in left hand lane then cut across to take the right cut by traffic lights

Other - report by Terrified updated 01/Jan/2008
Unknown vehicle , Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 01:00am on 01-Jan-2008 on Zetland
I am too scared to put the correct day, car details etc! I wonder how the other drivers on this site would feel if this hapened to them. A driver pulled out in front of our car. My husband hit the horn to warn him of our presence. The driver followed us, overtook us almost hitting an oncomming driver, blocked the road, came back to our car and began banging the top of the car and side windows with his fist. He was roaring abuse and very threatening. We have his registration, car make, model colour, we know where he lives, but he did not damage the car and no one will be a witness or challange him as he is a violent bully who would stop at nothing to prevent anyone reporting him. I am not making this up!

Leave alone
Other - report by updated 25/Dec/2001
Seat Leon, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 11:45 pm on 25-Dec-2001 on No road No Area/Town Angus
one thing I wanna know is why the hell is this guy being targetted??? Just cos he reports bad drivers and drives a nice car fair play to him you lot get really sh*tty and nasty about it. I own an old Mazda 626 and I am thinking of scrapping it because the backbox and suspension is shot and the next car I am gettin is a BMW 330ci with a personalised reg so does that mean I can no longer report bad people after the 626 goes to the metal graveyard? Even though you all own shit cars and can't afford any better you still manage to be judgemental stuck up pricks.

Driving too slow - report by updated 12/Nov/2013
Unknown vehicle Bus, Unknown driven by Female
Seen at 06:00 pm on 12-Nov-2013 on North Lane Aldershot Hampshire
Female with brown hair driving number 4 bus near North Lane, Aldershot. Driving very slowly towards me, at around 5mph down road, with misleading left hand indicator on. I was travelling in the opposite direction and pulled over behind a parked car to let her past. She made a big fuss and sat there waving her hands, though she had plenty of room to get through - my car is tiny! I reversed around a corner and she shook her head at me and didn't acknowledge that I had (a) pulled in for her and (b) then reversed to give her more room to get through. She needs to learn some manners, how to use her indicators, appropriate speed, and perhaps work out how wide the bus she's driving is.

Using phone while driving - report by Jenny updated 12/Nov/2007
Vauxhall not known, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 10:45am on 12-Nov-2007 on Prince's Way Bletchley Buckinghamshire
Took roundabout at a pace. Driving one handed on dual carriageway whilst using mobile phone. Sped round next roundabout nearly rear ending car stopped at Zebra crossing. Hair-raising!!!

Dangerous driving - report by AP updated 21/Aug/2008
Unknown vehicle Barnes Travel Coach, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 01:45pm on 21-Aug-2008 on A35/Redbridge Road Southampton Hampshire
I'm on the A35/Redbridge Rd Waiting to go through a roundabout and turn left onto the A35/Tebourba Way. I'm in the left hand lane next to a Barnes Travel Coach in the middle lane. Before I even get onto the rounadbout the Barnes Travel Coach starts to pull sharply and dangerously in front of me forcing me to stop. The side of the Barnes Travel Coach hits my right side wing mirror, pushing it fully forward and causing the whole glass to shatter and fall out onto the road. The Barnes Travel Coach continues to graze past the whole right side of my car before it gets onto the roundabout and takes the 3rd exit onto the Millbrook Rd W.

Dangerous driving - report by Katts updated 10/Aug/2009
Toyota , Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 03:15pm on 10-Aug-2009 on Brompton Road London Greater London
cutting up drivers in the next lane on the brompton road and then screaming at them for not stopping to give him way!!. making a U turn almost knocking 2 pedestrians and crossing dangerously in front of opposite traffic and screaming abuse at them for not stopping. maniac pure and simple

Dangerous driving - report by CVC updated 15/Aug/2007
Unknown vehicle , Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 05:45am on 15-Aug-2007 on Dunstable Road Luton Bedfordshire
It was dark and he was drivin like a tit so didn't see his make, model or colour. He was swerving, changing lanes and generally speeding and breaking every rule in the book.

Agressive behaviour - report by Florin R updated 01/Sep/2010
Unknown vehicle , Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 02:45pm on 01-Sep-2010 on Fraser Road Sheffield South Yorkshire
The driver seemed to have wanted to make a right turn but then abruptly stopped and started reversing slowly, apparently into his drive. We were close, so horned once to let him know we're behind him and to stop. He immediately looked out the window and sweared at us, "F***ing move then!" While saying that, he gave us no chance to reverse to at least give him some space so as to not bump into us while reversing. He had no visible reversing lights and nor did he activate any of the indicator lights. As he entered his drive, he showed us both his index and middle finger together.

Agressive behaviour - report by Rob updated 13/Jul/2011
Audi possibly cabroulet, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 11:00pm on 13-Jul-2011 on M25 After Junction 4 Kent
13/07/2011 around 11pm, M25 just before the A21 turning to sevenoaks heading south east. Erratic driving, high speeds, lane changing, trying to race a motorbike, pulled infront of motorbike and slammed on breaks at around 80mph. motorcyclist went down, but the car accelerated away without stopping or slowing down. motorbike was then hit by another car.

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 24/Oct/2001
Ford Transit, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 07:00 am on 24-Oct-2001 on A1 Western Bypass Gateshead Tyne and Wear
Hi I was driving along the western bypass in gateshead between 7:00am and 7:15am this morning and a prat in a white van flashed his lights at me all the way from Wasihngton services to the A69 turnoff at Newcastle. I have no idea what he was doing as i was driving safely, correctly and at the right speed and there is nothing wrong with my car. This behaviour was a distraction and totally unwarrented! I am compeltely perpelxed as to why he singled me out. Unfortunatley as it was dark and he was behind, i didn't get his reg number. Would appreciate it if anyone else who witnessed this could get in touch and shed some light on it or back me up. I drive a Black VW Polo 59 Plate, New shape. Cheers

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 08/Feb/2013
Honda Civic I-DTEC EX, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 09:45 pm on 08-Feb-2013 on A34 Tittensor Staffordshire
Two faced speeder at speed cameras. Speeding but slamming on brakes by speed cameras.

Ignoring traffic signals - report by updated 31/Dec/2013
Unknown vehicle Unknown, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 04:00 pm on 31-Dec-2013 on A653 Leeds West Yorkshire
This driver failed to stop for a red light.

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 26/Feb/2014
Volkswagen golf , Unknown driven by Female
Seen at 05:45 pm on 26-Feb-2014 on B197/ Brocketswood lane Ayot green Hertfordshire
Almost took side from my car whilst stationary. This 'driver' had decided to push me off the road. Then became aggressive making nasty hand gestures.

Dangerous overtaking - report by Slowpoke updated 02/Mar/2008
Volvo S60, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 04:15pm on 02-Mar-2008 on Couchievile Buckinghamshire
dangerous overtaking on leafy country lane...i thought i was going to be killed it had a Visordown sticker on the back

Agressive behaviour - report by Miss N updated 31/Oct/2008
Unknown vehicle , Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 08:00am on 31-Oct-2008 on A5 Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire
Other driver would not let me merge into traffic on slip road - neither overtaking or letting me in. When I managed to get in behind him he slammed his brakes on to deliberately make me crash into the back of him. Fortunately I had a safe distance and was able to stop in time, however the driver behind me didn't and he crashed into the back of my vehicle. The man who caused the crash then drove off. Police won't touch it even though I got his reg plate as I don't have an independent witness, so am reporting this on as many websites as possible.

Other - report by Queue updated 12/Nov/2009
Ford Focus, Unknown driven by Female
Seen at 05:30pm on 12-Nov-2009 on Basingstoke Hampshire
This driver drove down the wrong side of the road in order to jump the queue by several places. She then proceeded to turn right from the left/straight on lane of one roundabout, and undertake and cut into the right-turn queue for the next roundabout.

Agressive behaviour - report by Andrew updated 17/Apr/2010
Unknown vehicle Coach, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 06:00pm on 17-Apr-2010 on M1 J25 -J28 Northbound Nottinghamshire
50mph limit controlled by average speed cameras. "Eddie Brown" coach travelling less than one metre from rear bumper of a car in lane 2 travelling at 50mph, another coach from the same company travelling less than 3 metres from the back of the first coach. First coach later travelling at significantly more than 50mph - estimate 70 and using lane 1 to undertake other vehicles then cutting back into lane 2 Erratic lane changing with little or no advance indication.

Speeding - report by Robert updated 12/Oct/2010
Vauxhall , Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 05:30pm on 12-Oct-2010 on A32 Farringdon Hampshire
Tailgated and then overtook at 60MPH in a 30MPH zone (twice the speed limit). Obviously the driver couldn't wait 15 seconds for people to actually REACH the 60MPH zone. Far too impatient, and tailgating everyone he was stuck behind. A foolish thing to do, and a foolish place to do it in as cameras are seen around this area.

Dangerous overtaking - report by BENNY updated 12/Aug/2011
Unknown vehicle , Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 10:45am on 12-Aug-2011 on M3 SOUTHBOUND WINCHESTER Hampshire

Dangerous overtaking - report by updated 24/Feb/2001
Peugeot 206, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 11:30 am on 24-Feb-2001 on M4 J13 Berkshire
Friday 24th February, midday-ish, good conditions. I was driving on the west-bound M4 in the near-side lane approaching J13, 70-75 mph. White van ahead in near-side line 65-70mph, vehicles joining M4. Two cars (SJ03 GKF followed by a white car) 1000yds+ behind in outside lane, 85-90mph. White van moves out to let traffic join. I indicate and pull out to middle lane. SJ03 GKF now 500yds behind in outside lane. I keep indicating and pull out to outside lane. SJ03 GKF pulls into middle lane, I am coming alongside white van. SJ03 GKF undertakes me, squeezes between me and the white van, forces me onto the central reservation.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 24/Sep/2013
Mercedes E-Class, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 09:45 am on 24-Sep-2013 on A3095 Bracknell Berkshire
A3095 Queue in left hand lane, right hand lane clear. I'm driving down the right hand lane at 30-40 MPH. From the left lane, T45 TPA pulls into the right lane and stops, causing me to brake hard and come to a full stop. He stays in the right lane and follows the flow of traffic on the left blocking the (clear) road in the right lane. He does this for around 0.5 miles.

Agressive behaviour - report by Roger updated 27/Mar/2007
Mini , Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 07:30am on 27-Mar-2007 on M4 Berkshire
Drove aggressively close to cars in front in an attempt to make them move. Switched from lane to lane into tiny spaces in between cars making drivers have to brake suddenly. This driver is very likely to cause a pile up.

WA07 BP2
Driving too close - report by Buzzard updated 16/Jun/2008
Unknown vehicle , Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 02:45pm on 16-Jun-2008 on Colyford Devon
Lorry driving too fast down a narrow country lane meets me driving the other way. Signals that he is turning onto a building site and pulls in leaving enough room for a mini to get past. Sadly I wasn't driving a mini so I start to reverse - slowly. I know he's not the only idiot to drive too fast in that lane, there's a slope, a bend a little way back and a ditch (obscured by vegetation) on one side of me. As I reverse he comes tearing along so that I fear I will be hit. As I reverse he follows, keeping within a short distance of my bumper - until I stop and shout at him that if he carries on I'll stop there all day. Fortunately he is able to reverse onto the building site shortly afterwards. An aggressive man who needs to learn that if you give someone room they reverse faster.

R976 ABP
Dangerous driving - report by Anil updated 08/May/2009
Vauxhall Astra, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 11:30am on 08-May-2009 on Bracknell Bracknell Berkshire
Stolen uninsured vehicle maybe ? Brake lights not working. Nothing was going to stop this driver, undertaking, cutting up, causing others to brake and avoid a collision

Speeding - report by Richard updated 08/Jul/2010
Audi Possibly A4 or TT, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 12:15am on 08-Jul-2010 on The Causeway BISHOP'S STORTFORD Hertfordshire
Dark coloured Audi repeatedly coming up the same stretch of road (heading roughly NE to E, speeding (to 50-60mph in 30 limit). Agressively accelerating away from the traffic lights. Saw twice in the space of 10 minutes. This is a town centre residential area, where the residents are trying to sleep.

Dangerous driving - report by Ianrob updated 16/May/2011
Vauxhall Astra, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 06:45pm on 16-May-2011 on A59 Preston - Blackburn Lancashire
Undertook me whilst I was in outside lane to overtake cars on inside lane, then undertook car in front (T340 JAU) then braked once he /she was in front. As road split got in left hand lane then cut across to take the right cut by traffic lights

Dangerous overtaking - report by Elfranko updated 15/Sep/2011
Unknown vehicle Flat bed truck, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 10:15am on 15-Sep-2011 on A281 Surrey
Truck decided he couldnt wait for road engineers to finish setting up traffic light system on A281 (60 mph single lane traffic) and that it had been on red for way too long (2 mins) - so he decided to over take two cars and then me and drive through the single lane against green light traffic. Luckily no one was coming the other way (or their light was red because the guys were still setting up the lights). I've recently bought a dashboard mounted mini video cam (Search "mini video camera" on Amazon - £6!!) and I got his registration. Unluckily I didn't have it switched on when he did the act otherwise I'd send it on to the Police. All cars should have these fitted front and back as standard for insurance purposes.

Mad Cyclist
Agressive behaviour - report by updated 09/May/2013
Unknown vehicle Bicycle, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 05:45 pm on 09-May-2013 on Manchester Road Bury Lancashire
I was always taught that before making a turn you check your mirrors. i did and noticed there was a cyclist doing around 30 in the cycle lane behind me. i indicated and arrived at the junction. slowed down for the cyclist to pass. the moron went the other way around my car shouting cursewords at me. my mistake. i will remember to turn on him and kill him in future

Other - report by updated 18/Nov/2013
BMW 120D XDRIVE SPORT, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 09:15 pm on 18-Nov-2013 on B993 KEMNAY Aberdeenshire
Car came chasing up behind me, overtook, pulled in front of me and car in front, I flashed my lights as he cut in causing me to brake (icy road conditions also)he then slowed down and continued heavy braking in front of me trying to cause me to crash. Absolutely dangerous way to drive and these kind of idiots should not have a license, if he continues to drive like this its going to cause an accident.

FEB 207
Ignoring traffic signals - report by Ralph updated 12/Aug/2008
Unknown vehicle , Unknown driven by Female
Seen at 03:00pm on 12-Aug-2008 on Broomhill Road Aberdeen Aberdeenshire
Driver was looking in a shop window and didn't stop at a zebra crossing. I was nearly hit. Not sure of the time of day or make of car.

Dangerous driving - report by Caroline updated 17/Aug/2009
Unknown vehicle motorbike, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 04:45pm on 17-Aug-2009 on A500 Uttoxeter Staffordshire
on a500 near uttoxeter mon 17/8 2 lanes of heavy traffic. motorbike tailgatingmme then undertook me then did the same with large commercial vehicle. was driving 90/100 mph

Dangerous driving - report by Annoyed updated 09/Mar/2010
BMW Every model, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 09:00am on 09-Mar-2010 on Every Road Anywhere Essex
Every BMW driver is aggresive and will do all the following: tail gate, stay right on your bumper, pass you when ever they can, speed on dual carriage ways 100+ mph, usually have a phone stuck to their ear, will cut you up. I have yet to experience one decent BMW driver.

Dangerous driving - report by Flint updated 04/Mar/2011
Lorry/Wagon DTS Dalton Transport, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 08:30am on 04-Mar-2011 on A80 Mollinsburn Lanarkshire
At the roadworks merge at Mollinsburn where drivers were correctly merging in turn, this Artic driver closed the gap into which I was merging, pushing me into the cones and clipping my wing mirror as he pushed past - Very dangerous driving!

Driving too slow - report by Tintin updated 19/Jul/2011
Unknown vehicle , Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 05:00pm on 19-Jul-2011 on Stevenage Hertfordshire
Driving at 20 in a 30 where not necessary. Looked very hesitant, lack of confidence when driving and too slow.

Number 1
Agressive behaviour - report by updated 23/Oct/2001
Unknown vehicle Bus, Unknown driven by Male
Seen at 04:30 pm on 23-Oct-2001 on Portslade old village Porstlade East Sussex
My mum was leading my little brother on his pony out on the roads in Portslade old village when a bus came around the corner of the road, drove right up my brothers pony's bum and drove them off the road. They went up onto the pavement and the bus drove off. The little pony had hi-vis clothing on which included a band around my brothers hat, a waistcoat, Ponies leg bandages and finally a big rug on the pony. they were all highly visible and the stupid twat took no notice.

didnt see
Dangerous overtaking - report by updated 01/Feb/2001
Seat Ibiza, Unknown driven by Unknown
Seen at 04:45 pm on 01-Feb-2001 on Singleton Road Prestwich Greater Manchester
Overtook about 15 cars on the wrong side of the road, forced a car to stop (who was driving on the right side of the road) nearly side swiped a car waiting in the traffic, all so they didnt have to wait in the traffic.

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