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Recent reports of bad driving

The following drivers have recently been named and shamed for their bad driving. Add your own bad driving report anonymously and it will appear at the top of the list. If your road rage incident is serious make sure you REPORT IT TO THE POLICE. No Foul Language in your posts Please.

Erratic lane changing - report by Matt updated 20/Apr/2014 United States
Toyota Camry, Brown driven by Male
Seen at 01:45 pm on 20-Apr-2014 on I5 Lost hills
Cut off multiple vichicles from weaving in and out of traffic. Came into my lane, push me into the next lane.

Driving too close - report by ABSL updated 20/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
Unknown vehicle Small van, White driven by Male
Seen at 08:15 pm on 20-Apr-2014 on Ayelstone Rd/Lutterworth Rd Leicester Leicestershire
Driving right up to my rear bumper in a 30 mph zone with active speed camera and bus lane. NOT content with driving on my bumper, he then tried to use the bus lane to undertake me at speed, before swerving and changing his mind. After that, shot off at speed towards another speed camera.

Erratic lane changing - report by Areo updated 20/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
Ford Van, Blue driven by Male
Seen at 02:15 pm on 20-Apr-2014 on M90, North Approaching Kelty Fife
On the motorway today an aggressive male over takes me once and get very close to the rear of my car, but then yet again overtakes getting even closer to my car whilst he continues driving erratically all over the road.

ek13 dym
Agressive behaviour - report by Gary updated 20/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
Suzuki alto, White driven by Male
Seen at 03:15 pm on 20-Apr-2014 on B1393 Epping, Essex Essex
White male about 50-55. Did an emergency stop from a 50mph zone to a 30mph zone. At the next junction did not drive into right hand filter lane to turn right again stopped in the middle of the road with no oncoming traffic. He jumped out of his car and shouted and used foul language in front of my two children. A female in the car also got out and was filming him and us sitting in our car.

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  • BKF-8521
    Other - report by Amy updated 20/Apr/2014 United States
    Toyota Prius, Grey driven by Female
    Seen at 10:30 am on 20-Apr-2014 on Highway 78 Lilburn
    Multiple Offenses : Cell phone while driving Ignoring traffic signals-honking at stopped cars Speeding Road Rage/Harassing

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  • RN53 RGX
    Other - report by prib updated 20/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Land Rover Land Rover, Blue driven by Female
    Seen at 01:30 pm on 19-Apr-2014 on Barras Street Liskeard Cornwall
    We were in a parking bay on the main road in Liskeard. There was a terrific thud and we were thrown forward including an 80 year old passenger. This bad driver rammed into us from the back trying to park although there was more than ample room. The driver and passengers were extremely rude and callous and treated it all a joke. Apparently their manners and consideration for the safely of other road users are on a par with this drivers parking ability.

    Dangerous driving - report by Mike updated 20/Apr/2014 United States
    Honda Accord, Black driven by Male
    Seen at 04:00 pm on 19-Apr-2014 on FL Turnpike MIAMI
    VERY Rude/Agressive Driver, I witnessed this driver cut a car off, then argue verbally with other driver, when he was Clearly WRONG. He proceeded to the Highway driving very close to other operating vehicles which was totally dangerous/poor driving ethics. This person shouldn't be on the road, watch out for this Idiot.....

    Agressive behaviour - report by Charm updated 20/Apr/2014 United States
    Toyota Corolla, Grey driven by Male
    Seen at 10:30 pm on 19-Apr-2014 on 37th street New York city
    Refused to follow yielding. Extreme aggressive driving and screaming out obsceneties. Constant cutting and speeding!

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  • j111 nxu
    Other - report by H updated 19/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Unknown vehicle unknown, Red driven by Female
    Seen at 03:15 pm on 19-Apr-2014 on castle view road wednesbury West Midlands
    Driver pulled up at the junction of tudor road castle view road. The passenger door then opened and the female in the passenger seat neatly placed her and her female friends USED macdonalds tray and cleaned her hands with a tissue which also ended up on the floor whilst the traffic built up behind them. On continuing out onto the black country route the female driver threw rubbish from her window. She also does not know which lane she should be in.

    Other - report by Pissoff Parker updated 18/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Hyundai I30, Black driven by Female
    Seen at 03:30 pm on 18-Apr-2014 on St Mungos Chruch Glasgow Lanarkshire
    The stupid bitch boxed in a total of 4 cars because she couldn't find a space. She had an 'L' Plate attached to the front of the car and her parking ticket had also expired. We had to wait 1 hour before she turned up.

    Other - report by Pissoff Parker updated 18/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Hyundai I30, Black driven by Female
    Seen at 03:30 pm on 18-Apr-2014 on St Mungos Chruch Glasgow Lanarkshire
    The stupid bitch boxed in a total of 4 cars because she couldn't find a space. She had an 'L' Plate attached to the front of the car and her parking ticket had also expired. We had to wait 1 hour before she turned up.

    Agressive behaviour - report by nchinetti updated 18/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Honda Jazz, Blue driven by Male
    Seen at 03:30 pm on 18-Apr-2014 on Chiswick High Road Gunnersbury Greater London
    Drove too fast. Aggression toward a cyclist by swerving toward him.

    ERZ 1375
    Erratic lane changing - report by Kimbo updated 18/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Unknown vehicle unknown, Black driven by Female
    Seen at 08:45 am on 18-Apr-2014 on Motorway Antrim Antrim
    Came down a slip way onto very busy motorway and this driver disregarded everything she had been taught and pulled across two lanes onto the fast lane cutting me off - i had to slam on my brakes, causing the driver behind me to do the same. she then gave me the middle finger in her mirror - im sure her parents are so proud of her!

    Agressive behaviour - report by Pub Landlady updated 18/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Lorry/Wagon Don't know, White driven by Male
    Seen at 05:00 pm on 17-Apr-2014 on Junction A308 and B378 Ashford, Surrey Surrey
    Sitting at lights with 3 lanes. Lorry turning right and I was turning left. There was a small flatbed (I think) in middle lane. It couldn't pull forward as lorry partially taking middle lane. When lights went green he drove at me forcing me right up onto pavement. When I hooted at him he flipped me the bird and accelerated away leaving shaken. Had I not moved he would have hit me. I now wish I hadn't moved so that he could be made accountable for his aggressive and frightening behaviou.........

    Agressive behaviour - report by Erin updated 18/Apr/2014 United States
    Ford SUV, Black driven by Female
    Seen at 07:30 am on 18-Apr-2014 on 76W between exit 341 and 339 Philadelphia
    This woman tailgated me for two miles on 76, going 70+ and staying only inches off my bumper. She suddenly cut around me to the right, went around, then got in front of me. She then continually slammed on her brakes, going from 70 to 0, for another two miles. I tried to change lanes to get away from her but she kept swerving in front of me and slamming on her brakes. The whole time this was happening, she had her arm out the window and was 'waving' to me. After awhile she sped off.

    Other - report by Lancastrian updated 18/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Volkswagen Golf, Red driven by Male
    Seen at 07:15 pm on 17-Apr-2014 on Westgate park road Westgate Lancashire
    Driver blocking road with 2 other vehicles. Pipped my horn to make them aware of my presence they all pipped back but wouldn't move. In the end I held up my phone to pretend to take a photo of each of the cars. One vehicle sped off the driver in the red car got out shouting at me through my window for taking photos (so he thought) i asked him to move his car or il phone the police. Cars all moved.

    Agressive behaviour - report by Dan updated 17/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Ford B-Max, Red driven by Unknown
    Seen at 05:45 pm on 16-Apr-2014 on - Northampton Northamptonshire
    The driver was dangerously close and gesturing. He then began flashing his lights and making threatening hand gestures at this point I tried to get away as was scared. After him swerving about and continuing to make gestures he then forced me off the road at the roadworks into central reservation. Blocking a full lane of traffic he then pushed his door into my car causing some damage at this point I just wanted to get away from this violent individual.

    Agressive behaviour - report by Unknown updated 17/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Ford Focus ZETEC, Green driven by Unknown
    Seen at 04:45 pm on 17-Apr-2014 on St Walburga's Road Blackpool Lancashire
    Aggressive and pushy driving with speed along St Walburga's Road trying to push in before two lanes merged.

    Dangerous driving - report by Unknown updated 17/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Vauxhall ASTRA ENVOY DTI VAN, White driven by Male
    Seen at 04:30 pm on 17-Apr-2014 on Station Road B5266 Poulton-le-Fylde Lancashire
    Driving like a maniac on a 60 stretch and speeding in 30 zones. Between Singleton and Hardhorn. White and green colours.

    WU11 HYA
    Driving too close - report by George updated 17/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Land Rover Range Rover VogueSE , Black driven by Male
    Seen at 02:45 pm on 14-Apr-2014 on Somerset Avenue Worle-Weston-S-Mare North Somerset
    This driver tailgated me in a 60 zone. Then later overtook at approx 70mph (still in the 60 zone) and stuck his fingers up as he went past

    Ignoring traffic signals - report by wynneb updated 17/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Lorry/Wagon unknown, White driven by Male
    Seen at 09:00 am on 17-Apr-2014 on A300 / Southward RD London Greater London
    Dutch mega-lorry signed Boom at junction of Southwark Road and A300. This dutch lorry was waiting on Southwark Road at the traffic lights to turn right into the A300. Ahead was a skip lorry, occupying the whole junction, waiting to turn. The lights turned red and the skip lorry was then able to make its turn. This lorry then decided he had waited sufficient time and that it was fine for him to ignore the red light and so proceeded to make his manoeuvre despite his setting off on red.

    BD63 KXV
    Erratic lane changing - report by Fish Fiend updated 17/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Toyota Prius, Grey driven by Male
    Seen at 06:45 am on 17-Apr-2014 on A3 Cobham Surrey
    While I was following a line of vehicles in the filter lane to turn left, this chap came up the right hand filter lane (for going straight on), because he couldn't be bothered to queue. He then barged in to the left lane without signalling, missing me by inches.

    Dangerous overtaking - report by spooksagain updated 16/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Citroen BERLINGO 850 LX HDI, White driven by Male
    Seen at 09:45 am on 16-Apr-2014 on M62 North Manchester Greater Manchester
    I was driving on the motorway this morning at 70 miles per hour on the fast lane. All the 3 lanes were pretty busy. A vehicle was driving very close behind me. Suddenly, the BERLINGO 850 LX HDI PANEL VAN driver decided to overtake me on the inside lane and nearly pushed my car on the barriers on the right side of the fast lane. He then accelerated and shown a finger to me when I used my horn! Nice!?!

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  • LN11 XNT
    Other - report by Watchman updated 16/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Mercedes Sprinter, Silver driven by Male
    Seen at 03:15 pm on 14-Apr-2014 on Bachelors Acre Windsor Berkshire
    Driver sat taking photos of children in the park on his phone - clearly a paedo, wears a noncy beret, too. Seen at the Recreation park in Dedworth, too.

    Dangerous overtaking - report by BillyNomates updated 16/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Mercedes SL CLASS, Silver driven by Unknown
    Seen at 07:45 am on 16-Apr-2014 on A606 Empingham Leicestershire
    Just watch the vid - no explanation required.

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  • W246 GBW
    Other - report by Jas updated 16/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Jaguar Not sure, Silver driven by Male
    Seen at 07:30 pm on 16-Apr-2014 on M25 Heathrow Surrey
    Driving as if drunk in the fast lane of M25 while we are only travelling at 10 mph in traffic jam, all over the lane

    YY07 FAK
    Cutting me up - report by Man from Middlesbro updated 16/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Fiat Doblo???, Black driven by Male
    Seen at 07:15 am on 15-Apr-2014 on Larkspur RD Middlesbrough Cleveland
    I was driving down larkspur road, the this idiot pulled out in front of me nearly causing us to have a crash. What a thing any taxi driver would do. They are utterly stupid

    GU61 NNB
    Agressive behaviour - report by Stella updated 16/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Unknown vehicle unknown, White driven by Female
    Seen at 04:15 pm on 15-Apr-2014 on brighton sea front BRIGHTON East Sussex
    Driver followed me on my bike, wound down window shouting as i rode. i then pulled into a side road to get away. she then drove round the block to follow me into the side road, parked car directly in my path, got out in font of me so i couldn't get away and continued to shout aggressively. mid 60s woman. very unpleasant and unjustified.

    SA57 KDU
    Agressive behaviour - report by quash updated 16/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Unknown vehicle unkown, Silver driven by Male
    Seen at 02:00 pm on 16-Apr-2014 on gosforth car park gosforth Northumberland
    old man shouting on at a young girl swearing and threating her becaus he wanted her to move out of the car park into a left lane as he stated there was too lanes, there was too lanes everyone was in the end lane to take the first junction if she went into the lane he suggested she would of been cut off and ended up at gosforth high street, very aggressive and rude man

    Cutting me up - report by blue updated 15/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Ford KUGA, Silver driven by Female
    Seen at 04:00 pm on 15-Apr-2014 on lubbesthorpe way leicester Leicestershire
    This driver just pulled straight in front of me into my lane going round the roundabout towards m69/supermarket from the meridian business park leics, they pushed me right on to the shevrons and caused me to brake sharply just because they didn't look or care who was in the way. just plane wreckless , dangerous and rude!

    Using phone while driving - report by RENARD updated 15/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Van HOMETEAM, Red driven by Male
    Seen at 01:00 pm on 15-Apr-2014 on ST JAMES LANE WILLENHALL West Midlands

    EK63 AVZ
    Dangerous driving - report by Gerhard updated 15/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Daihatsu 1.4, White driven by Male
    Seen at 09:45 am on 09-Apr-2014 on A14 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
    The guys was al over the road and changing lanes without indicating. Driving close to the car in front's bumper.

    Dangerous overtaking - report by Barry updated 15/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Lorry/Wagon Daf Refuse Disposal, White driven by Unknown
    Seen at 07:30 am on 15-Apr-2014 on Mountnessing Road Billericay Essex
    I was cycling up Mountnessing Road in Billericay towards Radford Way. Going over a hump back bridge which had double white lines, the bin lorry decided to overtake on the double white lines, he got very close to me and caused a silver mk7 Ford Fiesta coming the other way to stop.

    P144 RMW
    Dangerous overtaking - report by Eve updated 14/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Honda Civic, Green driven by Male
    Seen at 04:15 pm on 14-Apr-2014 on Nottingham Road Mansfield/Nottingham Nottinghamshire
    Terrifying overtaking in queue on blind road, and swerving to try and overtake an entire queue of traffic on the road going through Thieves Wood, Notts. Only stopped by another driving close to the line to stop them swerving to see if they could overtake 20 cars at once!

    Agressive behaviour - report by Crane man updated 14/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Lorry/Wagon Daf 75, Yellow driven by Male
    Seen at 07:30 am on 14-Apr-2014 on M3 Northbound Just past Winchester Hampshire
    Whilst driving towards London on the two section of the M3 between Winchester Services & the A303 junction this morning 14/04/14 @ 0731hrs I was in a line of three cars I was separated from the car in front by a 2 second gap when in lane one a crane was travelling north. All the cars in lane two stayed in lane two which allowed a van in lane one to join lane two. The Daf wagon in Storage On Site livery (with a storage cabin loaded on the back) didn't see the crane in front of him and as.........

    WR11 ELC
    Agressive behaviour - report by Mike updated 14/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    White Van Man -, White driven by Male
    Seen at 11:45 am on 14-Apr-2014 on A27 Park Gate/Fareham Hampshire
    This Van driver obviously did not realised the speed limit was 30 mph so tail-gated me the whole up the A27 going into Park Gate. Only after you get over the small bridge and under the railway bridge that it changes to 40mph. He beeped very aggressively most of the way and then dangerously overtook me before the traffic lights where this is only a single lane. This was all before we reached the 40 mph limit to then he seemed to be speeding at an excess of 50mph. This driver was driving around a .........

    Driving too close - report by Mrs white updated 14/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    HGV DAF designed by magn, Blue driven by Male
    Seen at 10:30 am on 14-Apr-2014 on M25 Enfield-Harlow Essex
    We was driving at 50 mph as it's roadworks restriction on m25 he was doing this from Enfield to Harlow m11 turnoff which is a dangerous piece of road .at approx 1035 am he was tailgating and we had cars in the inside and was already at speed limit we had small children in car and this was dangerous and scary

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  • LM09 ABO
    Dangerous overtaking - report by Gee updated 14/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    BMW 318i, Blue driven by Female
    Seen at 08:30 am on 14-Apr-2014 on A132 South Woodham Ferres Essex
    Driver performed dangerous overtaking maneuver cutting across chevrons on road at very high speed, causing driver on opposite lane to take avoiding action and myself to brake hard.

    OE62 WDK
    Dangerous driving - report by Neha updated 14/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Jaguar XF, Red driven by Male
    Seen at 06:30 am on 14-Apr-2014 on A201 - Elephant & Castle London London
    On multiple occassions on my drive in to work this morning, this car was driving dangerously close to my rear bumper, nearly crashed into my left side at a big roundabout (I was lucky there wasn't a car on my right hand side), tried to cut me up on the turn off the roundabout and then nearly crashed into my back bumper when switching into the right lane on a slip road - he even sped up directly behind me as he went to change lanes. The traffic was controlling the speed of cars, so if i had .........

    Dangerous driving - report by StuartJ updated 14/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Land Rover Freelander, Unknown driven by Male
    Seen at 07:15 am on 14-Apr-2014 on M1 Wakefield West Yorkshire
    Idiot driver cut in front of me without looking on the M1 near Wakefield. He must have been distracted because he was using his phone at the time.

    Dangerous driving - report by bloodybristoldrivers updated 14/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Ford Fiesta, Red driven by Male
    Seen at 06:00 am on 14-Apr-2014 on Ring Roads Bristol Bristol
    This driver again!!. Driving without lights on when it was still dark, Not indicating while changing lanes, Not able to stay in lane around bends?! and he wasn't even speeding this time?!? WTF? Last bit, he took the third lane at the roundabout, but instead of taking the third exit, he cut back into the second lane for the second exit, almost taking out the cars in front and then ran a red light.. AGAIN!!.. What a F**king idiot!

    Ignoring traffic signals - report by Unknown updated 13/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Volvo S40 SE D (E4), Green driven by Unknown
    Seen at 01:00 pm on 13-Apr-2014 on A6 Skerton/Lancaster Lancashire
    I was waiting at the traffic lights on Torrisholme Road/A6 and when the lights changed to green I set off and saw this numb skull continue along the A6 without stopping at the red light.

    Other - report by Russ updated 13/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Renault Clio, Blue driven by Male
    Seen at 03:00 pm on 13-Apr-2014 on Corporation Street, E15 West Ham Greater London
    Black male driving Blue Reno Clio the wrong way on one way street. Aggressive response when was told to stop breaking the rules. Does it every day. This is not the first time he caught doing that.

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  • V143 MOK
    Dangerous driving - report by Jacqui updated 12/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Ford Focus, Silver driven by Unknown
    Seen at 04:30 pm on 11-Apr-2014 on The Ridge,by conquest hospital Hastings East Sussex
    Child passenger but front (a boy about 7ish). Couldn't see that he had a seatbelt on. Child literally sitting sideways leaning out of the window, arms dragging down. First saw me face on (waiting to pull on to roundabout). Followed them for about 2 miles and the child continually leaning (arms, top half of body and head) hanging out of the car while moving at traffic speed. I think it was a male driver but was so shocked at what I saw - noticed the child and focused on him

    2 HSD
    Using phone while driving - report by Frsuw updated 12/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Audi See image, Grey driven by Male
    Seen at 09:45 am on 12-Apr-2014 on Nell Lane Manchester Greater Manchester
    Driver was on the phone when driving. They happened to then park next to me, so I asked him why, and he said it was their decision and essentially dared me to call the police. Image attached for car model, man to the left is the driver.

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  • DX57 BVZ
    Driving too close - report by pops updated 12/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    HGV WAGON, Other driven by Male
    Seen at 07:30 am on 10-Apr-2014 on M5 SOUTH BROMSGROVE West Midlands
    P&O wagon driver driving about 3 feet behind me not exaggerating, just after junction 5 on the M5 south in roadwork’s so 50mph and narrow lanes I could not go any quicker he was that close I could not change lane as I could not see the lanes behind me, he stayed that close all through the roadwork’s, I let him overtake me after the roadwork’s so I could memorise the reg. I hope this driver gets banned for life before he causes a fatal crash.

    NL11 RWZ
    Erratic lane changing - report by Emily updated 12/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Unknown vehicle unknown , Blue driven by Female
    Seen at 10:45 am on 12-Apr-2014 on M27 Hedge End Hampshire
    Young woman driving erratically, changing speed and not keeping to her lane. As we overtook her, I could see she was on her mobile. Two words: hands free.

    Dangerous driving - report by Nicole updated 12/Apr/2014 United States
    Unknown vehicle -, Unknown driven by Male
    Seen at 10:45 pm on 11-Apr-2014 on Lawrence Expressway San Jose
    Swerving car, it was a dark sedan but at night it was hard to tell.

    7 GSK
    Dangerous driving - report by sDriver updated 12/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    BMW 325D M SPORT, Black driven by Male
    Seen at 03:15 pm on 11-Apr-2014 on M11 Near JCT 11 Cambridgeshire
    Crazy driver using hard shoulder at speed and undertaking on the M11 South just after JCT 11

    NX61 UVS
    Dangerous overtaking - report by SarahJ updated 11/Apr/2014 United Kingdom
    Vauxhall Corsa, White driven by Female
    Seen at 10:15 am on 09-Apr-2014 on A19 Roundabout Middlesbrough Cleveland
    She pulled in front of me as I was was heading down sliproad to A174, cut me up completely had to slam all on. Looks like she scraped someone else on the roundabout, near the traffic lights too.

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