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WF08 ---
Driving too close - report by SLFR1985 updated 06/Jun/2011
Fiat Doplo , Black driven by Unknown
Seen at 02:45pm on 06-Jun-2011 on Weston Lane Southampton Hampshire
I was driving through Woolston along Victoria Road. Turned left by the Inn on the corner near the old Thornycrofts site and went up past ST Marks school towards Weston estate. Just as I was passing the under the trees near the sales garage on the left this 'thing' came burning up my rear bumper doing least 50 in a square coffin box. The driver was despising me doing 30 so they continued to sit up my backside which was about as frightening as being chased by an insect. I turned left up Weston Lane and this 'Thing' started to look for gaps to overtake so I kept at 30. As I was approaching Kingsclere avenue to turn right the Doplo was burning up my rear bumper closer then ever before so I rammed on the brakes on top of the Kingsclere/Weston Lane junction hoping they would back off or give me a nice whiplash claim but the driver missed me. The driver eventually turned right and went down towards Weston flats and disappeared. Good!

Speeding - report by Sam updated 02/Nov/2010
Honda Civic Type R, Black driven by Male
Seen at 10:00pm on 02-Nov-2010 on Stratford Road West Midlands West Midlands
Was doing at least 120-130mph through a 60 zone and overtook multiple cars at once when the road was clear on the other side, very dangerous driver, thinks because he has a fast car he is michael schumacher!!

Speeding - report by Tal updated 06/Aug/2010
Peugeot , Black driven by Male
Seen at 06:00pm on 06-Aug-2010 on Hillhead Parkway Chapel House / Tyne and Wear
Speeding several times in a School 20mph Zone

Speeding - report by The Phantom Lemon updated 24/Aug/2010
BMW X3 or X5, Black driven by Male
Seen at 01:30pm on 24-Aug-2010 on A148 Norfolk
Speeding up A148 Cromer road towards King's Lynn. Must have been travelling at an atrocious 80 - 85 mph overtaking with no effort made to indicate. Oh well, make of car say's it all, rubbish Norfolk roads and 'normal for norfolk' driving behaviour. Terrible, dangerous driving.

Dangerous overtaking - report by Paul updated 16/May/2011
Vauxhall Corsa, Black driven by Male
Seen at 04:15pm on 16-May-2011 on A 256 Cliffsend Kent
Overtook me just before a traffic island with oncoming traffic very close. I was doing 40 mph in a 40 mph limit, then he speed off at 70mph. He then got stuck in traffic as I caught him up. Then he overtook other drivers dangerously on a roundabout at Richborough. Young boy racer in a hot hatch, danger to himself and other road users.

Agressive behaviour - report by Bill updated 04/Apr/2011
Peugeot , Black driven by Male
Seen at 08:00pm on 04-Apr-2011 on ?? Tyne and Wear
I saw this idiot the other day, cant remember the name of the road but he was driving like an utter arsehole, cant keep proper control of his vehicle and poor perception and overall driving. This idiot needs stopping

Dangerous driving - report by Obi Wan Kebobi updated 23/Jan/2008
Rolls Royce big black one, Black driven by Male
Seen at 08:15am on 23-Jan-2008 on A34, M60, M62 Manchester To Leeds Lancashire
This muppet, who thinks he is king of the road in his black newish Rolls Royce - Private Reg - 1 ATY, was about 3 cars behind me when he got on the A34 - must live in Wilmslow Cheshire, in morning rush hour. He had his mobile clamped to his ear whilst weaving and undertaking anything that moved!! Then when we got onto the M60 towards Oldham, in the overtaking lane i was closing the gap on the car infront, and not a snails pace either, he was so far up my rear end i had to check the rear seat for a Rolls Royce Badge imprint!! Now, I spend a big chunk of my day on motorways as a field engineer and dont really hang about, and i am usually good at letting people overtake if they are going faster but this idiot had already undertaken and cut up nearly every car behind, so after I had closed the gap on the motor infront, MR RR was still literally a foot behind me, I tickled the brakes, this caused him to his mobile and partly swerve into the middle lane, pillock! He then thought it the best idea to then get in to the outside lane, undertake 3 more cars in front and barge his way back into the fast lane. I watched him pull these types of manourvres all the way from Manchester to Leeds on the M60 and M62 in rush hour traffic with no regard for anybodys safety!! The funniest thing is I passed him in the queing traffic near Leeds whilst he was trying to undertake yet again!! I also was going slow enough to down my window, point at him and Laugh then show him the finger, the prat!!! So if you see this clown on the A34 from Wilmslow or M60 Stockport, or M62 Mcr - Leeds, you cant miss Mr Big Shot in his Black Roller and his priv No. Plate of "1 ATY" thats A for A, T for Total and Y for Yidiot!! then roll ya window down - point at him and laugh (obviously where its safe to do so, and the Finger is optional)

S--- SCR
Other - report by updated 18/Mar/2013
Chevrolet Lacetti, Black driven by Male
Seen at 02:45 pm on 18-Mar-2013 on A3024 Bitterne Road East Southampton Hampshire
I've seen this black Lacetti dozens of times round Southampton as it has a distinctive S*** SCR registration plate on a car that is a much newer model then the plate suggests. The lad was behind me doing 40 in a 30 limit along the dual carridgeway (Lane swapping) and was one of those types of idiots who thinks a 1.6 16v with 98 horsepower goes like a twin rocket Apollo. He went past me at 40 while I'm doing 30 and deliberately leaves his exit/juntion to the last minute. Suddenly cuts across infront of me with no signals from the right hand lane, dives over two lanes without looking and veers off into the 3rd exit lane for the A334 Thornhill Park Road. Normally a young female with dark hair drives this car but this time it was a male. The person is obviously the boyfriend or her brother but if you want to know how your car is being driven when you hand someone else the keys take a look at the report. If I see the car again I'll get the rest of the numbers and comment below or repeat the report.

Dangerous driving - report by updated 26/Mar/2013
Ford Focus, Black driven by Female
Seen at 03:15 pm on 26-Mar-2013 on London Road Andover Hampshire
Woman, more concerned with lighting her cigarette than paying attention to the road. Swerving all over the place.

Other - report by JT updated 17/May/2011
Vauxhall Cabriolet, Black driven by Unknown
Seen at 08:30am on 17-May-2011 on Rectory Road Farnborough Hampshire
Driver reversed off drive into line of traffic on both sides of the road, myself and the driver on the other side of the road had to slam on our brakes to avoid an accident. Both myself and the driver on the other side of the road blasted our horns at the driver of the cabriolet (not sure if male or female as I was behind) The cabriolet driver then proceded to give the middle finger to both myself and the other driver. I suspect this road user lives on this road and is in a habit of pulling out in front of traffic as the can not be bothered to wait for a space.

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 26/Feb/2013
Ford Feista, Black driven by Male
Seen at 03:30 pm on 26-Feb-2013 on A12 Southbound Brentwood Essex
Driving on the A12 just before turn off to brentwood heading southbound. Black Ford Fiesta, who was behind me but not tail gating, come to the side of me and shout racist abuse and made rude gestures. I was driving at the national speed limit and pulled in as soon as soon as the lanes went from 2 to 3. I did nothing wroung!!!! The fiesta has the company stickers on it, what a fool. COMPANY: RAIL OF OHL LTD DRIVER: WHITE \"UGLY\" MALE

Dangerous driving - report by updated 24/Feb/2013
Vauxhall Vectra, Black driven by Male
Seen at 08:45 pm on 24-Feb-2013 on M62 Manchester Lancashire
While I was driving at night on the motorway at 70m/hr on the middle lane, that car came very close behind me with his lights on full beam. Since I didn't move (i was just overtaking a truck at the same time), he then decided to overtake and came back just in front of me and then braked!!! I had to brake strong to avoid an accident...

Other - report by Racer Mike updated 13/Apr/2011
BMW M3, Black driven by Male
Seen at 09:00am on 13-Apr-2011 on All Of Them All Of Them London
Undertaking - due to retards sitting in the wrong lane, reducing the width of an already congested motorway. Which motorway? All of them. M25 particularly bad. Hint1 - if you are being undertaken, look in your passenger mirror, then over your shoulder.....then get out of the way. Hint2 - if you are in lane 2, 3 or 4 and you do not have a big enough speed differential to the car in the next lane to your left.......see Hint1 and get out of the way Hint3 - Speed limits - do them......that means do 40mph in a 40mph area - that doesn't mean do 30, 20 or 15. If you do - I will overtake you because you are going too slowly and are in the way. Hint4 - Tailgating - if someone is too close behind you, see Hint2, then Hint 1 and then get out of the way Hint5 - Not everyone is dithering there way to a flower shop/hairdressers/to see Auntie Meg. - some of us actually focus on what we are doing when driving and want to get on with it. See Hints 1,2 3 and 4 and focus on actually driving, when you're driving.

Using phone while driving - report by EM updated 26/May/2011
BMW 3, Black driven by Female
Seen at 08:00am on 26-May-2011 on A3 Guildford Surrey
Was seen using mobile phone while driving on a busy A3 southband. But not like talking on a phone, but searching/texting, as it was one of touch-screen phones, possibly iphone. Can't believe people do things like that :/

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 04/Apr/2013
Ford modeo , Black driven by Male
Seen at 04:00 pm on 04-Apr-2013 on High Street Cobham Surrey
I had pulled out on to Cobham High Street to sit behind queuing traffic. Then the idiot driver of the Modeo, who was at least 30 metres away when I pulled out, starts tooting his horn and gives multiple v signs and other gestures. Not sure what he was annoyed about as there was a queue in front of me!

Dangerous overtaking - report by PC updated 17/Nov/2007
Audi , Black driven by Male
Seen at 10:15am on 17-Nov-2007 on Kettering Northamptonshire
This plonker drove right up my backside. On a single country lane, he then tried to overtake me when a car was coming the other way. He didnt have enough space, and nearly pushed me into the hedgerow.

Dangerous overtaking - report by Pissed Off AGAIN!! updated 07/Jan/2008
Ford Focus, Black driven by Male
Seen at 04:15pm on 07-Jan-2008 on A65 Ingleton/Clapham North Yorkshire
Christmas is over and the selfish wankers are back driving on the roads again! This tosser decided to overtake me on a blind hill where the road markings said NO OVERTAKING!!!!! When I sounded my horn to tell the berk that he could happily kill himself, but I was buggered if he was going to kill me and my child, the wanker slammed his brakes on in front of me and gave me the bird!!!!! I wouldn't have minded if I had been in the wrong, but I was driving at the legal speed limit and I was not the one driving dangerously. Revenge is sweet tho - he zoomed off and then got caught behind 3 lorries all doing 40mph for the next 6 miles, which he couldn't overtake no matter how hard he tried and I was following him all the way. Hahahahaha - go kill yourself mate, not us innocents!!! Another male driver who's dick is in his accelerator pedal. Grow up arsehole!!!

Speeding - report by Liam updated 19/Jun/2010
Ford , Black driven by Male
Seen at 12:30pm on 19-Jun-2010 on Welford Road Shearsby Leicestershire
Driving along at 60 mph down welford road, leics, after tailgating for about a minute, this muppet overtakes me whilst sounding his horn. He was doing well over 70. He wasn't the only one either, a few other drivers seemed to have a problem with me doing the limit. I'm only 18, passed test a few months ago and don't often drive on country roads, so haven't got the experience other drivers have. Why don't people understand this?

Agressive behaviour - report by Matt updated 02/Dec/2008
Volkswagen Polo, Black driven by Male
Seen at 08:30am on 02-Dec-2008 on A92 Dundee To Fife Angus
I was in the process of overtaking this vehicle on a very long stretch of road in the distance there was a van heading towards me however there was plenty of time. The road conditions were good even though the surface was wet. On overtaking the other vehicle at a starting speed of 40mph (speed limit was 60mph) the vehicle began to accelerate and push me outwards and not letting me pass. After a few seconds i ped back behind the polo who the slammed on his brakes causing me to brake hard and slide. I ped further back to which he then did the same braking manoeuvre. I stopped my vehicle and put on my hazard lights as i was very shaken and had nearly slid into a ditch. The driver of the other vehicle then wound down his window rudely gestured, then sped off at high speed. This incident I feel could have easily ended in my self or even the other vehicles behind me been in a serious accident and the driver of the mentioned vehicle should be severely reprimanded for his accidents.

R40 epo
Dangerous overtaking - report by updated 27/Feb/2013
Ford ?, Black driven by Male
Seen at 08:45 am on 27-Feb-2013 on East Road London London
This nutter drove on the wrong side of the road in the rain straight towards me. I braked skidded and ended up on my ass. He drove past and didn't stop. I am going to file a report with the police for dangerous driving

Cutting me up - report by J.K. updated 30/Sep/2010
Ford kuga, Black driven by Male
Seen at 09:00am on 30-Sep-2010 on Essington/cannock Road New Invention West Midlands
This bloke cut me up at the exit from a round about, so i bleeped the horn, he then slams on his brakes and i could'nt stop and went into the back of him. He then smuggly just says "well its your fault for not stopping. I lost my temper but kept it together. Luckily some decent chap stopped and said he would be my witness for what happened. I hate morons like this...... Just hope the insurance does its job and stops idiots like this causing dangerous situations and then getting away with it....

Erratic lane changing - report by Gooner updated 02/Apr/2011
Lotus Elise, Black driven by Male
Seen at 12:00pm on 02-Apr-2011 on M1 Birmingham West Midlands
Stupid plastic little bath tub undertaking and excess speeding of 75-80mph in 70mph limit.

LB07 ---
Dangerous driving - report by updated 19/Mar/2013
Ford Focus Zetec, Black driven by Male
Seen at 07:45 pm on 19-Mar-2013 on A3035 Highfield Lane Southampton Hampshire
I was driving along Burgess Road turning right. Infront of me was your typical Ford driver: Fat, bald, uneducated with a collar stuck up on his polo shirt, half shaved eyebrow with a ring in it. He's driving a 1.6 Zetec which has got less Kw's then my Grandmothers mobility scooter. As the lights go green he top ends the engine at 6,000 odd revs and spins the front wheels to a pulp. I'm sat behind laughing because it confirms everything I say about Ford drivers and I remain right about them. He screams away and tears down 'The Avenue' and throws the car around a left hand bend in boyracer fashion. I just so happen to be going the same way as him but I choose to abide by the law and stick to the correct speed because Ford and Vauxhall drivers are all way down there and I'm up here. As I turn left I just catch sight of the distant rear lights disappearing around a set of bends and he disappears out of sight. Three minutes later I reach the crossroads at Portswood and I see the blue and red light flashings of an EMS vehicle bouncing the light off the walls. What are these flashes I wonder? The lights turn green I get nearer and he's only been pulled over by a Marked BMW 335d at the side of the road getting the book thrown at him for wrecklessness. He looked terrified and left his door wide open infront of passing traffic. Well done Hampshire Police I could kiss you for that. Keep up the good work, another trashbag Ford driver has been apprehended and delt with. Target them all I say, Vauxhalls too!!!

Driving too close - report by MarkyP updated 21/Jul/2007
Suzuki , Black driven by Female
Seen at 04:00pm on 21-Jul-2007 on A607 Grantham Lincolnshire
Foolish woman tailgater. I was driving along through some villages observing the speed limit when in a 30 zone some fool in this little black suzuki thing was tailgating me in wet and stormy conditions. As an advanced driver, I was in the correct gear and able to make progress into the 60 zone leaving this slagwagon well begind. She eventually caught up with me when the speed limit dropped and persisted in her foolhardy behaviour.

Dangerous driving - report by HOTCUT updated 05/Jan/2008
Vauxhall tigra, Black driven by Unknown
Seen at 06:00pm on 05-Jan-2008 on M1 BEDFORD Bedfordshire
this car passes me on my way home from work down the M1 most evenings. Has made many offences worst one when heavy rain with bad spray and visability the driver weaves in and out of all lanes at speed bumper to bumper with not care in the world. The car has blacked out windows with polish number plate.Im experienced driver and hate to regret Will cause fatality soon.

Agressive behaviour - report by Vicky updated 01/May/2011
Land Rover , Black driven by Unknown
Seen at 11:45am on 01-May-2011 on Thanet Way Herne Bay Ish Kent
This vehicle (I think a Range Rover but may have been another large 4x4) drove up behind us at high speed on a dual carriageway and then tailgated approx 5 feet from our rear bumper at 70mph for a mile. We were unable to pull in due to the volume of traffic in the other lane. When we could pull in, it then cut in front of us and slammed on its breaks causing us to brake sharply. This was all the more worrying for us as we were on the way back from the hospital with our 8 day old baby in the back...

LBH 14
Dangerous driving - report by M. Lees updated 03/Jan/2008
Porsche cayenne, Black driven by Male
Seen at 08:30am on 03-Jan-2008 on Melciss Road Rotherham South Yorkshire
full throttle accelleration on a quiet residential street. conditions were wet, icy and snowy. The driver was totally oblivious to the groups of young children walking to the local junior school and the trecherous conditions.

Driving too close - report by MarkyP updated 21/Jul/2007
Suzuki , Black driven by Female
Seen at 04:00pm on 21-Jul-2007 on A607 Grantham Lincolnshire
Foolish woman tailgater. I was driving along through some villages observing the speed limit when in a 30 zone some fool in this little black suzuki thing was tailgating me in wet and stormy conditions. As an advanced driver, I was in the correct gear and able to make progress into the 60 zone leaving this slagwagon well begind. She eventually caught up with me when the speed limit dropped and persisted in her foolhardy behaviour.

R928 ANH
Driving too close - report by John updated 03/Nov/2010
Mazda MX-5, Black driven by Male
Seen at 07:45am on 03-Nov-2010 on Boothtown Raod Halifax West Yorkshire
Same idiot as previously reported in August. Drives aggressively, lights on, weaving around and too close to the car in front. Overtakes in dangerous places and has to cut in - overtakes in 30mph areas without regard to other road users. A total moron.

Agressive behaviour - report by The Dawg! updated 11/Mar/2011
Bentley ?, Black driven by Male
Seen at 10:00am on 11-Mar-2011 on Linthorpe Road Boro Cleveland
Was driving along at the correct speed limit when some idiot came up behind me and beeping his horn stopped at the traffic lights and loked in my rear view mirror to see that he was flicking the vs at me i wound my window down and he subseqntly did the same he continued to hurl a torrent of a abuse at me calling me every name under the sun for going to slow? well im sorry moron but it was a 30 mph road and i will go 30 miles an hour!

Dangerous driving - report by updated 20/Mar/2013
Volkswagen Golf, Black driven by Female
Seen at 09:00 am on 20-Mar-2013 on Whitefields Cottages Donnington, Newbury Berkshire
I have seen this serial speeder most mornings travelling at up to 70 mph in 30 and 40 limits through this village on her way to the A34 Oxford. I have seen her cause incidents where drivers have to halt in the middle of roads when coming out of side roads as she suddenly appears at speed. Also drives too close and overtakes inappropriately. Needs to be caught and license removed. Becomes abusive when challenged. Seems to be unaware what she is doing.

Dangerous driving - report by Seedy Toucher updated 10/Apr/2011
Ford Mondeo ST, Black driven by Male
Seen at 02:30pm on 10-Apr-2011 on Hillhead Parkway Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyne and Wear
I was doin my gardening on a Sunday afternoon in Chapel house when this black ford Mondeo with some fat looking 'stoned' kid wearing a vest came through the estate at about 100mph!!! The force of his speed ripped my plants from the ground which i had just planted!!! When will youngens realise having a nice car doesnt stop you lookin a fat stoner! His boobs were huge too!

Driving too close - report by Slowsteady updated 02/Jun/2011
BMW 3 Series, Black driven by Male
Seen at 06:00pm on 02-Jun-2011 on M4 Motorway Swindon Wiltshire
I was travelling in the outside of the M4 passing Swindon going at 60mph, I had long overtaken a lorry and there wasn't anything for some distance in Lane 2 however this idiot in a beamer undertook me from out of no where even tho I was already going fast enough for the motorway Absolutely scared me as I may be a bit old and scared to drive but this idiot just didn't have the paitence to accept me holding him up

Driving too close - report by Crazylady updated 13/Apr/2011
Ford Fiesta, Black driven by Female
Seen at 02:00pm on 13-Apr-2011 on Mansfield Road Chesterfield Derbyshire
Driven by a women, was literally driving 4 foot behind my bumper.

Speeding - report by George updated 24/Nov/2007
Audi , Black driven by Male
Seen at 02:30pm on 24-Nov-2007 on B4425 Aldsworth Gloucestershire
Driving at at least 70 mph in 50 zone

Dangerous driving - report by Tom updated 20/Apr/2011
Volkswagen polo, Black driven by Unknown
Seen at 01:00am on 20-Apr-2011 on Hertfordshire
Parked in a ditch

Cutting me up - report by updated 16/Feb/2001
BMW 3 series estate, Black driven by Unknown
Seen at 01:15 pm on 16-Feb-2001 on A572 Worsley Greater Manchester
Why are most German cars driven by complete nobheads? First VWs, then Audis, now BMWs are getting in on the act! I was in the right hand lane approaching J13 of the M60, this prat was in the left hand lane slightly behind me. As we pulled on to the roundabout their right indicator goes on, suggesting they were also going on to the M60 and had to get on before the little Punto (me!). But no, they were going all the way round the roundabout and decided the easiest and quickest way to do it was to cut right across the front of me, causing me to slam on. Count yourself lucky that I can't afford to be without my car, otherwise it's a very safe bet that there would have been a collision - closely followed by a smack in your stupid fat mouth! Dickhead!

Dangerous driving - report by Eric updated 24/Sep/2010
BMW , Black driven by Male
Seen at 07:15am on 24-Sep-2010 on A30 Suningdale Berkshire
This idiot was at the lights, two lanes, in the outside and didn't like that I got in front of him as he was slow to react to light change as he was fafing around with something. I was doing 35 in a 40 zone and he was flashing his lights, calling me a w****r etc. drivng extremely close and being agressive.he eventually overtook into oncoming trafic and cut me up badly. I decided to let him go and pul over. what a twat. Does a BMW 7 series driver own the road? this one does.

Dangerous driving - report by Julie updated 19/Aug/2011
Audi , Black driven by Male
Seen at 08:30am on 19-Aug-2011 on A9 Tore Inverness-shire
Two men in an Audi speeding behind me and my fiance on our way to work on dual carriageway near Inverness. Flashing lights and driving less than half a car length from our bumper. Tried to undertake us as we were pulling into the inside lane then pulled out, pulled in front of us and put the brakes on forcing us out into the outside lane. Then sped off around 90 mph.

Dangerous driving - report by Angry Man updated 29/Nov/2010
Mercedes E Class, Black driven by Male
Seen at 03:30pm on 29-Nov-2010 on M6 Northbound Knutsford Cheshire
I was cut up by this person on the M6 in lane 3 as he forced his way in front of me. He had done this to several other people behind me causing several other near misses. He did think this was funny however I found it more amusing that he looked like the Pengiun out of Batman!!!

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 02/Jun/select
Mitsubishi ?Carisma, Black driven by Male
Seen at 04:00 pm on 02-Jun-select on Dumbarton Road Glasgow Lanarkshire
I was waiting patiently for a break in the traffic to cross the road and was standing next to a parked car next to a very large parking space when the male driver decided he would approach the space missing me narrowly by a few inches if lucky. I put out my arms in disbelief towards the car at which point his female passenger rattled the window at me with her soverign gold ring and numerous jangly bangles. Surprised the window didn't smash with the weight of it all. I then walked past the window and said, "how rude" to which the pair of them hurled insults at me. They weren't exactly the sort of people you could expect any consideration from judging by the way they spoke, missing a few chromosomes. Probably don't get out much either.

Cutting me up - report by Jonno updated 15/Feb/2008
Volkswagen golf, Black driven by Female
Seen at 09:15am on 15-Feb-2008 on Bondgate/flaxley Road Junction Selby North Yorkshire
do you actually know how to use a mini roundabout ? its easy . as you drive up to the white line you slow down and stop if necessary.why do you look to the left instead of looking to the right ? if you had looked right you would have seen me entering the time i will just t-bone you IT IS YOUR FAULT so why get a strop on with me.i feel sorry for your kids who have to endure a white knuckle ride when they go shopping with mummy,why not take them to alton towers its safer ?? or better still get someone who can actually drive safely to take them . At least i know my ABS works now,next time shall we test the airbags as well or will you have learned how to use a mini roundabout by then??????

Dangerous driving - report by Elle updated 31/Mar/2011
Ford Fiesta, Black driven by Female
Seen at 05:00pm on 31-Mar-2011 on Woburn To Clophill Bedfordshire
Insisted on driving 10-20mph below speed limit on 60mph limit roads, braking hard at every bend or junction and inisting on actually driving in middle of road (over white line) even when vehicles travelling towards us on opposite side. I gave her a wide berth and kept well back as didn't seem to have working indicators either so hard to judge exactly where she was going to go or do next.

Cutting me up - report by Mad Max updated 09/Aug/2011
BMW 325i, Black driven by Male
Seen at 06:30pm on 09-Aug-2011 on M25 Heathrow Middlesex
Got another free brake test today as this one decided to undertake on the M25 in a reduced speed limit. It was 60 for a reason and the gantry was stating to stay in lane due to congestion ahead, not undertake like a lunatic and nearly cause an accident. Suggest changing the shades for proper glasses so you can make better judgements in future. Your need for speed didn't get you very far ahead in the traffic at the next junction!

Dangerous driving - report by MUM updated 20/Jun/2011
Audi , Black driven by Male
Seen at 08:00am on 20-Jun-2011 on Derbyshire

Agressive behaviour - report by updated 21/Jan/select
Vauxhall Zafira, Black driven by Male
Seen at 02:45 pm on 21-Jan-select on M8 Hillington Renfrewshire
I was in my car with my young son on the 2 lane trunk of road leading from Hillington roundabout to M8 towards Paisley. The 2 lanes eventually merge B4 running into the M8. I was on the left handside lane. As I understand, vehicles have to merge orderly into one lane, every other car letting one in, in front or behind. I was well ahead of the car on my right hand side but the guy in it accelerated as I was about to merge into his lane, refusing to let me go in (I was already in front), squeezing me out of the lane, onto the hard shoulder, effectively running me off the road!!! He was screaming at me and gesturing obscenities, which I returned! I managed to avoid him, serve onto the M8 to avoid him and seeing that I'd got on the M8 before him, although behind him he switched lanes so he could slam his breaks in front of me! I changed lanes, we drew level and exchanged loopy signs...My car being powerful I just pulled away from him but he was behind me for a few miles.... Sado!! Go revise your highway code, or even your basic good manners! Poor excuse for a human being...probably couldn't stand a woman driving better than him :-(

S122 SJN
Speeding - report by Sunshine updated 08/Oct/2007
Ford Estate, Black driven by Male
Seen at 06:15pm on 08-Oct-2007 on Norwich Road Furnace Green West Sussex
I saw this bloke driving like a mad man speeding round the bend of Norwich Road in Furnace Green, Crawley. I know this bloke and he only has a provisional which he has held for about 6 years! He did not have anyone with him and does this on a regular basis.

Cutting me up - report by Monk updated 05/Oct/2010
Saab 9-3/5, Black driven by Male
Seen at 07:45am on 05-Oct-2010 on A444 Nuneaton West Midlands
Yesterday morning and this morning driving down the A444 duel carrageway toward Nuneaton. Cars infront of me in lane 2 as we overtake a lorry. Late 40's penis storms up in his saab and dives into lane 1. I keep pace with the car infront as I'm around 2 car lengths from the rear of the lorry. Penis dives in forcing me into the central reservation. He continues to weave in and out, speeding and this morning he repeated the same thing, obstacle this time was a bus. I didn't give way or move and by doing this, he threw his car toward mine. He refused to slow or aknowledge me and kept going. He then approched an island on lane 3, cut up traffic on lanes 1 and 2 and turned off on first exit. This caused all traffic to slam on brakes. Man is in desperate need of being slapped about.

nv11 xtg
Dangerous overtaking - report by updated 04/Mar/select
Ford Mondeo, Black driven by Female
Seen at 12:45 pm on 04-Mar-select on A1 bedlington junction Bedlington West Yorkshire
Driver was ahead of us undertaking in the pouring down rain when visibilty was reduced. Driver was weaving in and out traffic finding anyway to overtake/undertake.

Using phone while driving - report by updated 18/Mar/2013
Volkswagen Golf, Black driven by Male
Seen at 02:15 pm on 18-Mar-2013 on Livingstone Road Andover Hampshire
Texting with both hands while side of palms on steering wheel while leaving Le Creuset car park. Swerving all over the place.

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